Friday, August 11, 2017

Things I've Learned from My Cute Niece + A Video of Her Birthday Shoot

Hello everyone. Recently, my niece just turned one and it was actually a happy event. A milestone for the family indeed. She's grown a lot, laughed genuinely and can do so many things already. Sometimes she acts like a little lady wonderfully. Friends, let me introduce her. She's Zsofia and she's a happy 1-year-old baby.

A Video of Her Birthday Shoot

Some Photos of her birthday shoot

5 Things I've Learned From My Niece 
1. A baby's brain is amazing.
True indeed. Her brains just basically absorbs everything she hears and sees. Strangely, she remember those new information the next time also. Plus, babies sometimes utter some expressions suddenly if the situation demands them too. How amazing.

2. There's joy in every single thing.
Every little thing is always interesting and fun for babies. It can be just with your laughter, the sound of animals, making faces and all those instances. Babies easily feel happy in almost every little moment. This reminder is sometimes being forgotten by adults sadly. Let's find joy and happiness in whatever we do / pursue in life.

3. Never give up.
Yes it may sound easy but actually difficult to do for adults. Just take for instance, observe  baby who just starts walking. It is actually a struggle at first but then again, they may fall and stumble but still try and until they do it successfully. In addition, they do cry but still after a few minutes, they try doing it again. No complaints whatsoever. It's just pure willingness that we see in them.

4. Explore and don't be afraid.
The world in the eyes of a small baby is full of wonders and beautiful things. Everything is new, colorful and just vibrant. Babies really are aggressive and hungry to explore every single thing and every chance you give them, they get it. That curiosity in them is a big force that teaches their hearts to just go and experience life as it is.

5. Smile and take no revenge.
Smile and the world smiles back at you. It's a simple as that. No pretending. No doubts. No suspicions. Just pure smile and innocence. How I wish the world is still like that. Well, at least in the mind of a child, it still is. Smile. Spread kindness. Forgive. Enjoy life because we only live once.

There you have it my friends. I'm happy to share this personal milestone of my niece. Hope you learned something from it also. Let's all smile and face life with a positive heart and a determined spirit to just go and pursue our dreams. Live well and always be happy.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Skincare Products from La Prairie

Hi guys. It's a new month and that means it's also high time to introduce new products. As a skincare junkee like I am, I was beyond thrilled to receive these products. I have here 3 products from a Swiss brand named La Prairie.

La Prairie is a famous brand all over the world. Basically, it is founded with the sole purpose that is to offer a path to rejuvenation. Through the years, the brand continues to strive for excellence combined with scientific innovation and splendid ingredients to bring out the best versions of ourselves.

I'll introduce 3 products here from their White Caviar Collection. It's truly meant for brightening and firming.
1. White Caviar Illuminating Moisturizing Cream

How the product looks 
This cream brilliantly reduces the most stubborn challenges of aging skin. The golden caviar-enriched formula  leaves skin with a luminous, even-toned and lifted appearance

  • Skin looks firm and lifted.
  • The visible of aged spots and uneven skin tone tend to diminish.
  • The skin becomes plump, dewy and bouncy.
  • It makes the skin revitalized and energized at the same time.
First Impressions
It actually feels very light and applies smoothly. It's also easily absorbed by the skin after a few seconds.

2. Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil with SPF 50++

How the product looks
This has a combined powerful UVA/ UVB protection with a highly effective complex to help improve skin tone. It's lightweight but it's lush enough to to deliver outstanding hydration.

  • It shields our skin from the harsh damaging sun
  • It makes skin even-toned, clearer and brighter.
  • Our skin appears rejuvenated.
First Impressions
The product has this rich texture but applies light on the skin. It doesn't give a sticky feeling after being applied. It feels and looks very natural on the skin.

3. White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion

How the product looks

After effect. My skin feels instantly brighter and glowing.
It's a brightening serum that targets  age spots, redness and greyness on the skin. It has white caviar pearls that help with recovering our skin's luminosity.

  • Instantly, it lightens skin tone.
  • Dark spots seem to fade away and skin darkening is reduced.
  • Skin becomes more elastic and firmer.
My First Impressions
I'm literally blown away by this product. It feels very light and silky on the skin. It actually contains pearl essence. Instantly, it brightens my skin giving that healthy glow. Also, it does moisturize the skin at the same time.

*You can check out Rustan's The Beauty Source for more information about these products. 

* There you have it guys. I'm still beyond the moon that I got this chance to use new products from La Prairie. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you all have a good day. Continue to spread good vibes and kindness. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Travel Vlog : Revisiting a White Beach Resort in Southern Cebu

Welcome to this beautiful island.  I'll take you to the famous Bluewaters Sumilon Island ResortI'll be sharing  my travel vlog to reminisce our precious moments. Hubby and I spent our wedding anniversary in the remote island. It was truly a perfect weekend getaway.



  • Hiking and Trekking
  • Romantic Picnic
  • Snorkeling
  • Dinner Parties
  • Massage
  • Scuba Diving
  • Kayaking and Paddleboarding
  • Glamping
  • Fish feeding and Fishing
*You can also visit their official website for more information.

Thank you Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort for that dreamy getaway.  We will treasure the memories we've shared together. This trip is definitely one for the books. We will surely be back pretty soon. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

REVIEW: Fix and Fix Pore Primer from Etude House

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I have here a good primer that really covers our pores but also doesn't cost that much. I guess it's a win-win situation, right? Anyhow, Philippines, where I am from, has been so hot and humid these days and having a good primer really does a big difference throughout the day.  

If you could remember well, I got this primer as part of my Dis  A Pore Box from Althea.  I was giddy and tried it out for a few weeks before I write this honest review. Let's continue then.

What's it about?
This is a gel-type primer in skin tone. It claims to cover pores and make uneven skin look better. The skin will look smoother and our make up will last all day long.

Also, it is enriched with skin-purifying ingredients like moringa, tea tree leaf and green tea seed that take care of our skin by nourishing it and make the skin shine free all day.

How the product looks

Normal skin. No product whatsoever

After putting on the product. Left - no product / Right- with product

Under natural lighting. Notice the right part. My veins and skin lines seem to be less noticeable and skin absolutely feels smoother and softer.

: It's 25 g.

PACKAGING: It comes in this simple tube with a smooth surface. Nothing fancy.
TEXTURE: It really feels so smooth on the skin. At the same time, it is very lightweight and is absorbed by the skin quickly.

My Final Thoughts
Overall, I do love love love this primer right here. It makes my skin smooth, less oily and soft too. Plus, it really layers well underneath my BB cream and foundation. It's perfect for humid days actually.

I really see myself repurchasing this soon because it's cheap and effective. Because of that, I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good primer especially to those who have visible pores. Take note, it suits all skin types so it's definitely a winner. 

Hope you find it helpful guys. I'm your godmother here reviewing some products so that you can be guided to buy only the good stuffs.  That's it for me. Till next time.

This is the link of my Althea Dis A Pore box which has this primer from Etude House.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

My Product Empties # 17

It's the time of the month to showcase my product empties. I'm on my 17th series already. Clearly, I can't count how many products are there all in all since I started. So far, I'm really enjoying tracking down my empties and actually consuming them all so that nothing goes to waste. Let's continue this.

My Product Empties : My Lucky Seven
1. Winage Real Moisture Cream With Truffle and Caviar

I've been loving this cream because it really does its job of giving moisture and hydration to my skin. Plus, the fact that it has caviar and truffle makes me love it even more. 
*You can also check out this link for an in-depth review of this cream.

VERDICT: I'll surely buy this when I get the chance. A must buy for everyone.

2. Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil

I like this eyebrow pencil because it's very sturdy, creamy to use and perfectly matches my brows' color. Sadly, it isn't available here in the local market. 
*Also, you can check this link for more photos and my review about it.

VERDICT: A winner for me. If you happen to be in Korea, hoard a lot of this and surely you won't regret it. I swear. :)

3. Human Nature Natural Conditioner Cool Peppermint

This is a hair conditioner formulated for strengthening brittle and falling hair. It has hydrolyzed wheat protein that helps fortify your hair to reduce both breakage and hair loss. It also has a rich infusion of avocado, soybean sunflower oils that leave hair stronger, healthier, and smelling refreshingly clean without the harsh chemicals.

VERDICT: It's always one of the items that I repurchase again and again. Just go and try it out yourself.

4. Surebuy Baby Wipes

This has been my go to product when I feel lazy in taking off my make up. I also like the fact that it has aloe, vitamin E and moisturizing lotion. It's definitely a life saver. 

VERDICT: A must buy for me. :) It's cheap and does the job.

5. Gugo Shampoo with Aloe Vera

Gugo is a vine found in the tropical forest in the Philippines  and its bark is used to help all  hair and scalp related problems such as dandruff and hair loss. In addition, it's all organic and natural so you're guaranteed it's safe to use all hair types.

VERDICT: I must say it's really safe and effective. I use this together with warm water and it truly relaxes my feeling. On a side note, the gugo has this earthy smell which I actually don't mind at all. If you're looking for a good shampoo for both oily and dry hair, then this one is for you. You can buy in all Kultura shops found in SM shopping malls.

6. Active Oral Care Extra Strength Mouthwash

It is an extra strength cool mint mouthwash with fluoride protection to fight plaque, protect against tooth decay, strengthen tooth enamel and freshen breath. 

VERDICT: I really like this. One thing is it's very affordable and really does the job well. A must buy for us indeed.

7. Chica Y Chico Matt Cushion in NO. 23 with SPF 34 PA++

I like how easy and convenient it is to use  for those days that I'm in a hurry. It's easy to apply, has a decent coverage and is also very build-able if you want to. Plus, it's not very expensive like the others available in the market.
*I've reviewed this before. You can click this link for more information about this amazing cushion foundation.

VERDICT: I love love love this cushion foundation. If you're looking for a good and handy one, try this out. You'll surely love it as much I do.

Well guys, that concludes everything. Have you ever used some of products I've mentioned above? Let's share ideas then. Hope you find it helpful. Always stay kind and choose happiness.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Travel Vlog : Let's go to Negros Oriental

Hey guys. I'll do a major throwback about my trip to Negros Oriental. I've decided to make a travel vlog to document my experiences there. Let's go and explore these places together. First, I'll showcase Pulangbato waterfalls, Red Rock Hotspring Resort, then go to Twin Lakes Balinsasayao. 

My Travel Vlog : Let's go to Negros Oriental 

Some information 
Pulangbato falls  literally means red rocks. It's located in the Ocoy valley, town of Valencia, Negros Oriental. It takes 30 - 40 minutes away from Dumaguete. The place got its name from the reddish color of the rocks found everywhere in the waterfalls. The color of the rocks get its natural color from Mt. Talinis, an active volcano. By the way, Valencia is known for its geothermal sources of energy like those red rocks somehow.

If there's a volcano, then expectedly there should be some hot spring resort like the RED ROCK HOTSPRING resort just found nearby. These waters here contain powerful ions, minerals and radioactive gases. All these have healing benefits to the body.

Address: Red river Valley resort, Brgy. Malabo, Valencia, Negros Oriental
Entrance : P 20

Address : Caidiocan, Valencia, 6215, Negros Oriental
Phone # : 0916 451 0113

Next, TWIN LAKES BALINSASAYAO. This is located in the town of Sibulan, Negros Oriental. It usually takes less than an hour from Dumaguete City. It is a perfect getaway if you're looking for some real fun and adventure. Just the perfect escape from the city itself.

1. Take a tricycle. Tell the driver that your destination is the terminal of the jeep / bus going to SAN JOSE.
2. From there, tell the driver that you need to drop off the junction going to Lake Balinsasayao. Your key point is that this area is after you pass by the Sibulan proper and just remind the driver once again.
3. After you get off, it will be an uphill climb.
4. No need to worry because there are many motorcycles waiting 
( habal-habal in our dialect) for hire. Hire a motorcycle going up to the twin lakes. 
5. Make some arrangement with the driver. In our case, we paid P 300 / person including waiting time for 3 hours and two-way route already.
**Prices may vary according to how you negotiate with the driver.
Twin Lakes Balinsasayao RATES
Entrance fee - P10 / person and P30 / car
Umbrella cottage - P 100 / day (donation only for those who will not eat)
Big bangka (boat) - P 250 / hour up to 7 pax
Kayak - P 100 / hour

 ** Prices may change without prior notice.

I guess that's pretty much it. It was fun  writing about this.  So guys, if you are in Dumaguete, plan a side trip and go to this place. It's a good location to experience ZEN and be ONE with nature. Till next time. See you in my next travel destination.
--- Belle

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Review : Onsaemeein Yogurt Peeling Gel

Hello lovely friends! I am back to introduce a new product I've tested recently. This item has so many good reviews on the Althea website and that was enough reason to buy and test this out. The name of this product is the Yogurt Peeling Gel by the Onsaemeein. 

What's it about?
It is a peeling gel that has some yogurt extract. Yogurt actually has a lot of Vitamin B and protein and softens rough skin instantly. In addition, this product also contains goat's milk for moisturizing and conditioning and papaya extract to condition the skin. It is basically made to remove dead skin cells and sebum, condition and improve skin tone and increase skin's elasticity.

How To Use It?
With a clean face, apply a generous amount of this yogurt peeling gel on the face. Massage it for about a minute or so. Rinse it with lukewarm water.

SIZE: It has 100ml.
SMELL: It has a very mild scent to it.
TEXTURE: It's like a creamy consistency that feels very light on the skin.
PACKAGING: The product comes in this white plastic container. It  also has a small plastic spatula which is very useful to scoop out the product.

This photo reminds me of a cute ice cream tub.

How the product looks on my hand

After spreading it on the skin

After seconds of massaging the hand, then this happens ^ ^ 

Wow, OMG! Don't judge me ^ ^
After rinsing, the skin feels very soft, smooth and glowing. :)


  • It smells pretty good. 
  • The price point is relatively affordable compared to the others.
  • It's very gentle and soothing to use on the face and skin.
  • It really exfoliates the dead skin cells instantly. 
  • It makes the skin smooth and soft.
  • You can also use this on your feet, knees and other body parts that needs exfoliation.

  • It's hard to get a hold of this in the Philippines.
  • The effect on the skin is pretty temporary. 
  • That's it.

My Overall Thoughts
I am quite satisfied with this product right here. It does what it claims to do. Plus, I also use this on my neck, feet and other body parts and it doesn't disappoint. Will I recommend this? Absolutely. This is a good peeling gel to use to anyone looking for an effective and gentle way to exfoliate the skin. Hope you find this helpful. Stay beautiful inside and out.

Things I've Learned from My Cute Niece + A Video of Her Birthday Shoot

Hello everyone. Recently, my niece just turned one and it was actually a happy event. A milestone for the family indeed. She's grown a ...