Saturday, March 26, 2011

BLUE ELEPHANT with the girls

We decided to have a break from our usual evening routine. Having dinner outside was our first time together. To make a festive event, we chose to eat at  BLUE ELEPHANT in IT Park. 

Here are the foods we ate--> Steak, Crabbie Rice and Pineapple and nut rice ( I guess), Fruity Drink, Calamares, and Spicy and Sour Sour  ( my fave actually).

1) The foods looked so appetizing and tempting.

2) The strong flavors of being spicy and sour gave it good kick which made the taste awesome.
3) The interiors were fabulous with all the blue colors in the place and etc.

1) The space was just quite cramped. 

2) That's all.... :)

Lunch DATE with the Girls

This post was so 48 years ago..  I guess December of last year. We headed to SM and ate @ CAFE LAGUNA. In fairness,  their ambiance was so festive with really nice interior.

These were the foods that we ordered.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This was my decent meal after my trip last week. :( Damn..  Anyhow, thinking of going to Dong Juan always make me excited each time. So when I visited the place again, I felt so at home and comfy...:)

The bad thing was we needed to wait for the foods to be cooked. Well then, it was just the way it was. :)

We ordered their famous cheeseburgers, green salad and the irresistable shrimp pasta. (My beau and friends know I am a pasta person...:)    )...  Can't wait  for my next visit there again... ;)

Symphony of Lights and Avenue of the Stars

This spectacular multimedia display, already named the "World's Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show" by Guinness World Records, has been further expanded to include more than 40 buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

The show creates an all-round vision of coloured lights, laser beams and searchlights performing a stunning, unforgettable spectacle synchronised to music and narration that celebrates the energy, spirit and diversity of Hong Kong. 

There are five main themes — Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and the finale, Celebration. 

*Vantage Points:1. Along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront between the Avenue of Stars and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre
2. On the waterfront promenade outside the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai
3. Aboard a harbour cruise**
Enquiries:+852 2508 1234

The New World Group constructed the Tsimshatsui Waterfront Promenade in 1982. In 2003 the Group sponsored HK$40 million for the construction of the Avenue of Stars right on this promenade. The Avenue of Stars is a salute to eminent Hong Kong film workers for their devoted contribution to local and world theatres. With many visitors to Hong Kong being fans of our movies, the Avenue of Stars also serves as a tourist attraction. Upon completion of the Avenue of Stars on 27 April 2004, Dr. Cheng Yu-tung, Chairman of the New World Group, took pride to hand it over to the Hong Kong SAR Government. Henceforth, it has become public property destined for the enjoyment of visitors and all Hong Kong citizen

*** So lucky that these places were just one  bus stop away from where we stayed. Just look for the   Victoria Ferry sign on the buses and it wil bring you there.. 

The NGONG PING Experience 360

Going to Lantau Island was easy. It was just similar route going to Disney but instead of stopping @ Sunny bay station, we had to stop @ Tung Chung Station. From there, we had to ride the Cable Car to the island. The whole cable car experience was way better in Ocean park's one because it was a 25-minute ride. You could see spectacular views of rolling grasslands, panoramic vistas of North Lantau Country Park and South China Sea and Hongkong's international airport.

Plus, in the island itself, you could catch a glimpse of the mighty Tian Tan Buddha Statue, the world's largest seated outdoor bronze Buddha.

** As a Catholic myself, I witnessed how the place became a tourist destination at the same time a place of refuge for those people who believe in Buddha. They peacefully knelt down and prayed in silence while tourist like me took pictures and got amazed with the views. That for me was amazing how people tried to respect each other. Very nice experience, indeed.

VIVA Macau!!!

On our third day of stay in HK, we decided to go the infamous place like Macau. Who wouldn't know Macau, right? We went there just in time before the last trip going there at 10:00 AM. At first, we decided not to have any tour guide like just what happened in HK. But as we went out the ferry's terminal, a bunch of Filipino workers approached us to offer they would help us tour the whole place. The first offer was at $100 per head but we lowered down the price to only $60. :)

** Here are the places we've been to
Venetian Hotel
City Of Dreams
4 Seasons Hotel
Hard Rock Hotel
Stanley's Hoos' Casino and Treasures
Mocha Casino
Fascade of the Ruins of St. Pail

#Our Ferry ticket's price was 290 HKD only because of the discounted price from our landlord.. How SWEET!

- bottles of water when you enter their casinos
- snacks when you become of member of their casinos and play your free coupons
- transportation like the Hotel's buses in getting around the whole place
- free snacks and smoked meat near the Ruins of St. Paul
** FREEbies Haven, I must say .

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A night @ Sky Terrace and THe WAX MUSEUM

After our Ocean Park's delight, we went to the The Peak by merely walking.( and getting lost many times). You could also try this route. ) Head back to the bus to Admiralty to Victoria Peak
Take 12A bus to Victoria Peak and get down on the FIRST STOp and wait for the PEAK tram on the tram stop

** The TRAM was so cool! Anyhow, we proceeded to the Wax Museum. I was so amazed to see the famous people there. By the way, this is the ticket's prices and operation hours.

Adult HK$160
Child (aged between 3 - 11) HK$90
Senior (aged 65 or above) HK$90

Operation Hours
10:00am - 10pm daily (last admission: 9:45pm)

*** The Peak Tram schedule
7AM- 12 Midnight ( MOn-Sun)

*** Sky Terrace
10AM-11PM ( Mon-FRi)

** too bad we didn't any view, It wass fogging and I was freezing to death.:(

Second day madness in Ocean park

After a long tiring day roaming around Disney, I found myself really tired the next day. I couldn't get up early. That's why we went to Ocean Park quite late. However, I still managed to enjoy the surroundings. I enjoyed the animal shows though it took us some time there. That means we only rode one attraction that was their raging river. It was amazing. If given a chance i would love to try all their rides to enjoy the thrill of shouting and releasing my stress.
The highlight of the evening was their water display that looked like dancing water with amzing lights.

** By the way, Ocean Park's rides close at 6:00 in the evening so you have to be there early to avoid queues and you have to be there on the weekdays
Ocean Park's ticket: $ 250, but we got $15 discount so only $ 235 which is P 1, 327.75 ( still using the 1 HKD= P.5.65

Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Day madness at Disneyland

Just a couple of hours sleep, we headed to Disney to fulfill our childhood's fantasy. We dropped by first KFC to eat some breakfast. To my disappointment, it was sooooooooooo different for the ones we have in the Phils. There was no rice in their menus.

After eating, we rode MTR to Disney. Yahoo!!!! Upon arriving there, i couldn't believe my eyes that there were so many people already even thought it was not yet a weekend. But that didn't stop me from exploring the place and taking so many festive photos. One thing really shook my brain was their Space Mountain ride. I thought I'd die so soon. That was me in the photo hiding behind the seat. HAHAHAHAHAHA Tha

I highly recommend to go to the place early so you can really tour the place. You should also try their 4d show. It's also nice. Then the highlight of the place was their parade of the stars and at 7:00 PM, the illumination of the castle of Tinkerbell and at 8:00 PM, there was the most amazing fireworks display.
Indeed, the money I spent there was all worth it. The kid in me was truly satisfied.

Disney's entrance: $ 350 but we got $ 15 discount from our landlord :)
$335 times 5.65 = P1,892.75
How to get there: Since we were staying in Tsim Sha Tsui, we rode the MTR to Lai King and change to orange lane to Sunny bay and get off there and ride the Disney's MTR to the resort. You can't be lost because there are many MTR maps eveywhere even inside the MTR itself. :D

The LONG WAIT was over!!!

Indeed, HKG trip is my first trip overseas so I was more than excited to finally see the place first-hand. I met up with beau and the other couple and rode taxi together. In my case, I anxiously waited for our flight in the airport. While doing that, I chatted with Gayle and asked about how she was and etc. And off we went to HK. The flight was about 2 and a half hours.

When i finally stepped out of the plane, whew, their airport was way bigger than Ayala mall. Probably, 10 times bigger than that actually. It was my 1st culture shock. It was early in the morning probably around 1. I looked around the place to see how beautiful and clean it was. I stayed there until 6:oo am to wait for the information desk counter to open so we could buy an octopus card which was usual to pay for our transportation.