Saturday, September 2, 2017

REVIEW : Winage Moisture Set by Coreana Cosmetics

Hi friends. Let me introduce a special anti-aging skin care set that promotes elastic skin with caviar and truffle winage complex. This is by a Korean brand named Coreana. Let's continue some more.

What's it about?
The set comes in this light orange box. It has 3 products inside. First product is a Moisture Toner. The size is 150 ml. The second product is a Moisture Emulsion. The size is also 150 ml. The third product is Moisture cream with Caviar and Truffle and comes in 30 ml size.

Everything that is written on the box itself and the bottles is all written in Korean. Well, I'll just make use of these 2 main ingredients here that are caviar and truffle.

This is how the toner looks like on the skin. It's almost like a water-like consistency.

This is the emulsion. A kind of thick and concentrated white liquid but it's easily absorbed on the skin once patted.
* Here's the link of the cream. I did review this before already.

What   Caviar  does to our Skin?

Caviar has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These 2 nutrients promote luminous and healthy skin. In addition, it is proven to heal and prevent cellular inflammation and work alongside with our skin's natural processes, stimulate collagen production and minimize the the appearance of wrinkles.

What Truffle  does to our Skin?
Truffles are known for their musky and sensuous scent and are considered rare and luxurious ingredients. They are also great for our skin too. It's because they contain fatty acids and when they're incorporated in beauty products, they help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, they provide a rich hydration to the skin and hair as well.

My Final Thoughts
Guys, you definitely have to try this set out as soon as possible. I am super blown away by this powerful duo right here. ^ ^ They really do make a big difference on my skin especially about texture and hydration.

I'll elaborate the ways why I super like this skincare set.
  • It's very lightweight.
  • It does the job effectively.
  • It has anti-aging benefits.  Just the combination of caviar and truffle already is a big winner for me.
  • It's perfect to layer under our makeup / foundation. It doesn't look heavy or something.
Shoutout to my Korean friend for gifting this set. Gamsahamnida Chinggu. Anyhow, hope you find this helpful. Let's continue to search the beauty of skincare together and be the best that we can be.
--- Belle

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