Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Birthday Vlog Part 2 + Meeting his Pet, Scooby + Top 5 Reasons To Eat At Home

Here's the part 2 of his birthday vlog. Aside from spending his birthday the Viking's style, we decided to spend it at home with family as well. That way, we could spend more time with them and do the cooking by ourselves. Nothing beats cooking together and eating a heart meal with your significant others.

His Birthday Vlog Part 2

5 Reasons Why Celebrating Birthdays At Home Is Better
1. Save Money
True that. By celebrating your birthdays at home means you can maximize your budget to prepare the foods and drinks that you want. An added bonus also is you can ask some friends and family to bring what foods they can share for everybody to enjoy. A win-win solution definitely.

2. Family Time
Yes to this. Family time should be regarded as a priority these days. Spending your special events at home is always a good time to savor the moment and just have fun. That way, your relationship gets to be deeper and better as  time goes by.

3. Know what you are eating
I like this part right here. By preparing the foods and drinks at home means that you have this guarantee about the foods' quality and nutrition. We know how our foods are prepared and that is good enough to enjoy the party without the guilt-feeling afterwards.

4. Your portion control will be better.
Strangely but it works that way. The size of the foods on the table sometimes may look huge enough that we just eat little and not really cheat and overeat. In addition, you know you can eat longer at home so there's no pressure at all to eat everything at once.

5. Less likely to gain weight.
True. Why? The answer is very easy. The kinds of foods and drinks you can prepare and personalize if you prefer actually. That way, you can be sure that only the good kinds of nutrients and vitamins are consumed by the whole family members. 

There you have it my friends. Thank you for dropping by. Hope you all have a good day. Take care.

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