Monday, November 20, 2017

Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant at SM Seaside City Cebu

Welcome back to my blog. I'll bring you along with me as we explore this new restaurant in the city. The name is Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant. It's famous for their seafoods and freshly cooked ingredients which customers can actually choose the kind of cooking according to their liking. 

Where is it located?
It's located in Skypark, 3rd floor, SM Seaside City Cebu, SRP, Cebu City .

My TOP FIVE Recommended Dishes 
1. Their house special - Their RIBS  (It comes with a side dish of veggies and mashed potato already)
2. Their sisig 
3. Chopseuy
4. Tuna Kinilaw 
5. Garlic Shrimps

My Vlog Experience Here

That's all for now my friends. I recommend this place if you fancy seafoods and good atmosphere at the same time. Just do be careful with the prices though since the seafood prices depend on its weight per grams. Always ask and confirm the total price before having the foods cooked before you get a shock of your like. Just kidding though.

As always, take care. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. 
--- Belle

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Amazing Finds at the CEFBEX 2017

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today, I'll bring you along with us as we experience CEFBEX this year once again. It'll be filled with much food tasting, walking around and discovering new things. Let's go and join us.

What's it about?
CEFBEX stands for Cebu Food and Beverages Exhibition. This was held from October 12th to 15th at SM  City Trade Hall. This exhibition caters many food selections and suppliers alike, cooking needs and kitchen essentials and so much more. You name it and basically they have it included.

My Top 5 BEST THINGS  there
1. Random free taste here, there and everywhere.
2. A day to explore beautiful things that are all related to foods and wellness.
3. The event itself is a learning experience. 
4. They offer competitive prices in the venue.  
5. People there are very warm, friendly and accommodating. 

My CEFBEX Experience 2017

There you have it. Thanks for joining us in this wonderful experience. Let's continue to explore new things and share good information online. Till next time my friends.
--- Belle

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Latest Lazada Haul : His and Hers

Hi guys. Once again, I have here another haul showcase both for males and females. We got everything from Lazada PH. Let's jump right into it and get started.

Random Snapshots

Our Own Version of Doing the Lazada Haul in a Video Form

5 REASONS to look forward to their UPCOMING SALE from November 9th to 11th
1. Great discounts await you.
2. They have new products from TAOBAO.
3. You can also get some freebies if you get connected to their social media accounts like instagram and facebook to mention some.
4. They have some exclusive 11.11 DEALS. Exciting.
5. Shopping online is always made easy by Lazada actually. 

There you have it. :) Thanks for dropping my blog. See you online and let's find some good deals on the Lazada website soon. Let's go. Take care guys and always do your best.
--- Belle

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Product Empties # 19

It's the month of October and that means product empties is bound to happen again. Exactly. This comes a bit late but still I'll enumerate them one by one for you. Let's proceed.

My Product Empties # 19 : My Lucky Seven
1. W Lab Lip Crayon 04 Cozy Coral

PS : I used old photos here since I already threw away the product.
Actually I have a love and hate relationship about this lipstick here. I like the color itself of this and the matte finish it gives to my lips. However, I dislike how it can be drying and sometimes highlights the cracks and lines on the lips. :( You can also view my thoughts and more swatches of this product HERE

VERDICT: I won't repurchase this anymore for now. 

2. Rimmel London Lasting Finish

This is a blendable powder blush and a highlighter at the same time. it gives a natural sheer finish and somehow long lasting too. I like how easy and smooth it is. It is perfect for everyday use. 

FYI: This is included in my empties list because I've noticed that this has expired already so I'm throwing this away. 

VERDICT: A winner definitely. It's just one product but your get a blush and a highlighter already. It's a 2-in-1 product.

3. Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

It's a moisturizing base makeup product that promises 12-hour skin coverage. It also has skincare benefits, whitening effects and sun protection. You can also read an in-depth review of this BB Cream HERE

VERDICT: It's a good BB cream actually. It's worth the price because it's like a make up product and skincare item at the same time. Plus, a little amount of this will be used only each time so it lasts for a long time decently.

4. A Bonne Miracle Spa Milk UV Whitening Lotion

It has an innovative formula of concentrated milky lotion, enriched with lycopene tomato extract and other skin nutrients to give a lightened, clear and smooth skin with a healthy glow. I'ts light texture is fast-absorbing and non-greasy.

VERDICT: Another winner in this list. It's effective and very reasonable. Absolutely buying in big sizes always saves you some penny. In addition, I truly recommend this lotion here.

5 Bebeta Hand Wipes

It's a set of hand wipes formulated for babies. It's contains aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize babies' skin. It's also alcohol free and hypoallergenic.

VERDICT: It's a so-so product in my opinion. I reach out for this wipes and make it as a makeup remover at night for those lazy nights. 

6. Dr. Color Effect Red Cream by Skin & Lab

It's literally a red cream that contains precious oil extracted from Damascan roses. It makes the skin brighter, elastic and younger looking. More insights about this red cream can be seen HERE

VERDICT: It's a must buy for me. Actually, even my husband uses this sometimes and I can clearly say that this red cream helps in the texture of his skin. It's truly worth the money. 

7. Canmake Blush
This is a cream blush placed in a white and cute container. It has a dual function because it can be used as a blush and  lipstick as well.
Also, I did a separate review about this product and you can read that HERE

VERDICT: I have mixed feelings about this. Even thought I like its formula ( very easy and buttery to use), the color pay off on my skin doesn't seem to show enough. Maybe it's just me or it's wrong shade for me. :(  I'll just try other shades from them next time I guess. 

That concludes my product empties. Thanks for reading this blog. Hope you find this helpful. Let's continue to do our best and always dream big.  Stay awesome. Till next time.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Travel Vlog : Let's go to Tokyo, Japan

Hi friends. I've here another major throwback of my trip when I went to Japan a few months ago. I figured I wanted to showcase the highlights of that experience and relive the moments again. That way it'll spread inspiration and  spark to dream and travel the world one country at a time. Before it gets cheesy, let's get back to business as I show my travel highlights of Tokyo, Japan.

My Travel Vlog : Tokyo, Japan

Random Snapshots
In Shinjuku

The Tokyo Tower at the back of me

Going to Meiji Shrine

Game Arcade in Shinjuku

Gundam Statue in Odaiba 

Cherry Blossom Tree in Ueno Station

That's a wrap for me. I truly enjoyed my trip to Japan at that time. Hope I'll be given another chance to visit the country again. Well, I'll just keep knocking for more chances and wish the gate of the heavens hears my heart's desires. 

Anyhow, what's your favorite travel memory? Share it with me and let's exchange good pieces of information. Take care guys. Always dream big and reach for that star.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Vlog : A Random Day at Landers Superstore Cebu

Hello guys. I have here another vlog experience about our random day at this famous store called Landers Superstore in Cebu. We went there to replenish some stocks and also eat their pizza with pickles, onions and mustard. :) Small things like these already made our day complete and satisfied our tummies as well. I'll also include my TOP TEN finds  during their Crazy Super Sale.

My TOP 10 PICKS that you'll surely love
1. Christmas decors ( some even have buy 1 take 1 deals)
2. Soya Milk
3. Juice Selections ( buy 1 take 1 offer )
4. Glad Air Freshener ( buy 1 take 1 offer)
5. Pepperoni Pizza ( less P100 off from the original price)
6. Ice cream delights ( Buy 1 take 1 deals)
7. Dulce de Leche Cake from their pastry section
8. Toothpaste and Toothbrush ( buy 1 take 1 deals)
9. Dove Handwash ( buy 1 take 1 deals)
10. Shampoo for Babies ( buy 1 take 1 offer)

My Random Vlog documented here.
**Also, you can check their facebook account to know more about this HERE

** You can also find my previous VLOG about Landers Superstore HERE

That's a wrap for me. Thanks for spending your time to  visit my blog and read this entry. See you next time and always choose happiness.
--- Belle

Sunday, October 8, 2017

It's Skin Waterfull Highlighter Polish in #02 Golden Vanilla

Hello guys. It's the month of October already. It's crazy how time flies recently. How have you been anyway? Well, I've been preoccupied with work that's why I haven't been able to blog frequently. My sincere apologies for that.  Moving on, I have here an interesting product that will bring light and shine on your face instantly. What I'm talking about is this Waterfull Highlighter Polish in 02 Golden Vanilla from It's Skin.

What's it about?
It's a highlighter that has a liquid texture / formula that gives a brilliant and dewy appearance. It claims to give  this natural shine beam effect that lasts for hours. 

PACKAGING: It literally looks like a nail polish. The brush tip is used for application.

CONSISTENCY: At first, the product looks like a liquid type nail polish formula, then once you spread it out, it dries to this powder finish giving the skin some sparkle and shine.

TEXTURE: Very runny texture. Easy to apply also.

SIZE: It has 10 ml in it.

My Overall Thoughts
I am pretty much satisfied with this highlighter anyway. It does the job as expected. Also, since it's a liquid type, it's easy to pile and reapply once necessary in achieving that healthy glow. :) In addition, it lasts for a decent number of hours. I guess, it's worth the price. 

There you have it. Have you used this highlighter here? Let me know and share ideas friends. Anyhow, hope you find it helpful.

As always, let's stay hungry for new and good products out there in the market. Stay beautiful inside and out. Take care.

Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant at SM Seaside City Cebu

Welcome back to my blog. I'll bring you along with me as we explore this new restaurant in the city. The name is Seafoods and Ribs Ware...