Wednesday, June 22, 2016

REVIEW : Skin Food Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake

Hello everyone. Welcome back to my blog once again. Today, I'll be writing about this famous and best-seller product from which is their Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder. I've also heard good reviews about this so I want to check this out myself and understand what they hype is all about. Let's continue and discuss.

What's it about?
This eyebrow powder creates a beautiful and natural looking eyebrows. Its main ingredient is cacao from chocolate so it makes and keeps our skin healthy especially around the eye area.
*The size is 4g.
*The price is around P 180.
*You can buy it there.

I have  # 2 which has a grey shade and light brown shade in the other pan.
 These are the shades.  Light brown on the left and grey shade on the right

The kit comes with a mirror and brush applicator which are good and comfortable  enough to use.

How to use it?
Use the brush provided in the eyebrow kit and apply the powder on your eyebrows. 
**Be careful in using this one. Make sure to dab first the brush at the back of your hand to avoid mess since it's a little powdery.

Just only focus on the eyebrows. They're quite dark and some area are not fully covered with hair.

Step 1 : There is a huge difference between the first photo and this one. Pretty good enough but still the edges of my brows are not that define yet.

Step 2: I used an eyebrow pencil already here that is also light brown shade. This helps define the edges and cleans them somehow. 

Step 3: I used a highlighter on my eyebrow arch to make it look polished. ^ ^ It makes a difference I guess.

  • It has a sturdy packaging. I accidentally dropped mine but still it stood firm and strong. ^ ^ Hurray
  • It has a good mirror with a decent size and a good brush applicator too.
  • This product is best for filling the brows mostly. 
  • It's reasonably priced as well.
  • It's quite handy and easily fits in any make up bag.
  • It's staying power is pretty good.
  • It also smells really great like the a real chocolate.
  • Plus, the eyebrow powder can be used as a contour. 2 in 1 function that is. Yeah

  • At first, it can be too powdery if you don't dab it first but it's quite manageable if you get the hang of it as the days pass by.
  • The staying power isn't that long lasting especially if it's humid so you'll have to combine this with some eyebrow gel and eyebrow pencil. You can also do some touch ups using the eyebrow powder only.

My Personal thoughts
Overall, it is a good product to use  everyday especially if you want to achieve natural looking brows. But if you're after the precision and angled eyebrows, you'll have to use an eyebrow pencil and concealear just to clean the edges and make them  better. Adding some eyebrow gel/ mascara to the brows also helps to make it long lasting and holds them in place throughout the day.

Will I buy this again? Oh yes! Actually I already have a back up just in case I hit pan in the future since I use it everyday.

That's it for today. Let me know what you think also.
Keep safe and always be productive.


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