Sunday, January 21, 2018

REVIEW : Everyday Sheet Mask In Lemon-Lime Variant

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I have here a good sheet mask recommendation. I know I know the  past holiday rush was so hectic and stressful especially to our skin because of insufficient sleep, putting on makeup and all that jazz. Well, this is the one that I use. Trust me, it does make a lot of wonders. What I'm talking about is this Everyday Sheet Mask In Lemon-Lime Variant by Boomdeahdah which I found on Althea website. Let's get to know more this then.

What's it about?
It's a brightening mask pack to make our skin moisturized and fair at the same time. Both lemon and lime extracts ( the main ingredients of this) give vitamins and nutrition to our skin to make it  brighter and more revitalized. 

Instructions how to use ( found at the back)

The sheet mask

- It's a moisturizing skin care product.
- It gives a brightening effect instantly.
- It has a natural soothing effect.

My Overall Thoughts 
I am so happy I got this sheet mask. It is cheap but does the job as expected even way better. This definitely makes my tired skin looking fresh and happy after  I have this on. Next, it also brings back the moisture and gives me this healthy glow from within. The best part of this is it contains enough essence inside the pack so I use the remaining one for my neck, arms, elbow and feet as well.

If ever you're checking ALTHEA WEBSITE, I highly recommend this mask. It's so cheap ( I repeat) and it's perfect to use if you have some events and parties to attend to. It won't disappoint.

Have you ever used this sheet mask or any sheet mask from Boomdeahdah? Let's share our ideas and be friends. Till next time my friends. Let's stay beautiful inside and out.

--- Belle

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