Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Food Trip In Tokyo And Loving It

Hey guys. You may have noticed by now that I do appreciate eating and good foods being served in front of me. I mean who doesn't, right? Raise your hands if you agree. :) Well, I have here a short summary of my food trip experience to highlights my food diary in Tokyo.  I do believe that knowing  the country's foods is one way of understanding their culture at the same time too.

My Food Vlog about My Food trip in Tokyo and Using a Vendo Machine for the first time.

My Short Food Diary in Tokyo 
**Pablo Cheese Cake in Shinjuku Station


** Mos Burger

**Traditional Macha Drink and Mochi

I'll include some links here since I've written something about them before. 

Enjoy and hope you find this helpful. That's it for me. Stay hungry for new ideas and enjoy life as well.

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