Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hi beautiful friends. This time I will review here a good make up base from Missha. This is the Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream in shade # 21 Light Pink Beige. I confess that I am a Missha BB cream fanatic for many years already, let's say 6 years or so. Through the years, I can also tell that my skin loves it very much. Here is how the product looks like in its tube/ container with its cover and box.


I bought mine  when I was in Korea last year and this also part of my Korean haul.  You can also check and other online shops that sell Korean goodies and cosmetics.
** Dara Beauty Market on Instagram also sells good make products with really good prices as well. 


Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream is a moisturizing base makeup product that promises 12-hour skin coverage, fights the appearance of wrinkles, has whitening benefit and sun protection because it has SPF 25 / PA ++ Also it reduces skin darkening and brings back a more gorgeous look to your skin tone.

** You can also look for further information  and refer online for its massive selection of ingredients found in this BB cream formula. Some ingredients are peptide complex, gingko water and 50 kinds of botanical complex to name a few.

DIRECTIONS: Apply an appropriate amount evenly over the face and neck.

** I highly suggest to apply it little by little since it's build-able enough if you want to put a heavier coverage in some area.

** An additional tip is I mix it with my favorite sunblock, just a small amount will do, and my favorite serum ( my go to It's Skin power 10 WH Effector with Arbutin with whitening effect) together with the BB cream to maximize the protection it  gives to my skin daily. So far, my skin loves this combination.

  • It leaves the skin with a dewy-finish. You can also set it with powder especially on hot summer and humid days. Either way, this BB cream works perfectly.
  • It makes the skin smooth like a porcelain and glowing if that makes sense. What I mean is it gives healthy glow after putting this on.
  • A little goes a long way already so you can be sure this will last for 3 months or more  of using daily.
  • It has a mild scent, a subtle one,  that is somewhat common to any Korean products out in the market. 
  • It's very easy to apply, very build-able and easy to blend even just using our fingers will do.
  • The coverage is build-able so you can always wear it light and apply more especially for special events and parties.
  • It has SPF 25 / PA ++ which is great. It is an added benefit actually.
  • This BB cream contains great selection of ingredients that are all good to our skin. Hurray to Missha!

  • It isn't high coverage so you need to apply some concealer like under the eye area and some spots that need maximum concealing.
  • It doesn't last all day most especially during hot summer days because of sweating. It tends to melt or slide around on the face. :(
  • If you are not careful enough, the product might transfer in your top/ clothes especially if it's still wet or it hasn't set yet. It's best to set it with a powder to avoid such accident.
  • Applying too much on the skin at once may seem to look like you have a mask on. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this BB cream from Missha. I love the fact that it makes my skin healthy, natural looking and glowing at the same time. In addition, I love love love the variety of good ingredients that are all good nutrients and vitamins to the skin. It's like a skincare and make up product all in one item.

I will surely repurchase this again. It is perfect for a no make up day and special events. Plus, I love to combine this with a good serum, essence, and sunblock to make my skin super protected.  (NO heavy feeling of putting on much liquids on the skin). Setting this with powder also makes it more long-lasting on the face somehow.

That's it for today. How about you? Have you ever tried this product from Missha? I'd love to know your thoughts too. Have a good week everyone. Take care y'all!  

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Last April 14th - 18th, Nivea had a blowout 50% sale to all their loyal users nationwide in the Philippines. You may avail their discounted products in all leading supermarkets and Watson's outlets. I've noticed also that all Nivea products both for men and women are already included in the sale unlike last year. Hurray and thank you Nivea!! Let's cut the chase and reveal the products I and my husband scored last weekend.

I'll just divide this according to categories to make it easier to digest. haha

A. Women's skin care
1. NIVEA Mattifying Toner

size : 200 ml

This is a mattifying toner that is enriched with ocean algae and hydra IQ. It tones the skin deeply and removes residues. It reduces excess sebum and oil with its mattifying formula.

2. NIVEA Extra White Repair Pore Minimizer Scrub

size: 50 g
This removes skin impurities and 10 make up residues that cause dullness, acne, and enlarged pores without thinning the skin. THis is best for extra dull skin with extra large pores and those who regularly use make up.

3. NIVEA SUN Protect and Moisture Lotion SPF 50

size : 125 ml
This is an effective protection against sunburn and premature skin ageing. It protects immediately upon application, no need to wait for 20 minutes. Also it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Plus, it protects skin's collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure.

4. NIVEA Creme 

size : 30 ml
This is a moisturizer of all time. Whenever our skin needs rich and mild care, then apply this on.

1. NIVEA Fruity Shine Cherry 

size: 4.8 g
This delights our delicate lips with fruity cherry aroma and smoothing long-lasting care. It also naturally enhances our lips with shimmering pigments with a soft-glossy color. Plus, it provides moisture for our lips.

2. NIVEA MED Protection with SPF 15

size: 4.8 g

This is a lip gloss that provides intensive care and long-lasting moisture. It claims to soothe dry lips and prevent future dryness. It contains SPF 15 that protects against UVA and UVB rays.

3. NIVEA Lip Butter

size: 16.7 g

This is a lip butter that is formulated with vanilla and macadamia. It also claims to provide intensive moisture making the lips soft and prevents the occurrence of dry and chapped lips.

1. NIVEA Men 48 H Silver Protect 

size: 40 ml
This is an anti-perspirant  that has anti-bacterial protection with silver ions. It comes in a stick and solid form.

2. NIVEA Men 48 H Invisible for black and white

size : 150 ml
This is a 48 H anti-perspirant that has white mark protection on black clothing and anti-yellow staining on white clothing. This is the spray version of the anti-perspirant mentioned above. Both having a good clean scent to them.

3. NIVEA Extra-whitening anti-perspirant

size : 50 ml
This is an anti-perspirant that whitens and smoothens skin and tightens pores. It also contains nutrients and vitamins needed by the skin.

1.  NIVEA MEN Oil Control Anti-Acne Moisturizing Gel

size : 50 g
This is an anti-acne moisturizing gel that fights 10 main problems of oily skin, blackheads and  whiteheads. It also tightens pores, refines pores, soothes the skin, restores skin's  oil moisture balance, smoothens skin and even out skin tone.

2. NIVEA MEN Anti-acne Brightening Mud Serum Foam

size:120 ml
This is an innovative serum formulation integrated with concetrated anti-acne ingredients and professionally-used Salicylic acid that deeply cleanses and helps the skin to stay away from 10 acne problems.

3. NIVEA MEN Anti- Acne Oil Facial Foam

size : 100 g
This is an anti-acne oil facial foam. This again fights acne and oily skin problems for a bright, oil-free skin away from the 10 acne problems.

Thank you NIVEA for having this sale. Indeed, it is the best time of the year to let us, your users and consumers, try out the best products and replenish our stocks at home with a 50% off  the price. It's a wonderful feeling to purchase them all in cheaper prices. 

How about you guys? What have you purchased from that recent 50% sale from Nivea? Share them here and let's all continue to spread good information to help each other. Till next time. 

Friday, April 22, 2016


Hi guys. For all the foodies out there, a special shoutout to all of you. I know the feeling very well. Having a good decent meal without burning your pockets is always a good stress reliever especially when we work our ass hard just to survive in the busy world. (sorry about that lil rant) .

For the past few months, I've been eyeing to try this one good restaurant called HALLA PAELLA because I've been seeing them basically everywhere on social media like Facebook and Instagram world. Plus, the idea of having a paella that isn't costly is also another plus point.  Oh, I should mention that there churros I've heard is to die for. Let's jump into this deliciousness and reveal what I've experieced when I finally decided to join the bandwagon of HALLA PAELA believers. ( I just made that up. Opps)

You can find them at Robinson's  Cybergate, ground floor. It is easily visible and noticeable somehow.
You can check their facebook account for more information.


This is the menu. ( Got this photo from their Facebook account.)

It's basically a Spanish restaurant that serves the best Spanish foods like paella and churros. (That for me is enough reason to check out this place. ) As you can see from the menu and price range above, basically their foods are pretty much affordable. Also, you may opt to order their FAMILIA size of paella for everybody in your family / group of friends to enjoy and savor the taste together.

  • The foods really taste delicious and flavorful.
  • I appreciate and enjoy the variety of flavors they offer in their paella selections.
  • Even though their price point is quite  affordable ( from P100 to P300 per person is enough) , still they offer a decent amount of servings, enough to make hungry person happy after.
  • It's a good and cheap alternative to eating in  a fine dining Spanish restaurant that serves an expensive dish of paella. (GOOD FOR THOSE IN A TIGHT BUDGET LIKE ME )

  • The place is somehow small so you better go there 30 minutes before lunch / dinner time to secure your seats. Going there on a weekday is also a good  time.
  • The one I ordered that was paella negra with  seafoods in it tasted ok but the seafoods were quite chewy and tough sadly. It may be overcooked or something. 

Overall, I had a happy experience except that tough seafoods on my paella. Well, there is always a second time and I'll choose other variety of their paella selections. Oh one more, their churros are to die for.  Heads up HALLA PAELLA for giving us Cebuanos a cheaper choice of paella goodness. Till next time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Hello. This post is connected with my summer series. Especially us Filipinos our summer is extremely hot hot hot so we need to protect our skin like our face to avoid getting sun damage and wrinkles most importantly. Protecting our skin is way better than getting any bad effects later on. Trust me, I've been there.

Anyhow, this post is about TONY MOLY MY SUNNY TOUCH FREE SUNBLOCK. I got this when I was in Korea last year. One reason why I got this is because of the built in-puff. A first time experience for me I guess. Imagine that. I don't need to use your hands to blend it on the skin. Perfect for lazy people like me. (haha) (evil laugh )


It is a sunblock ( SPF 50+ PA +++) with 40% moisture base with strong sun protection that soothes and cools down irritated skin. It contains aloe vera/ water lily extract. The moisture protection shield protects the skin from fine dust and harmful environment. It gives moisture again and provides vitality. It comes with the built-in puff to make the application easier without using our hands.
Size is 40 g

Apply it evenly on the skin especially the face and neck area by using the built-in puff as the last step of skin care.

This is how the sunblock looks on the hand.

After I spread the sunblock thoroughly, this is how it looks like, matte and gives a light coverage on the skin. 


  • A little goes a long way already so this will last probably 3 months or more if you use daily
  • I can use this as a tinted moisturizer since it gives that sheer color on the skin and of course with the combo of a sunscreen just all in one product alone. A good combination definitely
  • It has a good SPF 50 + PA +++.
  • Once this sunblock is applied on the skin, it has a very lightweight texture that doesn't feel heavy or sticky. 
  • It's easily to blend and appears matte on the skin.
  • It has a light scent that is somehow pleasant. 
  • It's not your ordinary sunscreen because it also contains a good amount of ingredients that are good for the skin like the aloe and waterlily extract.
  • The white cover of this sunblock has a kind of stopper inside. It's like even if it's tightly closed but if you accidentally squeeze the product, you can be relieved that it won't be wasted because of the stopper built in it. Amazing indeed.

  • It is somehow quite expensive compared to the ones available in the market. If I'm not mistaken, this costs 9,500 WON. Not bad though.
  • It can't be easily bought here in the Philippines.
  • The built-in puff that comes with it. I'm not sure it may be clean always as time goes by. 

I like this sunscreen honestly. Also, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Sometimes on lazy days, I just put this on and a concealer and I am good to go. Another technique I do is I mix this with my regular BB cream and apply them on my face to provide coverage and sunblock protection at the same time.
If I'll buy this one again??? Oh yes definitely if I happen to see this again being sold somewhere. It's like having a good makeup ( like a light foundation ) and a good skin care product ( like that of a sunscreen) all in the price of one. Hurray for products like this. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Hey lovely people! How are you doing? I am here to write about  a good steal I happened to find. It was about the Rexona's and Vaseline's buy one take one sale in all leading supermarkets including the Watson's store in Ayala mall, Cebu  last April 3rd. Of course, that is already enough reason to rush to Watson's to purchase and replenish my stocks at home. Deodorant and lotion are always a girl's best friend and hubby's too. ^ ^ 

Last Sunday, I rushed to Ayala mall's Watson's to check the sale and luckily I found what I was looking for. Yeheyyyyyy! Happy dance for me. It's because I've read online that most stocks are  sold out or something so I was worried about it. Luckily, they weren't. Great chance for me. Oh yeah.


1. Vaseline's Healthy White Instant Fair Visible Fairness Lotion

It was regularly priced at P199 and now it was buy 1 and take another one more. BRAVO

At the back, it says like this. It makes the skin 4x fairer. It's fast absorbing and non-greasy.

Lotion's size: 190 ml
Price : P199,  buy 1 take 1 of course

2. Rexona for Men Motion Sense Ice Cool

This is a deodorant  Rexona Ice Cool with Motion Sense. It responds directly to movement, providing you with long lasting freshness ever.

Deo's size :50 ml
Deo's price : P82+ buy 1 take 1 again

3. Dove's Ultimate White Anti- Perspirant Deodorant

This deo helps speed up skin restoration to lighten dark underarm skin cells. It contains OMEGA 6 in 1/4 moisturizing cream.

Deo's size: 40 ml
Deo's price: P 89+ buy 1 take 1 


There is an upcoming sale this APRIL 14th. If I'm not mistaken 50% to all selected Nivea products. Hurry and go to your nearest supermarket and Watson's to get them before they run out. Happy shopping ladies! ^ ^

Friday, April 8, 2016


Hi lovely people! How is it going today? I am back to have my new review series of PRODUCT EMPTIES. Since I've been religiously using some products and really consuming them all so might as well write down a post like this -> THE LUCKY SEVEN, to keep track of the products I'm loving and the ones that I actually don't prefer buying again.. Plus, I used them all up so I don't waste anything. I guess my purchase is justified. Hahaha Who agrees with me? Raise your hands and toes please. Let's all show some support for  each other this time.

For the past 3-5  months of using these items daily, I've collected these containers that I've used up. Without any further fuss, let's dig in and discuss what these items are all about. I call them my Lucky SEVEN.


1. The Faceshop's JEJU ALOE 99% Fresh Soothing Aloe Gel
I've used this tub right here for approximately 4 months or so. I used this gel for my hands, hair, feet and any other body parts that need moisture. This really feels cool and soothing on the skin.
** You can check out my separate blog post. I've written about how flexible this aloe gel can be.

VERDICT: I will purchase this again. Actually, I already have an extra tub waiting for me just in case I run out of this in the future. That's how I love love this. 

This is a moisturizer that claims to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles because it is formulated with collagen and elastin proteins. Also, it contains natural safflower seed oil. It contains 283g / 10 oz in size. You can easily find this in any Watson's stores.

 **  I use and apply it on my face, hands  and neck to provide moisture and reduce the wrinkles or fine lines like what it claims on the label.  I've been using this for almost 6 months or so  and discontinued using this unfortunately because I don't notice any  reduction of fine lines or wrinkles. However, it only acts a good moisturizer, quite a thicker consistency but it feels fine. Nothing more than that.

VERDICT: I won't buy this anymore. I'll just consume and finish my aloe gel here at home.

FYI: I already consumed 2 tubs of this moisturizer before I discovered the aloe gel. Now I am a faithful convert of the ALOE GEL. Yey!!

3. Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Cream
This was an impulse buy for me at that time because I was really in a desperate situation in improving my eye area, not to make it dull looking and decrease the black pigment under my eyes. At first, I was disappointed because I didn't see any visible results. Good thing, I continued using this and after a month of use, I started to see good results in my eye area. My eyelids become bigger and fuller like how they used to be. Also, when I smile I don't see visible clear wrinkles anymore although there are still some left. Haha 

** You can check out my in-depth review of this product here to see the pros and cons of the item.

VERDICT: Yes, I definitely repurchase this. Thanks POND's for making me a happy girl once again.

4.  VIA Natural Ultra Care Tea Tree Oil
I found this at Watson's and was curious because of the benefits it claims to have. It helps restore overall health to hair and scalp
by soothing and nourishing dry and itchy hair and scalp. It is excellent for all textures including natural hairstyles, braids, extensions, color-treated hair. It can be used for hot oil treatment.
** Now I know the numerous uses of this oil. Only now! I just merely use this to treat dry scalp especially the dry flakes on the scalp that looks like dandruff. 

  •  Using a cotton ball, I put some oil in it and dip it in glass with  lukewarm water. I guess it's more effective that way. It really gets rid of dry flakes on the scalp and somehow treats dry scalp as well.
  • Another use of this oil is like a make up remover for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Just put a little oil on the cotton buds and clean the eye area with an waterproof makeup.  A very cheap alternative to any cleansing oil available in the market. 

VERDICT: I'll buy this again because it only costs P89-ish. Not bad for the benefits it can give us. 

5.  INNISFREE No- Sebum Mineral Powder 
This is really my holy-grail product. I kid you not. I can use this as a powder to retouch my oily T-zone. You can also use this as a primer to set the make up in place. Gladly, it minimizes the appearance of oil and greasiness on the face. This is a perfect primer to use and it can work up to 4-6 hours and your face is all set and pretty. 

VERDICT: Yes, more of this one please. Wish I could be in Korea right now because they have limited edition of this in spring vibrant colors. Chukketta. 

6. Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide Extra Vital Toner and Concentrating Emulsion
This is my first time to try authentic Missha's toner and emulsion. These two combination promises  to act as a skin softener because it has similar benefits with collagen. Gladly, it doesn't disappoint. My skin has been loving this 2 powerful combo. Instantly, my skin is happy and loves these two.

** You can check out a separate review about these 2 Missha products for an in-depth information and see how good these 2 are.

VERDICT: If I can see them online, well I'll buy them ASAP. Sadly, they're more expensive. (sad face)

7. The Faceshop's Lovely me: ex Touch My Lipliner # 1 Signature Red
I really like this lipliner because it's great to use when you're on the go. I can easily pull off a red lippie look easily. Thanks to this lipliner that I use as lippie already. Lazy me.  It comes in these 2 combo functions. The lip liner is double ended. One side is a flat lip brush, the other is the lip liner color itself. The pigmentation is also great. You guys should try this out.

(Here are the photos I included. Got these 2 from the internet.)

VERDICT: I'd buy this definitely next time I happen to swing by The Faceshop's counter again. 

There you go. Till my next empties review. Have a good weekend guys. Ciao.