Sunday, March 31, 2019

Review : Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence by Nacific Official

Good day guys! I am back with another review of a product I truly swear by and use religiously every single day. What I'm talking about is the famous Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence.

 🌿What it claims to do?
It claims to reduce dark spots / skin discolorations and brighten dull skin using the whitening essence.

🌿Star Ingredients
°Niacinamide - improves skin tone for a healthier and brighter look on the face
°Bamboo Leaf extract - has hydrating & anti-aging properties
°Rose carina seed extract & lemon extract - brighten dark spots for a more radiant skin

My Photos of the Product

🌿My overall thoughts /experiences

  •  It has this light and runny texture that makes it easy to spread on the skin. Easily absorbed by the skin too.
  •  It has thick and and clear bottle which looks very nice and chic. also comes with a dropper. Yay
  •  It only uses natural ingredients which is a BIG PLUS for me. It's safe and gentle on the skin.
  •  It is fragrance free. No smell whatsoever. 😀
  •  It also has anti-aging properties. 😀
  •  It really hydrates the skin.
  •  It's reasonably priced in the market too.
  •  It really works well with my other skincare products. Acts like a skin booster. 😀
  •  Overall, I am overjoyed to say that this whitening essence really works. Makes the skin soft, plum and glowing.
  •  It's best to use on troubled skin esp on the healing phase since it will reduce the appearance of dark scars.
  •  It's great to use on uneven skin tone like on the arms part (that line marked by wearing a top), elbows and knees. I use this with my body lotion.
  •  It doesn't have a quick effect in a matter of days. It took about a week or more to see good results. However, if you're using other whitening skincare products already, its effect may not be very noticeable unless you use this solely as your whitening agent. 

That's it for me. Glad I found this gem by stalking other skincare accounts. As always, continue to shine and be inspired. Never let anyone dull your sparkle. 
--- Belle

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

REVIEW : Good Morning Cream by The Vegan Glow

Hi guys! It's been ages since I've updated this blog. There's no excuses here this time so I'll try my very best to update it with more reviews hoping it'll help someone about a particular product. Today, I have here a good product. It is the Good Morning Cream by The Vegan Glow.

What's it about?
This is cream that it formulated to be used during the day. It's suitable to all skin types. It claims to protect our skin throughout the day with its moisture barrier. Exclusively formulated with EWG green level ingredients, this day cream is designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other hazards. In addition, it's enriched with cacao seed butter and panthenol to protect our skin against the loss of moisture while providing nutrition and hydration.

Key Features
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free
  • EWG Green Level Ingredients
  • Clean cosmetics
  • No unnecessary "concept" ingredients
  • No parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates, no PEG and no Dimethicon
  • Hygienic airless bottle

Photos of the Product

My Overall Thoughts / Experiences
  • It has this herbal scent to it ( smells like wet grasses in my opinion)  that is so relaxing to use especially in the morning. It helps me wake up.
  • It has this lightweight formula and easily sinks into the skin.
  • It has this light cream formula and melts into this watery consistency once it touches the skin.
  • I really love the  minimalist and simple packaging. 
  • It gives me this instant smooth and soft skin.
  • Also, it layers well with my other skincare products and under makeup too.
  • However, after using this for about a month already, I felt one layer of this cream isn't enough especially if I'm out and about for the whole day. I do 2-3 layers of this cream and I'm good to go already. That way I can be assured those layers will surely give me hydration and will last for the whole day too.
  • Dry and matured skin needs to layer this up to fully see its potential and effect.
  • Lastly, those people living in the tropical climate including myself will surely love this cream. It's something light but still effective to use.

* A huge shoutout to @Blingdear and @theveganglow for sending this gift. I truly appreciate it. That's all for me today. Take care and always be inspired.
--- Belle