Wednesday, May 5, 2021

REVIEW : Isntree's CLEAR SKIN 8% AHA Essence

Hello there. I'm back with another review. This time I'll be introducing an essence that will make our skin super soft and nice. Promise. Let's continue then.

What does it claim to do? 

It contains glycolic acid (4%) and lactic acid (4%) to gently but  effectively sweep away dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and brighter skin. It's also free of harmful substances like parabens, artificial fragrance, alcohol, silicone and mineral oil.

Key Ingredients

*Glycolic Acid and lactic acid =  remove dead skin cells

*Glycerin = keep skin soft and plump

* Mulberry extract = rich in anti-oxidants, calm and brighten skin

* Centella asiatica = calm skin and promote scar healing

*Licorice root = calm and brighten skin

My Personal Photos 

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My Overall Thoughts / Experiences

*SCENT : None

*TEXTURE : It's watery and runny. Doesn't feel sticky. Sinks into the skin immediately

*EFFECTS : Makes the skin, soft, smooth and bright too.

*** Overall, I really love using this product and it's a good addition to my skincare routine. Though it contains acids, still it feels gentle enough to use. Also, I noticed my skin's texture looks and feels better and smoother in general. Because of that, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try a gentle chemical exfoliator. My tired and dull skin likes this a lot.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Rovectin's Cica Care Sleeping Pack

 Hello guys! I'm back with another review today. I'll be introducing this product here from ROVECTIN. It's from their cica care line, their SLEEPING PACK. 

What does it claim to do? 
This overnight sleeping pack keeps the skin hydrated while you sleep and you wake up with this glowing silky skin. This product also contains good ingredients to help reinforce damaged skin barrier and at the same time, it also makes the skin softer and smoother. 

*Hypoallergenic formula
* Free of parabens, fragrance, artificial colorants and mineral oil

Key Ingredients
*Glycerin - for hydration
*Calamine - for anti-itch and soothing the skin
*Madecassoside - for anti-redness and reducing the itch
* Centella - for hydration and calming

My overall thoughts / experiences
SCENT : None
SIZE : It has 80 ml.
TEXTURE : It comes in this thicker gel formula but leaves a slight film on the skin.
EFFECTS : skin feels super soft, hydrated and plump to touch literally.

It's BEST to use this when
- You want a minimal skincare routine especially in the evening like only  having a good toner, eye cream and this sleeping mask. 
- Your  skin feels super sensitive, dehydrated and irritated.
- This product can be good alternative to function like a light moisturizer during the day. Like a wearing a sleeping mask lightly under your facial mask. This way it provides moisture and minimize the appearance of skin troubles. 

***Overall, this product is definitely hydrating, calming and soothing. I do enjoy that instant boost of hydration it gives to the skin. Except for its texture, I'm one happy user here and will use this until this gets empty.

That's it for me today. Take care and see you soon in my next review. 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Never underestimate the power of cosmetics ~!

Hello everyone. Belle here. I'm guess I'm literally back to the blogging world since I have some few days off to myself. I figured why not import some contents from Instagram account here to my blog so I can also have copies of my written reviews and stories. I guess it's a win-win situation. Here's my first entry. I'll start with a makeup post.

Makeup is something more than just making us look physically beautiful. It also boosts our confidence level, puts us in a better mood and helps us calm down tooo. Who agrees with me? For now, I'll play with these makeup goodies and update you with reviews about them soon.

Products seen

#Viseast 01 nettral palette

#Patmacgrath labs eye ecstasy eyeshadow palette

#Glamnetic lash bella

#Mac matte lipstick rouge a levres in marrakesh 646

So the next time you're feeling down, try putting on some lipstick or blush. It'll definitely make you feel and look better. Trust me. It works. TC