Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Best Buffet Restaurant in Cebu : Viking's Luxury Style Buffet

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I have here a random vlog  about my favorite buffet restaurant. If you're from Cebu, you already have an idea what this is all about. I mean this is the Viking's Luxury Style Buffet. I've been dining here several times already and I tell you that they really don't disappoint. Each experience is fun and definitely memorable. 

My Vlog about this Buffet Restaurant

Some Snippets 

Top FIVE REASONS Why this place is the BEST buffet restaurant in town
1. Promos and Discounts
For example,  when you dine there on the day of your birthday, then  you can eat for free and just add one accompany with you. There's also one for those celebrating their birth month. Also, always be on the look out since they regularly hold contests on Facebook and Instagram. That being said, if luck comes then you can eat there for free.

2. The Foods
Their food selections are quite a lot and the choices are endless. Every dining experience is fresh and lovely.  If you fancy good foods and you want to eat it in big big servings, then this is the place to go. :)

3. Their customer service
This is always an added bonus to any paying customer I believe. They listen well to their customers, greet them with warm smiles and grant requests like choosing a good seat location. Things like these are always appreciated.

4. Fits all ages
There's always something for everyone. I think this is also an added advantage for them. Regardless of your gender, age, food preference, I'm pretty certain anyone can always find their own food selections that suit their personal taste.

5. Accessibility
Yes to this. The fact that they are located inside SM City Cebu is already a big factor. The location is safe, quite near and everyone is already familiar with this place one way or another I'm sure. 

Anyhow, if you want an in-depth review about this place, you can click this link HERE. I did a separate review about this before.

That's about it for me. Once again, thanks for joining our food adventure. As I always say, let's continue to search for good foods. Stay hungry and always be inspired. 
--- Belle

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Foodie Alert : Eastern Hub

Good day everyone. I am back to introduce another new place to enjoy good foods. The name is Eastern Hub and if you want to eat a good kind of shawarma then keep reading this. :)

What's it about?
Eastern Hub is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves authentic shawarma from the Middle East and freshly baked pizza as well. Also, they have a good variety of appetizers, main dishes and desserts.You can also find them on Facebook HERE

A glimpse of their kitchen where everything is made.

Their mini bar

The food lovers waiting for the foods :)

They have arrived. For him, it's beef shawarma and it costs P 99.

Arabiata burger costs P109

Arabiata Burger on the left and the Chicken Shawarma costs P89

Inside the Arabiata burger

Shawarma pizza costs P 259

For our dessert, we had rice milk that costs P 75.
Price: I would say the prices are relatively reasonable compared to the others. P500 more or less is good enough for 2 dining customers already depending on what you desire to order. 

Best Sellers: Their shawarma here is always the best seller. 

Taste and Flavor: I would say it's something different from the normal taste I'm accustomed to but one thing's for sure it's absolutely delicious. Something simple, straightforward and screams comfort food.

Quality of the Foods: Yes in this category they are a winner. The foods are prepared well and the ingredients are also fresh. The amount of serving is also pretty big compared to its price point. 

Where is it located?
It's located across Pan de Manila, Guadalajara Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City.

My Overall Thoughts
I am totally satisfied with my dining experience here. As a certified food lover, this place has truly captured my heart. We entered the place hungry and bored and went out happy with new found memories of this restaurant. If you want to try authentic Mediterranean foods then this is the place to go. You surely won't regret it I'm sure.

Will I come back?
Yes, definitely. It's always a pleasure to go back there again and again. I'm pretty sure every dining experience will always be fun and satisfying.

Well that's a wrap for me. Writing this food entry makes me hungry. Opps. Sorry about that. Hope you find this helpful and fun. Till next time and see you in my next food adventure.
--- Belle

Friday, May 18, 2018

Review : Ginger Sugar Lip Scrub by Aritaum

Gone are the days that my skin always revitalizes by itself. I always thought that applying a lip balm is enough to moisturize my lips. Boy, I was totally wrong. I've noticed some parts of my lips are flaky in  a way especially they are highlighted when I wear matte lip product. Not attractive at all I know. Good thing I saw this on the website and decided to try this. That was the best decision ever. For now, let's get to know more about this product.

What's it about?     
This is a lip scrub with ginger and sugar crystals that moisturizes your dry and chapped lips to create a smooth lip texture.

How the product looks on my lips. Looks a lil greasy and you can notice some sugar crystals too.

The finish look

The photo doesn't do much justice. I promise the texture of my lips here feels super soft and smooth.
PACKAGING: It comes in a round plastic container with a screw-open like cap.

SIZE :It has 12 g in it. Pretty small but a little goes a long way. Trust me.

CONSISTENCY: At first, it looks like a balm. Then once it touches your skin, it just melts and turns into this smooth texture that is easy to apply and spread on the lips.

SCENT: It doesn't have any strong scent of ginger in it. No strong taste either.  It has this very mild citrus scent though.

1. Use it as a lip scrub.
Make sure you have clean hands. Use your fingers to apply the product and put it all over your lips. Apply it in circular motion to look like your scrubbing the excess dead skin cells of your lips. Leave it on for a minute more or less. Then use your gentle cleansing wipes to remove the product and wash it off with water after to completely remove it since there's this  sugary bits and hints of oil / wax from the product itself.

2. Use it as a lip mask. 
Do the same steps and apply the product in circular motion. Wear it overnight. You'll wake up the next day having smooth, hydrated and soft lips. 

My Overall Thoughts 
I am totally happy with this lip scrub. It does the job very effectively. It's a gentle lip scrub that everyone can enjoy. I see myself reaching this every time I feel like my lips feel flaky. It's reasonably priced since you can use it as a lip scrub and an overnight lip mask treatment. I highly recommend this to everybody especially those who like using matte lip products. This is the perfect lip product for you.

Hope you find this helpful. Let's all continue to discover good skin care products and share good information online. Till next time.
--- Belle

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vlog : Art Appreciation Day

Good day guys! How is it going? Today, I'll share some random experience that we found in a shopping mall. It was an art exhibit by local artists I believe. Good thing here is we were also bringing our camera. Talk about timing there, right? We were able to film everything and vlog it for you.  Let me present this vlog which I call an Art Appreciation Day.

My Top 5 Reasons To Visit An Art Exhibit
1. The admission is free.
C'mmon nothing can beat that already. You don't spend anything when you enter and go out of the place wiser, better and well-informed in some sort.

2. Art can provoke the mind to image and extract our creative juices.
Even those who aren't very into art , still everybody's minds will be stimulated to think, analyze and interpret what they see around there. Also, going to art exhibits boosts your personal creativity because you get to see a lot of perspectives and draw inspiration from them.

3. It is basically fun.

There's no pressure to understand the meaning whatsoever. You just have to go from one work to another and trust me you'll be immersed in no time. It's also a good source of entertainment. You can choose what you like and take pictures if you like it. At the end of the day, it's a good way to spend your time wisely and productively.

4. It's a good venue for reflection and meditation.

You know already if you always have a busy schedule everyday, you feel you're always running a rat race. But here, inside the art gallery, you'll experience a different kind of silence. You'll have some time to reflect and meditate in a way you imagine what it feels like to be the artist themselves. You think what lies beyond a simple painting or an art work. Believe me it's a good feeling of tranquility.

5. It's a learning process in itself.

Why? When you have the chance to talk to the artists themselves, they teach you something different especially from their own point of view. You also learn new things such as their technique perhaps and how they gathered materials to put up such an art exhibit. In addition, you get to meet people from different walks of life which doesn't necessarily happen everyday.  More especially when you discuss details, then the learning happens right there and then. 

Some Snippets

My random vlog

That's about it. Thanks for visiting my blog. As always, let's find our inspiration everyday so we continue to inspire and aspire. Take care lovely friends.
--- Belle

Thursday, May 3, 2018

My Product Empties # 23 My Lucky Seven

Let's welcome a new month by having these products as my empties. It's my 23rd already and I'm pretty pleased with the list I have here. Let's continue and begin.

My Product Empties # 23 My Lucky Seven
1. Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lashes
This is a lash primer. It's made to lengthen the lashes and hold the curl all day long. This is especially made for short, straight and sparse lashes. It contains fine black fibers and soybeans extracts that care for the lashes making them healthier and fuller.
* My swatches and photos of this product can be seen HERE

VERDICT: This product is really effective. It does add much volume and hold the curl all day. Just be prepared with a good eye makeup remover since this is such a pain to remove. A struggle I must say.

2. Guerisson 9 Complex Cream
This contains Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin that becomes an anti-oxidant in the body. It also contains horse oil that repairs skin damage. In addition, it's helpful to cure dry skin problems, improve skin's elasticity and so many other benefits for the skin.
* My review about this product can be seen HERE

VERDICT: It's always a winner for me. Every time my skin feels dry, I reach out for this and solves the problem as expected. Since it's more on the heavy consistency, I put this at night and make it like a sleeping mask. My skin feels better the next day. I highly recommend this.

3. Celeteque Dermoscience Brightening Facial Wash
A good facial wash to brighten dark spots and correct uneven skin tones in an early as one week. It also cleanses and washes away dirt, sebum and other skin impurities. This is also hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and clinically proven safe for sensitive skin.

VERDICT: A good facial wash indeed. Why I didn't discover this earlier? I highly recommend this product.

4. Myra VitaWhite Whitening Hand and Body Lotion
This helps keep the skin healthy, white and young-looking. It has ActiLight Complex which is derived from plant extracts that gently whitens the skin. It also has SPF 15 with double sunscreen protection against UVA/ UVB rays to protect skin from harmful effects of the sun.

VERDICT: It's a winner. It does the job as expected. Actually I got this on sale like 50% off. So if you find this in your nearest supermarket, grab this especially if it's discounted. 

5. Etude House Fix and Fix Pore Primer
It's a gel-type primer in skin tone variant. It claims to cover pores and makes uneven skin look even better. It also promises to make the skin smooth and shine free all day long.
** My review about this primer can be seen HERE

VERDICT: It's a must buy for everyone especially during hot and humid days. It does make a big difference on the face. Make up applies better and the skin looks less oily.  Quite a decent primer to use.

6. FS True Light Liquid Lipstick
It's a color rich liquid lipstick in Cerise, which is a bold red color. It comes with a cap and side mirror for that easy application even at night. It also has a built-in ring light which makes this more interesting.
* My review about this liquid lipstick can be seen HERE

VERDICT: A good liquid lipstick. This color is very flattering especially it completes the whole outfit and makes you more put together. Also, I have to commend its formulation since it's really smooth and pigmented. I totally recommend this one.

7. Canmake Color Change Eyebrows
This claims to completely change the look and color of your eyebrows instantly. It provides a rich color effect that bleaches the eyebrow hair. This is in shade # 1 which is chestnut brown.
** More photos and my review can be seen HERE.

VERDICT: I am totally loving this. Not only it changes the color of my brows making them soft and young-looking but also it acts as a brow mascara that helps to put my eyebrows in place all day long. Since, it's smudge-proof and waterproof, it is perfect for ladies who live in the tropical countries. 

That's about it. Thanks for dropping by this blog. Hope you find this helpful. Let's share good information online. Also, let's continue to discover new and effective products that contribute to our overall well-being. Take care guys.
--- Belle