Friday, March 18, 2016

REVIEW : Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream

Hi everyone. This time I am back to do another review. This is a product that I swear by because of its effective results and the most reasonably priced eye cream product found in the market, that is  Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream. 

It was like mid  last year of 2015 which I happened to find in Watson's.  I was constantly searching for a good eye cream product because I had noticed that lines, wrinkles, crow feet around my eye area seemed to be very visible especially after I belong  to  the 30's generation. The staff there in the store explained it so I decide to give it a shot. Eventually it didn't disappoint and now I am in my third container religiously using it on and on.


 The product costs P 495 in any leading Watson's stores.  The net weight is  20 ml. This special DUAL ACTION EYE CREAM contains 2 eye creams, PINK for the upper eyes and WHITE for the under eyes. Absolutely, the white cream is much thicker and creamier and  and the pink cream.


Soothes puffiness and lifts the upper eye area while brightening the under-eye with its unique combination of two gentle and soothing eye creams in one pack.

THE PINK UPPER EYE CREAM is enriched with cell boosting collagen and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet for a smooth and lifted look.

THE WHITE UNDER BRIGHTENING CREAM helps to stimulate the skin to reduce puffiness and dark circles to instantly brighten tired looking eyes.

It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Collagen, chamomile and sun shield contents reduce the signs of skin aging that shows more obviously in the eye are like fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet. This miracle eye cream addresses  different eye concerns with potent- area specific creams.

This is what the product looks like when it's opened. It has a white lid cover with partition making it tightly sealed somehow. You can see the white and pink cream inside with a partition too. Such an innovative case I must say.

This is what the pink cream looks like when applied on my hand. It looks clear or white somehow. This is meant to be applied on the upper eye area.

This is how the white cream looks like when applied on the skin. You can clearly see it has a thicker consistency but it doesn't feel heavy when applied.

  1. You can easily easily blend both of the products independently on the upper and lower area. I have noticed that they are easily absorbed by the skin. 
  2. With the inclusion of the white plastic lid, it seals in the products inside to keep them from drying out quickly.
  3. They can be a goo substitute fore eye primer. It's like a good skin care product and make up eye primer all in one item.
  4. A little goes a long way so you can somehow use it for 3 to 4 months .
  5. I guess it is reasonably priced eye cream available in the market.
  6. It surely works wonder in the eye area making it look smoother and my under eye condition 

  •  I have no ill feelings about this product. ^   ^


If you're looking for a good eye cream that won't break the bank then this product is the best to try and use. It won't disappoint you. I think it's always good to invest in good skin care products like this one. I'm happy to say that it's already part of my skin care routine and I'm thankful I've discovered this. Without a doubt, this is 
already one of my holy grail products.

With approximately 1 year and 2 months of using this eye cream, I am satisfied to say that the condition of my eye area has gotten better. The original shape of eyelids are back and deep again like in my younger days. Also, I have noticed that the crow's feet  and wrinkles on my upper eye area have lessen somehow. 


If you happen to know that SM malls have their 3-day sale, go their on the first day that is on Fridays usually before 12 NOON because you can this product with an additional 10% off from the original price. If you get luckier, sometimes they have existing discount already like 10%. That will surely be 20% off from the price. It's already a good steal making the price much cheaper.


  1. Thia product are very important are female person

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    1. I agree. Thai products are really good and effective. :) Wish I could buy them here easily in the Philippines. Anyhow, thanks for dropping by my blog, Hiedi. Enjoy the weekend dear. ^ ^

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    1. thanks. appreciate your comment. yes indeed. let's make an effort to take care of our skin and to look better each day. cheers to that.