Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Birthday Party Celebration For A Baby Girl

Hello everyone. I am back here to showcase a birthday party. My niece turned one recently and my sister and her hubby decided to throw a birthday party to celebrate that event especially gathering special people, friends and family members. Also, since you're my friends already, I will include some tidbits here to give you an idea how people in the Philippines celebrate birthdays for children.

Random Photos during the Party
Their little family

Playing a game here

Birthday Props

The Bubbles Show

Blowing the candle

Baby girls wants some cake too 

Her Birthday Party Vlog

That's a wrap. Thanks for spending your time to visit my blog. I always your time my dear friends. Let's continue to be kids at heart as we face life every single day. Let's do our best and smile everyday. Take care and always be happy.

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