Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sheet Masks review featuring Saborino Morning Sheet masks

 Hello. It's a brand new week again. That means we need to run errands, hustle hard and do a lot of things and I all file them under adulting. Before we do all those things, I and my hubby like do sheet mask together to prep ourselves. Why? It helps us wake up quickly in the morning and cool us down at the same time too.

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On Me : Saborino Morning Fresh facial mask

On Him : Saborino Morning Moisture Rich facial mask

Why we both like the masks? 

- These masks are perfect for that on-the-go hydration  since they only take 1 minute to use and viola! Done.

- They make the face nourished, relaxed and less tired.

- Perfect to use in hot summer mornings

- They're something easy to use and still deliver good results somehow

- Just don't mind the fit of this sheet mask on the face ( the only con for us)

*** Overall, we did have a good experience using these sheet masks today. Actually sheet masking is a good way to start our day right. The refreshing sensation helps us calm down and prepare ourselves for a busy week ahead.

Have a good week ahead! Take care from Team Dacanay.

Monday, June 21, 2021

All Things Hand featuring MERCI HANDY Hand Creams

 I'm reintroducing hands cream again into my routine because why not. I consider them  a kind of luxury that my hands can truly enjoy besides applying lotion. Anyhow, these small hand cream tubes  work beautifully. They absorb quickly into the skin and definitely work. As a result, my hands feel soft, hydrated and nourished. The best part? They have this subtle fragrance that lingers which means your hands will smell so good all day long.

Items seen in the photo

* Pink  = Flower Power

* Silver = Unicorn

* Blue = New Wave

* Red = Cherry

How about you? What is your favorite hand cream lately?

Friday, June 11, 2021

REVIEW : Beauty of Joseon's Repair Serum

 Hello. I'm back with another review recommending a good serum that works wonders to our skin. What I'm talking about is this REPAIR SERUM from Beauty of Joseon. Now, let's continue this review.


This serum aims to restore skin complexion, even out skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and scarring as well as improve cell turnover by using traditional Korean herbal ingredients (Hanbang) such as ginseng, licorice root, matsutake mushroom and snail mucin filtrate to name a few. This is best for dry, normal and combination skin types.


*Ginseng root extract --> rich in antioxidants, boost skin hydration, improve skin texture and an effective an anti-aging ingredient

*Snail Mucin --> rich in antioxidants, has antimicrobial and skin regenerative properties

*Niacinamide --> for brightening

*Adenosine + Matsutake extract, Ginseng root extract --> effective anti-wrinkle ingredients

*Hyaluronic acid --> for moisturizing

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My Overall Thoughts / Experiences

*SCENT = None

*TEXTURE = Feels super lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin

*EFFECTS = This is very hydrating and soothing to the skin. At the same time, my skin feels plump and hydrated every after use.


- Like using both in my morning and evening skincare routine.

- For my morning routine, I like using this to give my skin that extra layer of hydration.

- For my evening routine, I use a generous amount concentrating on my eye area, smile lines, and forehead to combat signs of aging.

- Happy to report that this product didn't break me out

- This comes in handy especially when I got sick for a week or so. I just only used this with a toner and a light gel cream and a serum and that was it. Still, I noticed  my skin looked healthy and firm literally.

- Overall, this is a good product to begin with. Definitely, worth trying to those who want to start incorporating anti-aging products. Lastly, the skincare lover in me ( who by the way loves anti-aging products too) is very satisfied in using this serum. This is a good addition to my skincare routine. Will using this until I empty it. Actually, I'm already planning in repurchasing this soon when I get the chance.

Happy Friday! Let's push and it'll be the weekend soon. Take care.