Monday, July 17, 2017

Landers Superstore in Cebu + VLOG

Hello guys. This time I'll bring you along my visit to this famous store that is called Lander's Superstore in Cebu. It's basically a membership that offers a wide variety of products to its members. 

Advantages of being a member
  • They have their own barber shop inside the premises. Federal Barbers provide free hair cut services to its members.
  • Lander's also offer fuel discount of P 2.00 off for every liter of gas and a discount of P1.50 off for every liter of diesel.
  • You can enjoy good and delicious coffee in their very own Doppio coffee shop. It also offers cakes and ice cream.
  • It has their own dining area. You can enjoy their pizza, pasta, fries, fried chicken and their new addition that is the burger with Angus beef.
  • Shoppers can always discover new things especially imported products. Every shopping experience is always a new experience.
  • The prices of basic goods especially the imported ones are a bit cheaper than the other local supermarkets.

Where is it located?
It's located at # 23 Minore Park, Cardinal Rosales Ave. Cor. Pope John Paul II , Mabolo, Cebu City.

My Vlog

Hello there beautiful flowers

You'll be greeted by these beautiful orchids as you enter. 

Imported Chocolates

Their furniture section here

Spices overload

Imported snacks

More Chocolates


More cheese

Their cashier counters

Waiting for our foods

Pizza is here

Doppio Coffee Shop

My Top 15 Favorite Finds
1. Their foods in their Dining are like their pizza, pasta and fried chicken
2. Alcoholic Beverages like wine selections 
3. Imported snacks 
4. Chocolates both locally and internally made
5. Western beauty items and tools
6. Spices overload
7. Organic products 
8. Their tasty pastries
9. Sauces, spreads, dips and dressings
10. Their selection of ice cream especially their wine flavored ones
11. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
12. Meat section including imported ones
13. Many selections of juices including imported and organic ones
14. Goods for babies like toiletries
15. Healthy alternatives for breakfast like cereals with dried fruits and even more

That's it for me. See you in my next new discovery of good foods and interesting things. Take care guys and always stay hungry.