Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hello everyone. I have here my 8th installment of my PRODUCT EMPTIES SERIES. I basically try to do this once a month to show you what products I have loved and used up. Let's name them one by one in 3 , 2, 1 . Start


1. It's My Perfume Hand Cream in Baby Bubble

It's quite a trusted hand cream. This is in Baby Bubble variant which has a combination of floral and cool scent. It makes the hands smooth and moisturized but doesn't have a long lasting effect on the hands.

** If you want a detailed review of this product, click on the link. I reviewed this before for you.

VERDICT: It's a pretty good product. Does the job as expected.

2. Quick FX No Shine Mattifier

This is a kind of mattifier which is another name for primer. It is used to help hide imperfections  such as fine lines and dark skin pores. This is pretty reasonable and can be bought in any Watson's shops nationwide. 
** You can check out this link for an in-depth review about this effective primer.

VERDICT: Highly recommended. Try this out guys.

3. Nature Republic Collagen Dream 90 Skin Booster and Collagen Dream 70 Emulsion

These 2 powerful duo truly make wonders on the appearance of my skin. I use them daily regularly. Truthfully, my skin became clearer, smoother, moisturized and  less dull. 
** Click on the link here. I reviewed these 2 thoroughly. Check it out.

VERDICT: Winner for me. I'd totally love to purchase these 2 again. Bring me back to Korea please. ^ ^

4. Pond's Perfect Care Facial Wash

This is a facial wash that gently cleans the skin. It is enriched with vita-cleansers and pro-moisturizers that benefits our skin. 

VERDICT:  It does the job directly. No big shocking results though.

5. Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Pencil in Light Brown

This is a good eyebrow pencil that delivers the job well. It's creamy, easy to blend and the brush it comes with is also very useful. Plus, it can be bought in any leading beauty counters in the country.  Mine here is the shade light brown.

VERDICT: Yes, I'll repurchase this again.

6. Yoko's Spa Milk Salt

This is a skin lightening product, enriched with Vitamin E, pure milk and natural salt benefits. It provides nourishment to the skin with pure milk protein ad Allantoin. It removes dirt deposit and dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new radiant skin.

VERDICT: Yes, this is a good product! Highly recommend it also.

7. Nivea Creme

It product is pretty straight-forward. It is also a reliable one. Whenever our skin needs it, this moisturizer creme gives a rich and mild care. It feels like a trusted friend that we can count on and always does the job effectively.

VERDICT: I highly recommend this product. Simple but effective.

That basically concludes my quick product empties review. Feels great to share them with you guys. Hope you find this helpful.

Let's share ideas online. Take care and always be happy. ^ ^

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Food Diary in Dumaguete

Welcome to Dumaguete City everyone. It is basically the capital city of Negros Oriental. The city really attracts both local and foreign tourists because of these reasons. First, it is easily accessible from Cebu City by a fast ferry. Second,  it offers a wide variety of sightseeing spots that include dolphin / whale watching, beach resorts and dive spots. Third, it offers locally grown restaurants and food stores like the famous silvanas. 

Basically, this is what this blog entry is all about. It is my journey where I capture my food experiences as I discover the beauty of this quaint city. Let's go and enjoy my food diary. 


This has been my favorite place every time I visit the city. They offer a wide variety of foods. Their desserts and beverages are truly highly recommended too. A must visit I must say. 

Address: San Jose St. corner Rizal Avenue, facing Rizal Boulevard
Budget: P50 and up
VERDICT:  Yes, it always never fails to bring a smile on my face.

2. Harold Mansion

This is a good accommodation especially if you're on a tight budget. This is how their breakfast menu looks like. It's free and unlimited. Of course, we can't refuse this offer.

Address: 205 Hibbard Avenue, Dumague City
Budget: free breakfast if you stay there
VERDICT: Yes to Filipino breakfast! Free and Unlimited. Woohoo

3. Snack / Food station in Rizal Boulevard

It's location is really perfect. It's a combination of comfort foods like these tempura, squid balls and the like and the natural view of the sea and harbor. Perfect for viewing the sunset.

Address: Center of Rizal Boulevard
Budget: P 50 and up
VERDICT:  It's a winner!

4. Panda Ice Cream Store

This food store is totally hyped online and recommended by everybody. They are famous for their desserts and their FRIED ice cream. 

Address: Along Maria Christina Street, just a few steps away from Siliman University's side gate
Budget: P 50 and up
VERDICT: Worth the try. Quite a good place for desserts.

5. Budbod at the Public Market

** Photos gotten from the net. 
This is actually a good place to eat good foods as well as mingling with the local people. Of course, I have to try the budbod which is sticky rice with chocolate syrup mixed in it and paired with a hot real thick cocoa drink. Sounds so simple but truly hits the spot. Adding a slice of fresh mangoes saves the day too.

Address: Public Market of Dumaguete
Budget : P 20 - P 100
VERDICT: Another total winner.

6. Mel's Kitchen

This is one of the restaurants I found while searching something on the net. It's  famous  for that laid-back  place  where people can just relax  and  be  at home. They  serve  a  variety  of  foods which are reasonably  priced. A must try also  is their  BUTTER BEER.  It's totally good and milky. 

Address: 2nd Floor,UTH Bldg, Sta. Catalina near Matiao Gasul
Budget: P 50 and up
VERDICT: Yes, can't wait to be back there soon. 

7. Joe's Chicken Inato

This is the home of the famous grilled chicken inasal grilled to perfection. You can also try their famous Halo-halo served inside a coconut fruit. 

Address:  Siliman Avenue, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental
Budget: P 150 and up
VERDICT: Perfect place for that grilled chicken done the Filipino way

8. Tarbush

This is a good food place that serves Lebanese- Meditteranean foods in the city. Highly recommended is their shawarma, done the authentic way.

Address: Corner Piapi, Hibbard Avenue, Dumaguete City.
Budget: P100 and up
VERDICT : A must try.
You can click this link for more detailed information about this place. Wrote something about this before.

9. Gabby's Bistro

This is a good restaurant that serves breakfast all day literally. That's like comfort foods all day long. Plus, they also have good interiors in the restaurant making theirs diners relax and feel cozy. 

Address: Florentina Homes at Cimafranca Subdivision
Budget : P150 and up
VERDICT: Foods taste good but quite pricey

Wow. that was a total experience right there. I truly enjoyed my stay  in Dumaguete hopping from one place to another. How about you? Have you tried some places here in my list? Let's share ideas then.

Thanks for reading this entry. Hope you find it fun and interesting. 
Take care always.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

REVIEW : L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation

Hello everyone. I am pretty sure you all are very familiar with this liquid foundation. I mean they are sold everywhere in the  shopping malls and beauty counters. What I am talking  about  is  the L'Oreal's True Match liquid foundation. I have here F1 that is Rose Ivory. Let's get down to business and proceed.

What's it about?  
It's formulated with Precise Match Technology L'Oreal True Match blends superbly with uneven skintone and texture alike. It is also added with Glycerin, Vitamin B and Vitamin E for extra nourishment to our skin. It claims to have fragrance and oil free formula that makes sure not to clog our skin pores. It has a light to medium coverage and suitable to all skin types. Lastly, it is tested by dermatologists and promises to provide natural skincare.

This is how the foundation looks at the back of my hand.

With my bare face.

This is my bare face still after I put on my skincare routine like toner/ emulsion/ moisturizer and the like
While putting on the foundation on my skin

Viola. It's done. This is how I look after I spread it. It really looks  natural and my skin somehow lightens and glows.

This is how my face looks up close. Hi :)


PACKAGING: Sturdy enough and comes in a travel-friendly size
SUN PROTECTION: It has SPF 17 for that added sun protection
VARIETY OF COLORS: It has many shades available that can suit any skin tone. 
COVERAGE: It's perfect for an everyday  look. You can wear it from light to medium coverage. Not built for high coverage.
TEXTURE: It's  pretty runny that means it's easy to blend and not sticky at all.
ADDED BENEFITS: It contains certain types of vitamins good for the skin. Also it has non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic formula that makes sure to protect our skin from acne and breakouts. 
How does it feel on? It feels like it's not there. Really light and it feels like my second skin. 


COVERAGE: Not long lasting. But if you apply it with a setting powder, it lengthens the staying power somehow.
How it looks on the skin? It has quite a hint of a dewy finish which I don't mind.

My Final Thoughts 

Personally, I love this liquid foundation just because I have a combination skin type. It's perfect for that everyday natural look. Plus, it gives me that healthy natural glow effect.  Even though, it isn't long lasting enough, I just make sure I do touch ups with my Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder and I can be guaranteed to be good and shine free throughout the day. Test this one next time you happen to see it in beauty counters. I'm pretty sure you'll love as much as I do. 

Warning: I don't recommend this to oily skin type. 

That's it for today. Hope you find this helpful in any way. Let's share opinions and interact online. Thanks for reading this blog.

Have a good day guys. Take care.