Monday, March 19, 2018

My Product Empties # 22 My Lucky Seven

Hello lovely friends. It's that time of the month which I do my countdown of my product empties. This is already my 22nd and I'm pretty proud how I keep track of them religiously. Who is with me? Raise you hands!  ^ ^Anyhow, let's continue this list and get started.

1. Simple Light Moisturizer
This is a light hydrating moisturizer. It's a perfect blend of multi-vitamins and good ingredients for the skin that can work up to 12 hours. It's also perfect for sensitive skin.

* I have reviewed this one before and you can see it HERE

VERDICT: It's a buy definitely. If you're looking for a light and a good day moisturizer, then this is perfect.

2. Watson's Goat Milk Scented Cream Bath
This gently and effectively cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It also combines  gentle cleansing agents with the rich fragrance of goat milk, leaving your skin soft and silky smooth.

VERDICT: A winner for me. With its size ( 1000 ml) and its price point, it's a win-win solution definitely. You guys should check this out.

3.Gugo Kultura Shampoo
Gugo is a vine found in the tropical forest in the Philippines and its bark  is used to treat all hair and scalp related problems such as dandruff and hair loss. This is all organic and natural so you can be assured that it's safe and mild to use for all hair types.

VERDICT: This is pretty effective. If you are looking for a good shampoo for oily and dry hair, then this the one for you. You can score this in all Kultura shops located in SM shopping malls.

4. Tony Moly Back Gel Liner in 02 Brown
This is a good gel liner that claims to be waterproof. It also has a long ( 15mm ) brush for that fast and easy application.

* For more detailed information about this, click HERE.

VERDICT: This is an absolute winner. It does the job, applies easily and smoothly. Also, it lasts for the whole day. A must buy indeed.

5. It's Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector
This is a serum from It's Skin. VC stands for Vitamin C. It's specially formulated with high potency of Vitamin C derivatives, green tea extracts and other good stuffs  to make skin radiant and brightening. It also claims to tighten the pores to even make skin healthy, soft and glowing.

* A review about this serum can be seen HERE.

VERDICT: Actually I've been repurchasing this ever since I discovered it. It's that good truly. It does help with my skin surface and overall appearance. Please try it.

6. Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry
This claims to have a delicious cherry scent and a fabulous red shimmer. It has fruit extracts,  shimmering pigments and SPF 10.
Something simple but very important for everyday use.

VERDICT: A buy for me. This is something functional and cheap at the same time.

7. Simple Micellar Cleansing Wipes
These cleansing wipes are made with Micellar Water for a thorough yet gentle cleanse. They gently lift away makeup, impurities and unclog pores. They also leave the skin soft, clean, fresh and hydrated without  irritation.

*More photos and my review about this product can be seen HERE

VERDICT: A must buy for me. Also, I highly recommend these cleansing wipes. Does the job and makes the skin hydrated naturally. :)

That concludes everything in my list. Those were my 7 product empties. Have you used some of them also? Let me know and share some good inputs. Till next time.
--- Belle

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review : Pop Beauty Permanent Pout

Good day my lovely friends! Today I'll share some new products that I've gotten recently. They are called the Permanent Pout from Pop BeautyIt's  is a sister company of the famous UK brand Pixi by Petra. Let's get to know more these products then.

What is it about?
This extreme long-wear and kiss-proof velvet lip paint creates a matte finish. It claims to be full coverage that is always a dream to achieve. It's cruelty-free and paraben free. 

Permanent Pout in Rouge Red

Permanent Pout in Pink Honey

Price : Each costs P790
Size : It's 4.8 ml / 0.16 oz.
Packaging : The silver color on the outside gives that classy fab look. Also, the front part has this transparent symbol that looks like lips shows the color of the lip paint. Cool and artsy at the same time. Also, the overall packaging reminds me of a mascara. 
Texture : It's very creamy and feels a little sticky at first. Then it dries out to this velvet texture and feels so lightweight on the lips.
Style: Matte but not drying at all

My Overall Thoughts
Well, I'm pretty much torn between these two. Although they are coming from the same line that is the Permanent Pout, I feel they perform differently from each other. I'll enumerate my comments separately so we can compare and contrast the two individually.

Pigmentation-  Both lippies have this rich color. Very nice color pay off too.
Texture- Both of them have this smooth and easy to use. They glide smoothly on the lips.
Formula - They have this glossy formula that dries matte. Well, it takes some seconds to make it completely dry so be very careful.
Scent and taste - Both of them have this sweet candy taste that is somewhat pleasing. Not very overpowering so you don't need to worry about it.

1.)When applied on the lips, the PINK ONE looks rather nude than what color it claims to look like.  It's best to wear this lippie with a smokey eye look. Also, you can put on a lip tint first then layer this on for that gradient lips effect. 
2.) The red lippie looks fab and stays true to its color on the lips. Very pleasant and flattering to wear for everyday use.

Overall, I'm pretty much pleased with the bright red one over the pink one. By the way, don't forget to exfoliate your lips before using it to avoid it looking dry and patchy since this is a matte lip product. If you're out and about, expect some fading throughout the day especially when you eat and drink. Still, I would recommend this red lippie because it really brightens up your overall look making you look glowing and happy overall.

That's it for now. Hope you find it helpful. Thanks for reading my entry. Do you have any recommendation of a good lip product that you purchased lately? Let me know and share it with me then.

How about you friends? Have you tried this one already? Hope you find this helpful. As always take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Money Matters : Diversify your Money + House Tour

Money as we all know is one main ingredient to survive especially if we're living in the big city. That means by having money, people have the power and responsibility comes alongside with that. But then again, there's this what we call inflation and the rising prices of daily goods. Let's start early and protect the value of our money. Let's diversify our money so we have some fallback on in case something unexpected happens. I have here 5 ways.

Five Ways to Diversify Our Money and Start Earning More Outside our Job
1. Have a part-time job.
Yes to this. If you have spare time, then why not do it, right? You can start by establishing good set of relationships and friends. Look within you and assess what you're good at. If you have the chance, go for it. You can be a part-time tutor for students, be a proofreader and teach something online to name a few.

2. Invest in Real Estate.
If you have the resources, then try this. One thing to take note is you have to have enough knowledge, do your research and attend seminars  about this to widen your horizon. It really doesn't need to be big time and start small. What I mean is if you have some extra room / space that you don't use, then you can have it rented. That still counts for sure.

3. Invest in stock market.
It may seem scary and confusing at first but it does make a lot of difference. Once again, let's take baby steps here. Join some groups on Facebook about this stock investment, make friends with them and attend meetings and seminars religiously. You can start small with you capital and let it grow through the years. It really pays to know your money is growing in your stocks portfolio than seeing it later in the bank that it's still the same amount after a number of years. This method of investing protects your money from inflation and at the same time it can also be a good preparation for your retirement funds.

4. Passive Income without doing anything
Yes, this is the easiest and safest than the others listed here. As they say, if you have the financial resources, then let it work alone according to your favor. I'll enumerate the ways how to do this.
  1. You can start writing a blog and make some Youtube videos. Starting small but doing that regularly will surely bring you somewhere.   
  2. You can also sell and resell online like on Carousell and Shopee to name a few. 
  3. If you have extra funds, talk to your bank and your insurance agent. They are the best people to give you sensible pieces of advice. You can try time deposit in banks, mutual funds, bonds, and the one in PAG-IBIG savings that earn dividends every year. 

5. Don't forget your DAY JOB.
This day job I refer to as your main source of income. Truth be told, the first four ways all sound so nice and interesting. However, maintaining your day job gives you this security that whatever happens, this will remain constant. Plus, nothing beats that feeling that you have this steady income that gives you peace of mind and at the same time you also venture and try new things and still earn. A win-win situation indeed.

Also, I have included here a short clip of our family vacation house. Who knows in the future this house and lot will also upraise its value. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

That's it for me. Always remember guys, we don't to always look for a part-time job. We can also focus on our own potentials, sharpen them and learn continuously so you can ask for a raise and other job benefits. It's always a give and take situation.  Take care and good luck.
--- Belle

Real Skin Double Action Super Cream

Hi friends! Let me introduce a new skin care product this time. It's a super cream that literally has two kinds of cream. The name is Double Action Super Cream by Real Skin. Let's get to know more this product.

What's it about?
*It's the ultimate supplement to our skin.
*It's enriched with 10 superfoods, minerals and vitamins.
*It's a dual-type moisturizer that contains both the hydrating  ( blue cream) and the nourishing cream ( white one)
*It's formulated using the traditional fermentation method for better skin absorption.


Blue cream  (left side) for Nourishing and White cream ( right side) for  Hyrdating

The size comparison

My Actual Experience

On my hand, the blue cream is on the left side and white cream is on the right.

No filter here. Notice the texture of my skin here. My hand feels softer, smoother and better.

The final look

My Final Thoughts
Guys, you definitely have to try this out as soon as possible. I am blown away by this powerful duo right here. ^ ^ They really do make a big difference on my skin especially about texture and hydration.

I'll enumerate the reasons why this cream has won my heart.
  1. It's very lightweight and applies smoothly on the skin.
  2. It does the job effectively.
  3. Two kinds of cream mean two major benefits it give to our skin.
  4. It has 10 super foods, minerals and vitamins that boost regeneration of skin cells.
  5. It's perfect to layer under our makeup / foundation. It doesn't look heavy or something.
  6. The moisturizing effect stays on for a long time. ( can be used as an all day moisturizer)
  7. I've noticed it does help with controlling the shine on my face. By the way, I have combi skin type.
  8. This double cream gives me this healthy and dewy look on my face.
That's it for me today. Hope you find this helpful. Let's all continue to search the beauty of skincare together and be the best version of ourselves every single day. Take care.
--- Belle