Wednesday, June 12, 2019

REVIEW : Matt Lipstick by Eyenlip

Hi friends! It's my first time in ages to properly do a makeup review especially a lipstick one. With that said, I'm truly happy when I got chosen as one of the reviewers. Yay to small victories like this!

#01 Vladi Red - A bold red color that perfect for date nights and special events
# 02 Ruby Red - A red color with hints of pink  that's good for an everyday look
# 03 Sunset Coral - A good color that looks very youthful and vibrant to the eyes
# 04 Caramel Pink - A good neutral color that basically goes with everything you wear
#05 Muhly Pink - This I call Barbie Pink-ish concept. A good pink color to start the week right with a bang.

My Personal Photos

  • All 5 lipsticks are kept in a pretty silver bullet and burnt orange lip cover.
  • The lipstick case itself looks sturdy and stylish.
  • The shape of the lipstick is good enough for that easy application. The sharp points of the bullet makes it easy for me to make clean and polished edges.

Texture and Pigmentation
  • It has this creamy feel to the skin and glides smoothly on the lips too.
  • They have this solid color. Very pigmented. One swipe is basically enough.
  • The color is buildable and versatile. You can go for a sheer, gradient lips or add 1-2 more swipes for a strong and full lip look.
  • They have this semi-matte texture.
  • They also have this lightweight feel on the lips. Very comfortable to wear actually.

  • I feel shades 1, 2 and 3 have weaker lasting power. They somehow dry down into this pretty sheer shade without retouching.
  • Shades # 4 and 5 have this stronger lasting power. The color fades but still more intense than the other 3. They stay on pretty well throughout the day without retouching.

My Overall Thoughts / Experiences
  • I personally like the packaging of the lipsticks. They remind me of Dior snow lippies.
  • The formulation is another good thing. They don't emphasize the dry cracks on my lips. ( It's still best to prep your lips accordingly since they are on the semi-matte side. )
  • The color range is pretty and flattering to wear. The red shades have already captured my heart to be honest.
  • The quality is also up there even if they are reasonably priced. Quality is never compromised.
  • They don't feel sticky at all. They just sit comfortably on the lips.
  • I also like the mild sweet scent they give. It reminds me of cotton candy for some reasons.
  • My favorite shades are definitely 1, 2 and 3.
How about you guys? What shades of lipstick do you prefer and buy? Let's share ideas. I'm curious.
--- Belle