Thursday, August 25, 2016


Hello! I have here my sixth installment of my product empties. As usual, I briefly explain what they are and give my verdict about it too. It's always good to remember these products especially if they are worth repurchasing again, right? Let's continue and enumerate them one by one.

1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

It contains 92% real aloe that calms and moisturizes the skin. This Aloe Gel has rich vitamins that calm skin irritations and dry skin as well. It doesn't have any  paraben, mineral oil and other artificial colors added. It can be used as a moisturizer, after shaving cream for men, hair essence, nail essence, hand cream and so on. 

Click this link for a detailed reviewed about this product.

VERDICT: Oh yes! A sure winner for me. A must try for everyone too!

2. It's My perfume hand cream in Honey Berry  

It is a simple hand cream that is good for everyday use. It has a honey berry scent which is fruity scent from berries. It leaves our hands soft and moisturized but it isn't long-lasting.

* If you want more details about this hand cream, check this link. I reviewed this already.

VERDICT: I won't buy this anymore. But it is a good hand cream to try for anyone looking for something affordable in the market.

3. Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream   

It is a moisturizing  base makeup product that promises 12-hour skin coverage, fights the appearance of wrinkles, has the benefit of whitening  and sun protection because it has SPF 25 / PA ++. 

More in-depth review about this BB cream can be read from my previous blog post. Click this link to know more.

VERDICT: Yes, it is a good BB cream to use daily. Plus, it contains a lot of vitamins in it too. 
BB Cream + a good skincare  =  one product  

4. Jordana lipstick in 54 Blushed    

It is a good lip color that has a pink blush. It is moisturizing and glides smoothly on the lips too. It's good but not that great. Fair enough, it comes in a really reasonable price. 

VERDICT: Hmm, I won't be buying this anymore. I guess the shade I chose doesn't reflect clearly on my lips. My lips just look pale. Probably, I'd look for other shades somehow.

5. Piolang CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection for Dry and Damaged Hair     

This contains keratin amino acids, silk, elastin, wheat protein. The product actually is easily absorbed by our hair strands making them nourished, smoother and bouncy. This is truly a good hair essentials to everyone.

* You can check this link here for a deeper review about this product.

VERDICT: Yes, it is a must buy for me. Absolutely. I also highly recommend this.

6. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder     

This is a very popular product. It has a double sebum-control system. That means it balances the oil and moisture to create a healthier skin. Also it has Jeju natural minerals and mint ingredients as well. You can be guaranteed that's it all natural and good to our skin only. This a good powder to bring everywhere and you can easily use this on the T-zone. Rest assured, the product won't cake. You'd feel fresh all day if you have this. Trust me. ^ ^

** You can buy it here online. Check this site.

VERDICT:  I am in love with this product right here. It does the job as expected. I recommend this product to those looking for a powder with a soft and matte finish. 

7. Milani Easyliner Retractable Eye Liner Pencil in charcoal

**This is how to eye liner pencil looks like. ( CREDITS to the owner)

It is a retractable eyeliner pencil in charcoal shade. I am a bit disappointed because it easily smudges on the eyes. Creepy. However, I discovered good uses for this. I use this if I make an  easy smoky eye and I use this for outlining my eyebrows. 

If you're interested, you can buy this here.

VERDICT: I won't buy this again. I just used this up completely and moved on to the next. 

That's all for now. Thanks for reaching this point in reading this blog entry. 

As always, take care and always be happy!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Life Hacks : How To Save Money Easily

As they say, MONEY doesn't grow on trees.  Might as well, save our hard-earned money first and enjoy life's pleasures after. That way, it's keeping the balance of a work-life equilibrium. Besides, nothing feels great after spending on something essential and expensive with our hard-earned cash. So, let's continue to be thrifty and follow these life hacks to save money effectively and easily at the same time. Read on and enjoy my money hacks. 

TIPS: How to Save Money Easily    

Just remember this. It's NOT the amount of income that truly matters but the amount of savings one can keep regularly.

TIP # 1 : Plan a NO Spending Day
That means literal by itself. You can go on with your life if you actually don't spend or buy anything for a day. I don't mean harm here. Aside from the daily essentials like food, transportation and the like, I clearly focus on sparing our precious money NOT to be spent on just anything  especially if it's just by IMPULSE and something unplanned.

* No spending day can be practice once  a week or so. It all depends on you. 

TIP # 2 Stay Away from Places You Can Shop
Oh yes, we have been victims here one way or another especially us, girls. Unbelievable but if you think about it deeply, usually our senses of sight, touch and taste do deceive us. Like for example, the main purpose of just going to a mall is ONLY to withdraw money from our paycheck. Then while walking around, you see many beautiful things that catch your attention like foods, accessories, discounted stuffs and so on. Instead of just withdrawing money, you tend to buy this and that. If you think about it, they are just unnecessary spending. 

MY RULE: If you can't resist temptation like beautiful things, then might as well don't be in those places.  It's always a win-win situation.

TIP # 3 Plan Ahead for Birthdays and Special Events
Things always end up great and successful if they are seamlessly planned and organized. Think about it, planning and organizing for special events in our lives is always a good trait to sharpen our skills. I mean we learn to be decisive, resourceful and thoughtful all at the same time. We can weigh things which are less expensive, more convenient and make some DIY if the situation demands us to. 

Planning ahead also gives us the luxury to save money first for that event as well. It works effectively because the thought of planning itself is already a stimulus to actually save.

MY RULE : Doing things on the last minute always wastes money and sometimes turn into a disaster. If you have time, plan for it. 

TIP # 4 Plan a weekly budget and write down expenses on a daily basis
I believe that doing this thing like budgeting always makes a person wiser and smarter. It's a matter of being flexible and focus more on the essentials first before anything else. Also, writing down the expenses makes us easier to track down which ones require a higher budget and makes us fully aware if we do spend way too much at times.  

TIP # 5 Bring enough cash when you go out.
Whenever you go out, ONLY bring enough cash with you. If possible, leave your credit cards and cash cards at home. As you can see, you already limit yourself by doing such action already. That kind of mindset also gives a signal to our brain as to how much / how little you are only capable of spending for that instant.   I guess, we can never be able to spend if we don't have enough resources, right? ^ ^

TIP # 6 Set up an auto-saving method
That means after you receive you paycheck, automatically deduct 5% - 10% from that. That way, thinking that the money gets lesser already, also it gives us a kind of consciousness that we just have to make use of what's left only. Again, it doesn't even feel like we're saving but we actually are already.  Just don't mind this 5%- 10% deduction every time and you'll be surprised to know how it grows in a year or more. Instant savings that is.

TIP # 7 Organize what you have at home
You can clean your closet and just organize your home. This method makes us aware of the things we use. Easily, if some things are not used anymore, you can always sell them online. Plus, organizing things gives us this feeling that we have somewhat enough resources already so it lessens the urge to keep buying stuffs anymore. Wise trick, huh?  Also, if you have good friends, you can always swap your clothes and make up with them. That way, it feels new and you forget about buying more things anymore.

TIP # 8 Wait To Buy
Patience is always a virtue. Yes, it also applies to saving money of course. Sometimes we buy things unplanned not because we need them but our mind tells us we want them.  Patience indeed pays off especially if you wait a little bit longer and luckily, those things you want will be offered in discounted prices already. For online shopping scenario, just imagine this.First, put everything you want at that moment in your shopping cart, then after, sort them out  like which ones you'll buy and not. Surprisingly, you won't buy most of them actually. 

MY RULE : By being patient, it is a good training and you get to save and buy those that you only need. Hitting 2 birds with one stone.

TIP # 9 Stay Home Often and Go out Less
It may sound boring and uninteresting at first, right? However, it is a good training to actually focus on what you have at home and just be creative. My suggestions are you can always DIY, remake your favorite dish at home, invite friends for a karaoke sessions, drink and party at home and the list goes on. If you're creative enough, the internet will always teach us to maximize what we have without sacrificing the fun of actually going out.  

TIP # 10 Buy What You ONLY Need
Yes, simple rule but sometimes it's hard to follow. Definitely, you can sometimes break the rules to spice things up. Like for example, after hitting your goals like paying  the essentials and bills in a month, kept some for savings and still there are some extra cash left? Splurge a little bit then. That way, the balance goes on smoothly without that guilt of spending some cash and worrying later of paying it. That always doesn't sound good to me.  

MY RULE : Focus on the things that matter and reward yourself once in awhile. 

Yes! I've done them all and so can you. A good life can always comes easy if you are smart enough to distinguish the essential goods. It always feels better to be productive to work hard and save more. 

That's it for me. Thank you for reading this entry. Let's all be wise and love life. 

Till next time! ---Belle

Monday, August 22, 2016

REVIEW : Maybelline's Colorshow Creamy Matte Lipcolor in Firecracker Red

Good day everyone! I am back to do another quick review  about this lippie from Maybelline. It is the Maybelline's Colorshow Creamy Matte Lip color in Firecracker Red, M202 shade. Let's keep this rolling. Shall we?

What's it about?   

SHADE : It is a red based orange shade that really looks pretty when swatched on the hand. For me, it the perfect shade of orange especially if you want to try to the ORANGE lipstick catergory
(FOR THE FIRST TIME)  but a little hesitant at the same time. The pigmentation is really spot on. Plus, you can apply it lightly and layer it more for a stronger lip game. 

PACKAGING : It comes in an all black case with the shade of the lippie in the middle of it. The reddish orange in the middle is an obvious indicator of its color.  The case is pretty sturdy and very travel-friendly. Also, the lid doesn't come off easily once its closed. 

PRICE : I got it in a discounted price. It was only P 150. ^ ^ 

SMELL AND TASTE : It has a mild pleasant smell similar to a sweet  candy. The smell of it is barely noticeable once applied on the lips. It doesn't have any  after taste or anything similar to that.

TEXTURE :  I am pretty to surprised that it really glides smoothly on the lips. It has a matte formula but  but it doesn't highlight the dry patches on the lips. Also, it is slightly moisturizing on the lips.

How long does it last? 
It is pretty decent. I guess it lasts for about 4- 5 hours without retouch. You may need to reapply it after that. Luckily, it doesn't leave some stain on the lips.


Overall, I like this lipstick. Firstly, it is reasonably priced in the market. Second, I like the color pay off and that I can play it lightly and make it stronger and deeper. Third, even though it's a matte formula, it doesn't make the lips dry and patchy. Just a good balance of everything I need.

The price = check!
The pigmentation = check!
The effect and lasting power = Not that bad. Just decent!
The moisturizing power + matte formula = check !

That's it for today! 

Have you used this also? What do you think about it?
Let's share ideas and discuss. 
Take care everybody and be happy.

--Belle ^ ^

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Annyeong! Luz Bella-imnida! I guess I can get used to this greeting for  you guys? What do you think? Anyhow, I've been loving this Korean trend  ( 10 STEPS OF KOREAN SKINCARE ) nowadays  and I must say that it  did a lot of good changes in my skin making it look brighter and better. Let me share you how I do it. I also have my DIY here so it won't be that expensive always. Let's continue and dig in.


STEP 1: Make sure to cleanse your face. 
** I have here a balm cleanser. It makes the job easy for me especially removing waterproof make up especially mascara. Everything that was applied on the face just basically melts if I use this making my skin cleaner afterwards.

What I use? Banila Co Balm Cleanser 

STEP 2 : Double cleanse.   
* This step truly makes sure that no make up residue is left on the face. Washing the face with your favorite cleanser / facial wash gives a squeaky feeling somehow. It's always better to be sure and clean than be sorry later, right? 

What I use? Pond's perfect care facial wash

STEP 3: Exfoliate     
** I do this twice or once a week only. When we exfoliate, it cleans out clogged pores but also removes dull layers of our skin cells making it appear brighter and softer.

What I use? Spa milk salt plainly and sometimes I add honey and kalamansi juice 

DIY : Just use your regular sugar and mix it with honey. That's an instant  hack you can do to exfoliate. 

STEP 4: Use toner.
** This step is very important. When we put toner on the skin, it hydrates our skin again after cleansing it.  Also, toning prepares our skin to the next step of skin care routine making the essence, serum, moisturizer and other liquids absorb better.

What I use? Nature Republic Collagen Dream 90 Skin Booster
** You can check this link for a thorough review about this product.

STEP 5: Apply essence.
** An essence is a highly concentrated skin care product with active ingredients designed to treat specific skin problems from oil control, whitening and hydration to name some examples.It has  a lighter serum consistency. It is considered the heart of Korean skincare because it penetrates deep inside the pores and lower layers of the skin.

 What I use? I just substitute my essence to this, an emulsion from Nature Republic Collagen Dream 70 Emulsion

NOTE: You can also try Missha's Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence. ^ ^

STEP 6:  Serum or Ampoule treatments
** Ampoules are considered as super-concentrated versions of the essences.  This step is not that necessary for everyone. Like for example, if you don't have any brown spots, skin pigmentation and other skin troubles, then you may not have this anymore. 
** In my case, I just use a Vitamin C serum for a boost of whitening and lightening effect.  I use it  for about 3-4 times a week.  

What I use? It's Skin Power 10 Formula Vitamin C serum
** I have here a link of the review I did about this serum. Check it out.

STEP 7 : Sheet masks
** Sheet masks really make our life very easy. That means it can be done twice a week or more if you feel your face is very dry and dehydrated. Sheet masks are usually soaked in ingredients like Vitamin C, Collagen,  Vitamin E and other nutrients that our face needs. 

NOTE: You can actually swap a sheet mask from your essence or serum to save time from the usual skin care routine.
** The secret of sheet masks is it forces our skin to absorb the added nutrients and moisture better than applying a regular cream or serum - before the product has the chance to evaporate literally.
** The immediate effects are also impressive like after one use, our face becomes plump, soft and bright too depending on the kind of sheet masks used of course.

What I use? Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet in Aloe
** You can refer to this link. It's a review about this sheet mask. 

STEP 8 : Eye Creams
** Eye cream is really a must for all women out there. There are many kinds available in the market now but basically it targets everything from fine lines to dark circles.  
** The key technique how to apply this is just to gently tap the product around the eye area using our ring finger. By doing so, it leads to better absorption of the product.

What I use? Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream
** Check out this link for added information about this product.

STEP 9: Face Cream
** If you've noticed, Korean women truly love layering their skin care products. This step is simply done to lock in skin's moisture. Making our skin moisturized and hydrated all the times is the top secret in making our skin supple, soft and younger looking forever. 

What I use? Guerisson 9 Complex  with German Horse Oil

** Sun protections is truly essential  and highly emphasized by Koreans. Haha Applying SPF regularly makes a big difference on the skin. It prevents premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face. 
** Just make sure to pick a product that has a light weight consistency to avoid that heavy and greasy feeling.

What I use? Sunscreen by Cellin 
This link right here gives you added information about this sunscreen.

** Yes, it's a wrap. The 10 steps of Korean Skin care are all completed. Yup, those steps pretty look long and stressful to regularly do every week. But if you were to ask me, I do love and enjoy following the steps one by one depending on my mood. Actually, I've noticed a huge difference on my face and my fine lines around my eye seem to look less visible. I guess I'll continue doing this religiously to stop aging literally. Kidding ^ ^

How about you? Do you also have your own version of this Korean skin care? Let me know and share ideas together. It should be fun and exciting  I suppose. As always, thanks for reaching this point in reading this blog entry. Appreciate your time and effort.

Take care and always be happy!!

-- Belle

Monday, August 15, 2016

REVIEW: Piolang CP-1 Keratin Silk Injection for Dry and Damaged Hair

Annyeong! Luz Bella-imnida!  I have here another review of a Korean product. But this time around it's for our  hair. Yes! I just realized that going to a salon so many times is not my thing and besides it's expensive, right? I've got this hair hack that will literally transform our hair into this smooth and shiny looking instantly.  How to do it? Sit back and read on.

What's it about?

This Keratin Silk Injection is truly designed for dry and damaged hair. It contains keratin, amino acids, silk, elastin and wheat protein. The keratin contents nourish our hair gradually. This product claims to penetrate, absorb and protect our hair cuticles. 


** It comes in a white tube with a twisted cap. It has 20 ml inside.

** The product comes out after squeezing and  it has a white liquid form that is easily absorbed by the hair.

** On the packaging, it indicates Professional Hair Care System. I assume this is used by salons in Korea. ^ ^ 

** It only costs P 70.00. ^ ^ 

Where can you buy it?
You can purchase this only on Althea website. Unfortunately, it's the only website I know that sells this product as of now. Thank you Althea for bringing good products to us.

How to use it?     
 It's as easy as A-B-C! Just do your regular routine like putting shampoo and conditioner on your hair. You let it dry with a towel. Then you apply this ampoule ( this  silk injection product) on the hair. You can let it dry naturally or you can blow dry it if you desire to
** Just focus on the photo details of my hair please. ^ ^

** Viola! This is a decent photo of me. Hair looks pretty decent, shiny and smooth. ^ ^

This Keratin Silk Injection is truly a blessing from the heavens.  It is by far the best hair treatment  available in the market. It is the cheapest and fastest way to make our hair smoother and silkier.  Plus, the best of them all is the immediate and fast  effect. Just pure magic.   I will highly recommend this to anyone suffering from having dry and dull hair. You won't regret it actually.

** If you have some important events, you can also use this before applying heat and styling your hair. That's another trick and it's dirt cheap. ^ ^  That way you can protect your hair and at the same time look chic and put together. 

What about you guys? Have you tried this one? Let me know your voices and let's be friends. As usual, take care and be safe.


Friday, August 12, 2016

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Sunscreen by Cellin

Annyeong! Luz Bella-imnida! ^ ^ Well, from the greetings itself I am back to do another entry but this time it's pretty short and simple. I plan to do a quick first impressions about a Korean sunscreen by Cellin. It's just given to me by my sister and I thought why not write about it, right?  Let's keep it going and continue.

What's it about?   

It is a sunscreen by Cellin that has SPF 35 PA ++. It also contains UV filtering system that helps prevent sunburn.
 ** The size of this is 30 ml.


** It comes in a white shiny tube with a  silver cover. The tube also comes in a white box. 

** Once the product is dispensed, it comes out like the same color of a Korean BB cream which has a creamy beige color. Like that.

** It applies smoothly and easily dries on the skin too.

** This is how the product looks on the skin at first. A creamy average consistency similar to a BB cream.

 ** The product at first looks heavy but once you spread it, it is easy to apply and dries quickly. 

** Viola, it feels like the sunscreen just disappeared on my skin. It's that plain and easy. It is absorbed instantly on the skin and feels like you're not wearing it at all.  Super lightweight indeed.


So far, I'm loving this sunscreen. Firstly, I can use this a daily moisturizer especially on days that I'm on the go. It also doubles as an added sunscreen at the same time. Next, I like this because it has lightweight consistency on the skin. It is a very good make up base underneath foundation and BB cream.  Thirdly, I am impressed with it  because the packaging is totally chic and pretty and the product itself feels like good quality. 

Well, let's see and observe how this product works as the days go by. Will report back to you in a short while. That's it for now. Thanks for coming here to my blog and reaching this point. I appreciate your time.  

Take care and always be happy! ^ ^


Thursday, August 4, 2016


Hello everyone. This time is a little different post. I just came up with this idea because a lot people have been asking me about my job  (home-based one) and stuffs like that. All they could say was No Way! There's no life there. Life gets boring at home all the time! You can't enjoy that set up and things like that. Those lines kept coming on and on. Unbelievably strange though.

Then I realized maybe yes in some point they might be right. However, when I try weigh in things, I discovered that there are more advantages compared to the bad things actually. It's just all about having the right kind of attitude and mindset. Here are the ways how I entertain myself at home. I'll also inject some benefits as a side menu. Who knows you might jump in and decide to work at home too? Right?


1. Pamper myself with a good kind of body wash.

Yes, you heard it right. At first, it felt strange thinking about this like body wash? What the heck is that? Haha But trust me, especially if you choose a good one with a soothing scent, then it doesn't only  leave your skin and body moisturized but also it calms the mind and feeling too. Very relaxing and nourishing both to the mind and body. As a result, you'll get a clean and polished body  and a relaxed mind too. 

2. Scrub my body and face at least once a week.   

Literally, I do scrub my face and body for about at least once a week. Not only it cleans the body thoroughly but also it is fun to do while taking a bath. It gives us this very squeaky clean feeling afterwards hoping the stress of the day will all be washed off after that scrubbing action. Strange but true. Try it to believe it. You'll know the difference.

3. Put on a cold face mask before going to sleep.

Of course, you have to make sure that your face is clean before doing this. My style is I put the face mask first in the fridge for about 30 minutes or so to make sure it's cold enough. Then just about when I am going to sleep, I put it on. Wow just wow! It's like an instant lullably making me sleep or relaxed automatically. I guess it must be the cold feeling that the sheet mask gives. In no time, you'll have a good night sleep because of that and in the morning, you'll have a smooth and moisturized face too. Hitting two birds with one stone! 

4. Read magazines and books. 

I must admit that when it comes to reading, I am damn lazy. But hey, it isn't that bad especially the topics are about cooking, fashion, skincare and travelling. Let's just use our interests and push us to read something. Haha  I believe reading makes us develop our creative minds and gives a kind of inspiration and  motivation. It also widens our perspectives in life and teaches us to build dreams eventually. So, it isn't too late to grab yourself something to read. It's also a much better alternative than browsing the internet. Plus, reading before bedtime prepares us to have a good night sleep.

5. Cook a new dish. 

This chore really scared me to death at first. I just learned it after I got married and I've had my own versions of kitchen disasters like you can't even imagine. Eventually, it just grows in me. Probably because I love eating good foods and I like to experiment in the kitchen as well and cook my version of  the foods I've eaten in restaurants. It's like being economical meeting the passionate food taster within in. In addition, the more you cook at home, the  more you feel happier and more satisfied. It's just a kind of therapy to do in the kitchen.

6. Make yourself a good cup of tea, coffee or any beverage you desire.

Yes, it's a cliche when I say that  this is  somehow good and relaxing. I guess it's all tested, proven and  true. Just imagine the beauty of sipping your cup little by little while listening to a good music or watching a good TV program. It truly relaxes my nerves. It slows down things which is contrary to our daily life.  Especially if you do this at night, it gives a signal to our body to relax and prepare us to go to bed. Yes, we have to prepare and talk to our body too just like that.

7. Do zumba and exercise. 

We have to exercise. Yes, you all have heard this a million times already. Well, nothing beats a  good exercise especially if you do it regularly. Especially I just work at home,  sit down basically for hours and hours and can eat anytime too. It feels like the fridge is always tempting me. Opps.. Those examples are really bad.  Haha 

My goal how to exercise easily? Doing it bit by bit but regularly. Doing zumba and some stretching somehow cuts the momentum of idle time and makes the blood circulation flow regularly again. It allows us to sweat and gets rid of the bad toxin in the body. Also it gives us this kind of confidence that we look good and feel good about ourselves.

8. Write a diary and journal.   

Writing for me is a good therapy. It gives me a sense of fulfillment in a way that I communicate with my inner self. I make it a habit to make weekly and monthly goals. By doing so, I can motivate myself even more and stick to them. Talk about intrinsic motivation right there. ^ ^

Also, every month, I write my happy thoughts. I call that my Gratitude Journal. I think of all the  good and positive things that happened for that month and write them down. It feels good remembering them and they serve as a good reminder to be thankful for everything. So, start writing your happy thoughts and goals from now on and trust me, you'd feel more inspired  and happier everyday. 

9. Do online shopping and brows websites.   

As women as we are, online shopping always gives us joy and happiness. However, I don't teach just merely spend our precious money online.  Opps, not that healthy for us, right? What I mean by this is we can always find some inspiration online and probably look for cheaper alternatives. Think about getting the right combination of patterns in a cheaper price. You can try pinterest and for some examples. By doing so, we can learn to prioritize things and maximize the value of our salary. It's a win-win solution I mus say. Looking good doesn't always mean buying all the time. But sometimes  a little bit shopping online doesn't hurt the pocket. ^ ^ 

10. Do your manicure and pedicure at home.

This two can be done at home. It will really save you bucks and bucks of money overtime. Plus, if you have a sister or a husband at home, then why not ask a favor from them to help you do it. It's absolutely a fun activity if you do this together. Plus, it's a good time to bond, talk to each other and make new memories too.

FYI : These pics are all gotten from the internet for inspiration purposes only. 
** Those are the tips I know work for me when I am at home. How about you? Do you have other suggestions about it? Let us share good pieces of ideas online then and help each other. We can always spread positive vibes and happiness online. That's it for today. As always take care and continue to follow your dreams.

-- Belle