Friday, August 11, 2017

Things I've Learned from My Cute Niece + A Video of Her Birthday Shoot

Hello everyone. Recently, my niece just turned one and it was actually a happy event. A milestone for the family indeed. She's grown a lot, laughed genuinely and can do so many things already. Sometimes she acts like a little lady wonderfully. Friends, let me introduce her. She's Zsofia and she's a happy 1-year-old baby.

A Video of Her Birthday Shoot

Some Photos of her birthday shoot

5 Things I've Learned From My Niece 
1. A baby's brain is amazing.
True indeed. Her brains just basically absorbs everything she hears and sees. Strangely, she remember those new information the next time also. Plus, babies sometimes utter some expressions suddenly if the situation demands them too. How amazing.

2. There's joy in every single thing.
Every little thing is always interesting and fun for babies. It can be just with your laughter, the sound of animals, making faces and all those instances. Babies easily feel happy in almost every little moment. This reminder is sometimes being forgotten by adults sadly. Let's find joy and happiness in whatever we do / pursue in life.

3. Never give up.
Yes it may sound easy but actually difficult to do for adults. Just take for instance, observe  baby who just starts walking. It is actually a struggle at first but then again, they may fall and stumble but still try and until they do it successfully. In addition, they do cry but still after a few minutes, they try doing it again. No complaints whatsoever. It's just pure willingness that we see in them.

4. Explore and don't be afraid.
The world in the eyes of a small baby is full of wonders and beautiful things. Everything is new, colorful and just vibrant. Babies really are aggressive and hungry to explore every single thing and every chance you give them, they get it. That curiosity in them is a big force that teaches their hearts to just go and experience life as it is.

5. Smile and take no revenge.
Smile and the world smiles back at you. It's a simple as that. No pretending. No doubts. No suspicions. Just pure smile and innocence. How I wish the world is still like that. Well, at least in the mind of a child, it still is. Smile. Spread kindness. Forgive. Enjoy life because we only live once.

There you have it my friends. I'm happy to share this personal milestone of my niece. Hope you learned something from it also. Let's all smile and face life with a positive heart and a determined spirit to just go and pursue our dreams. Live well and always be happy.

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