Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Random VLOG : Christmas Party 2017

I know I know. From the title itself that it's way beyond its deadline but please understand. It's still January and it's better late than nothing, right? Well, since I'm from the Philippines, we all know that the Christmas season is always a festive and an exciting time.  That also includes joining Christmas parties and stuffs like that.

What's a Christmas party like in the Philippines?
Well, there are many varieties if you ask me. It may be organized in the company/ office, schools, group of friends and even among family members. It may also be a small reunion among elementary and high school friends even. This one I've attended it's a Christmas party for the co-workers for my husband.

Where was the party held?
It was held in the Playlist Family KTV, Meerea High Street, Ouano avenue, Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

How was the party like?
This was like a casual party I believe. It had some videoke sessions, some sort of games and raffle , eating time and definitely the exchanging of gifts to conclude the event.

Here's my vlog of the event. Hope you like it.

Thanks for staying with me  my friends in this journey. It's the new year 2018 already. Come and join me as I continue to search for good places, eat yummy foods and test good make up and skin care items as well.  May this new year be a good chance for all of us to be better, stronger and wiser. Till next time.
--- Belle

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Random Video : Playing with CATS

Good day everyone! How is it going so far? Well, I have here a random video of myself playing with cats. These cats are pets of my sister-in-law. I saw them when I visited their place for a day. Oh boy, I'm surprised how interesting and fun it is to be with them and literally running after them. 

My Random Video

Three Benefits Of Playing With Cats
1. It's a good  alternative way to exercise.
Yes it is. The more you chase after them, the more they run away. It's just  like a domino effect. You don't actually notice it but time flies so quickly and you also move with them. Better  than being a couch potato all day long.

2. It reduces stress.
True. Why? Cats have this cute and sweet aura and by that you just want to hang out with them, feed them, cuddle and play tricks with them. At that time, your focus is just these adorable animals and that is somehow a good escape of not caring whatever is around you.

3. Cats give you that sense of companionship
Given the fact that cats are affectionate and sweet, you surely fall in love with them. Why? The more you hang out with them, the more your feel loved and appreciated. Interestingly, cats give you a positive effect internally. What I mean is if you show kindness and goodness to them, they reciprocate that kind of love and sometimes even greater than that. Now, that is what I call an adorable REWARD.

There you have it. If you have the time and resources, I do suggest of getting a pet cat. There are cute by nature and will give a different kind of happiness that only cats can offer.

How about you guys? Do you also take care of pets? Let me know and share your experiences. Till next time. 
--- Belle

Monday, January 8, 2018

REVIEW : Moisture Skin Cream With Horse Oil by Loshi

Happy New Year guys! Today, I have a review which is all about a good and effective moisture cream which I found in the local Japanese drugstore. Its name name is the Moisture Skin Cream with Horse Oil by Loshi. Let's get to know more about this product then.

What is it about?
This is a moisturizer that contains 100% horse oil that is the secret to a young and beautiful skin. It nourishes the skin from deep within and helps reduce scar marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It's also suitable to use to all skin types.

Please excuse the dry skin on my fingers.

After putting this cream on my skin, notice the lines have become less visible and my skin is a a lot smoother. ^ ^ No filter definitely.

SIZE: It's 7.8 oz ( 220 g)

PACKAGING: It comes in this white tub with a cover. Nothing fancy and just pretty straightforward.

SMELL: It has this weird smell but not overpowering. It gradually fades away after applying. Nothing to worry about.

TEXTURE: It's like this gel type consistency. Very smooth and easy to apply on the skin.

My Overall Thoughts
Well, I'm pretty glad I purchased this one impulsely. ^ ^ It did exceed my expectation. I use this as a face and body moisturizer, hand cream, and on other body parts that need moisture especially on my elbow and heel part. It's really a winner especially it can be used all over the body. A must have for everyone who are looking for that perfect moisturizer and body cream. 

Just a side note though. Since I'm living in a humid and tropical country, I use this lightly because it tends to be heavy / thick if I use much on one go. However, I use this richly at night as a sleeping mask and then again, I wake up having this smooth and supple skin.

That's it for me. Have you ever tried this one already? Let's share information and be friends. See you next time my friends.
--- Belle

Monday, January 1, 2018

TOFICON 2017 + A Short Clip

Hello guys! Happy New Year 2018! How is it going so far? Anyhow, I'd show you a random vlog about my experience to see the TOFICON. It means Toys and Figures Convention. I'll share some bits and bobs and my short clip about the event here.

What's it about?
This is a special event that is held annually if I'm not mistaken. It is merely a gathering of toys and figures enthusiasts where they showcase their beloved collections such as toys, robots and some lego artworks. Some people even show up in their costumes which makes the event more fun and interesting.

When was it?
It was held last December 10th of last year at SM Seaside City Cebu.

My Random Short Clip of the Event

That's it for today. Take care guys. May our New Year be bountiful and successful as well. Let's go and reach our dreams one by one.
--- Belle

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Product Empties # 20 : My Lucky Seven

Hello guys! I am now down to my Product Empties #20. Wow, that means a lot of products have been used up and loved definitely.  Let's go straight into my list.

My Product Empties # 20 : My Lucky Seven
1. White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion Serum

It's actually a whitening serum that targets age spots, redness and grayness on the skin. It has white caviar pearls that help with recovering skin's luminosity.
*You can view more information about the product HERE

VERDICT: A perfect skin investment indeed. It does the job directly and is also effective giving you that healthy skin glow.

2. Naturie Skin Conditioner

This is an all-around skin toner that can be both used for the face and body. This is good for brightening and moisturizing too. In addition, it has good ingredients to promote healthy skin cells for that young look.
*You can read more insights about this product HERE

VERDICT: A winner for me. Unfortunately, it's not easily available in the Philippines. Sad. If ever you go to Japan, buy a lot of this and you won't regret it. Trust me.

3. Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

This eyebrow powder creates beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. Its main ingredient is cocoa so we can be guaranteed it's safe to use in the eye area.
*More information and swatches about this product HERE

VERDICT: Yes to this. I use this to fill in my eyebrows. Also, I use this to contour the lines of my nose and contour my forehead and cheeks area. A multi-purpose product indeed. I have to repurchase this soon asap.

4. Aqua Blossom White Effect OLED Cream

This cream contains diamond powders that claim to bring a clear and pure skin from within. It also contains authentic whitening ingredients that promotes a brightening effect immediately.
*Additional insights about this cream can be seen HERE

VERDICT: Surprisingly, this product totally works. I use this on dark spot on my foot to really test this out. Viola, it did whiten it eventually since the dark skin cells really peel off. Interestingly amazing. 

TIP: If you use this on the face, put on a good amount of moisturizer and this OLED Cream to avoid dehydration. These two combination really maximizes the effect.

5. Torriden Banchic Oil Control Powder Mist

I got this product as part of the Dis A Pore box from Althea. It's this tiny green bottle that controls good things inside. Its function is to soothe and calm our pores and skin. It also absorbs excess sebum. Plus, you can use this for oily hair too.

VERDICT: Another winner on this list. Yehey.

6. Maybelline New York Face Studio V-Face Contouring Stick in Dark

This is a powerful combination with a contouring stick on one end and a highlighter in the other. It glides smoothly on the face. It claims to help you achieve 10% slimmer face.

VERDICT: I like this because it's very user friendly. Unfortunately, it isn't long lasting. Quite a good product though and I still recommend it.

7. Piolang  CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar

This is actually a hair vinegar that has many purposes. You can use this a hair conditioner, to treat flaky dry scalp and a  scalp conditioner. It also makes the hair smooth and shiny too.
You can view more information about this product HERE.

VERDICT: This is always a winner. This is already my third bottle I believe. That's how much I love it actually. A must try for everyone.

There you have it. My list of lucky seven empties and soon to be empty is finished. Do we have similar products that I've mentioned? Let's share and exchange comments then. Till next time.
--- Belle

Friday, December 22, 2017

VLOG : X- Wing Spaceship from Star Wars The Last Jedi

Hello guys! I have here a free treat for you all Star Wars lovers out there. You can go to SM Seaside City Cebu and experience this exhibit there that pays tribute to the latest installment from the movie.

Where it is located?
It's in the Cube Wing of SM Seaside City Cebu.

When is the duration of the display?
It lasts until January 31 of next year I believe. Hurry while it's still there. 

How much is it?
Just bring yourself, your friends and loved ones because it's totally for free.

My Vlog about the experience
That's it my friends. Don't forget to go there. See you in the nearest movie houses. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care.
Advance Merry Christmas to one and all! 
--- Belle

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Japanese Kind of Evening and the Festive Lights Display + MY VLOG

Hello guys! It's almost Christmas! Can you smell the Christmas breeze? It's just crazy and hectic. I know I know everybody is busy preparing to go back to their hometowns and buying presents for their loved ones. Anyhow, today I have a good recommendation for authentic Japanese foods and a good activity to enjoy festive Christmas lights all one shopping mall.

First Stop : Japanese foods at Sachi Authentic
Beef teriyaki rice costs P 190 and P 210 if you add miso soup

Chasu don with rice ( marinated pork with spices) costs P130 and P 150 if you add miso soup.

The whole spread of the night. FYI : There is a set of takuyaki balls ( 6 pieces) that costs P90.

* You can also view my previous blog about this restaurant.

Second Stop: Festival of Lights at the Ayala Terraces and Christmas Tree Sightings / Decorations

Third : My Random Vlog about that one night filled with good stuffs

Schedule of the Festival of Lights 
DATE : From Dec 1st to the 31st ( I believe) 
TIME: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

That's about it. See you next time and enjoy the Holiday cheer guys with your family and significant others. Let's spread love and kindness.
--- Belle