Saturday, November 24, 2018

REVIEW : Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches

Good day everyone. I am back to do another review about this pretty product. If you belong to the skincare community, this product is all over my feed. Truth be told, I always gush and stare at its beauty. What I am talking about is the Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches. Luckily, I was kindly gifted by GoBloomandGlow to test these out. ^ ^ Yay to that, right? Well, let's keep this going.

What is it about?
This is described as a multi-functional product as it gives extra care and moisture to our eye area, eyebrows part, smile lines and the cheeks as well. It is infused with Bulgarian rose water to recharge the skin and boost moisture. Mainly it has two main benefits that are anti-wrinkle and brightening synergistic effects. It also claims that it performs well much better than using an eye cream. The best part of this product is it's 100% safe to use since it's a water soluble kind of eye patch and doesn't contain any harmful ingredients.

How To Use This?
After cleansing and toning your face, place the eye patch on the desired facial area. Use the spatula in scooping the product out of the tub.  Leave it on for 20-30 minutes then remove it afterwards.

Another alternative is you can use this as an essence.
How to do it? Put some eye patches on an empty glass. Pour some hot water and naturally they will dissolve since they are water soluble. Viola, you have now your own diy essence.

My Snapshots Of This Product

The hydrogel patches look semi-transparent when put under the eyes.

  • First and foremost, this hydrogel eyepatches are the prettiest I've seen so far both in person and on my Instagram feed. They shine and glitter especially when light hits them.
  • The size of the tub is pretty big as it contains 60 pieces inside.
  •  In addition, I like that these patches are very versatile enough as you can put them anywhere on the face and even on the neck. It also has some rich essence so you can put the excess on other parts of the skin that need hydration.
  • I have to mention also that they give me this cooling and refreshing sensation. An added bonus especially when used at night, it helps me to relax my eye area.
  • As a first time user of hydrogel patches, somehow they are a good alternative to using the normal eye cream.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, these patches help in depuffing my eyebags. They look less swollen and somehow in a better situation.

  •  I'll have to be honest that I really had a hard time scooping out the products using the spatula. They are just so slipper and hard to get a hold of quickly.
  • I had a hard figuring out how to put the patches under my eye. If the rounder one will be put on the inner corner of my eye or the other way around.
  • These patches seem to slide around the skin and don't seem to remain in place. 
  • Hydration effect was pretty ok but not very long lasting to my liking.
  • When it comes to the wrinkle care, dark circles and the rest, I am sad to say these don't help at all. 

My Overall Thoughts
Well, I can clearly say that it's still a lovely experience after all. As a first time user of eye patches, I am pretty satisfied and happy especially these don't sting the eye. My under eye situation somehow improves gradually.

*Will I continue to use these? Oh yes definitely. On days I don't feel like using my eye cream then this product can be a good substitute. 

*Will I buy this again? Yes if goes on sale. 

*I'd like to say my heartfelt gratitude to GoBloomAndGlow and Heimish Korea for this chance. You can visit them respectively for more lovely products. Till next time and continue to shine and glow. Take care.
* Go Bloom and Glow - HERE
* Heimish Korea - HERE 

--- Belle