Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nestle Milk Tea in 3 New Exciting Flavors

Hello guys! I want to send a special shout out to my fellow food lovers here. I have a good beverage recommendation particularly the famous variants of Milk Tea. I am a self-confessed milk tea addict. Absolutely, they are very good alternatives to the ones being sold in coffee shops and milk tea  stores. The steal? You get to enjoy the same taste with only a fraction of the price.

Now, let's enumerate them one by one.
1. Nestea Milk Tea Hokkaido Style

It has a taste that is inspired by the MILKY creaminess of Hokkaido Milk Tea. It's made from the goodness of real brewed black tea leaves and only has 54 calories.

My Personal Description: It really tastes legit guys. No joke intended here. The outstanding flavor here is that creaminess and milky flavor it has. It's just a good balance of flavor.  It even tastes better to the bottled drink we tried in 7/11 convenience store in Tokyo.  

2. Nestea Milk Tea Thai Style

It has a taste that will transport you to the streets of Bangkok and Thailand in general. It's made from the goodness of real black tea leaves and only has 57 calories.

My Personal Description: Once again, this is legit. It actually tastes perfectly the same to the ones we've had in Bangkok, the same ones with the drinks being sold in milk tea stores and even coffee shops who sell this. I kid you not. You get to experience that special taste which is a combination of spices and milk but not overpowering at all. Just perfectly blended in this one drink.

3. Nestea Milk Tea Winter Melon

It has a taste of that original milk tea in winter melon flavor. It's made from the goodness of real black tea leaves combined with Nestle milk. It only has 54 calories. 

My Personal Description: Once again, this is also a winner. The taste is genuinely a carbon copy  of the ones being sold in milk tea shops. You get to have that slight hint of bitterness after drinking this which is pretty normal to any milk tea in this flavor.

PRICE: It's sold individually. In local supermakets, it costs P10 per sachet. If you buy in boxes, Lazada PH offers P 190 / box  that contains 10 sachets.

SIZE:  It has 12 g in every sachet.

SERVING SUGGESTION: It can be served hot or cold.

My Overall Thoughts
I'm so overwhelmed that Neste milk tea already offers these 3 flavors that are easily available in our local supermarkets and convenience stores. Aside from saving much because of the big price difference, that genuine taste individually isn't compromised at all. Winner! In my opinion, it's better to drink this cold with ice cubes. One sachet is enough to fill one mug with water. That way, the flavor is intact and not bland or too sweet either. 

If you're looking for a good alternative found in the market, then this is the one for you. Try it and definitely it will tickle your taste buds. Have you tried this already? Let's share ideas. That's it for now. Thanks for dropping by. Always be happy and do your best.
--- Belle

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Family Dinner at STK Ta Bai and Coffee Time

Hi guys! How are you doing these days? Today, I'll share a family gathering this time. We were scheduled to meet a family friend who is from Manila and just came to Cebu for a short business trip. Of course, meeting family members means introducing good old Cebuano dishes. I mean going to Paolito STK Bai. Yes! You heard it right. 

Where is it located?
It is located in Sky Park, third floor,  SM Seaside City Cebu  City, SRP.

My Vlog Experience Right Here

My Top 5 Reasons to Visit This Restaurant
1. The interiors / atmosphere
Truly, they showcase vintage art pieces ranging from furniture, table set up, antique picture frames and even more. Going there somehow gives you a glimpse of how Cebu looked like back in the day.

2. Foods
Of course, the foods they serve are delicious and  truly hit the spot. They are always recommended even by tour guides in and out of the country.

3. The price point
Though they have maintained the quality of their foods, I must say they prices are technically reasonable. Just a good balance of portion and price range. Besides, most of the foods are meant for sharing.

4. The variety of dishes
Yes to this. They have all sorts of foods from serving meat, seafoods, vegetable dishes and even good desserts and beverages. Truly they cater all kinds of people from young to old and both male and female alike.

5. Cleanliness and customer service
I must say that their cleanliness is really evident.  Everything is cleaned properly and decent enough. In addition, their staff is also approachable and accommodating. Truly, it feels like a second home.

Well, if you ask me, I really had a good time having a good conversation with family and ending it with a good kind of coffee. It really completed my day. Sometimes it's good to be offline and connect with your loved ones.  Moments like this always last a lifetime I believe.

Thanks for visiting my blog guys. I appreciate your time and effort. As always, choose happiness in everything that you do.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant at SM Seaside City Cebu

Welcome back to my blog. I'll bring you along with me as we explore this new restaurant in the city. The name is Seafoods and Ribs Warehouse Restaurant. It's famous for their seafoods and freshly cooked ingredients which customers can actually choose the kind of cooking according to their liking. 

Where is it located?
It's located in Skypark, 3rd floor, SM Seaside City Cebu, SRP, Cebu City .

My TOP FIVE Recommended Dishes 
1. Their house special - Their RIBS  (It comes with a side dish of veggies and mashed potato already)
2. Their sisig 
3. Chopseuy
4. Tuna Kinilaw 
5. Garlic Shrimps

My Vlog Experience Here

That's all for now my friends. I recommend this place if you fancy seafoods and good atmosphere at the same time. Just do be careful with the prices though since the seafood prices depend on its weight per grams. Always ask and confirm the total price before having the foods cooked before you get a shock of your like. Just kidding though.

As always, take care. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead. 
--- Belle

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Amazing Finds at the CEFBEX 2017

Hello guys. Welcome back to my blog. Today, I'll bring you along with us as we experience CEFBEX this year once again. It'll be filled with much food tasting, walking around and discovering new things. Let's go and join us.

What's it about?
CEFBEX stands for Cebu Food and Beverages Exhibition. This was held from October 12th to 15th at SM  City Trade Hall. This exhibition caters many food selections and suppliers alike, cooking needs and kitchen essentials and so much more. You name it and basically they have it included.

My Top 5 BEST THINGS  there
1. Random free taste here, there and everywhere.
2. A day to explore beautiful things that are all related to foods and wellness.
3. The event itself is a learning experience. 
4. They offer competitive prices in the venue.  
5. People there are very warm, friendly and accommodating. 

My CEFBEX Experience 2017

There you have it. Thanks for joining us in this wonderful experience. Let's continue to explore new things and share good information online. Till next time my friends.
--- Belle

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Latest Lazada Haul : His and Hers

Hi guys. Once again, I have here another haul showcase both for males and females. We got everything from Lazada PH. Let's jump right into it and get started.

Random Snapshots

Our Own Version of Doing the Lazada Haul in a Video Form

5 REASONS to look forward to their UPCOMING SALE from November 9th to 11th
1. Great discounts await you.
2. They have new products from TAOBAO.
3. You can also get some freebies if you get connected to their social media accounts like instagram and facebook to mention some.
4. They have some exclusive 11.11 DEALS. Exciting.
5. Shopping online is always made easy by Lazada actually. 

There you have it. :) Thanks for dropping my blog. See you online and let's find some good deals on the Lazada website soon. Let's go. Take care guys and always do your best.
--- Belle