Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Legend of the Blue Sea, A must watch Korean Drama

Annyeong chinggu! I am pretty sure you've heard of this famous Korean drama. Actually, I got curious because their love team is pretty new and the story is also one of a kind. After a few episodes, I got hooked (Boom!)  and all I can say it's pretty damn interesting. Before I go on, let me give you a short introduction about this. 


In the past ( August 1598) , a newly appointed governor Dam Ryun (played by Lee Min Ho) had a relationship with a mermaid named Sim Chung ( played by Gianna Jung). Their love story had a sad ending because the Dam Ryun had to give her ( the mermaid ) back to the ocean because she was dying. Actually the village people punished the mermaid because some bad people twisted truth and made some bad stories about the mermaid causing catastrophe to them. 
Fast forward to the present times, Joon Jae ( played by Lee Min Ho) is fast smooth speaker that works as a con artist that also has some magician skills. He works with Nam-Doo (Lee Hee Joon)  and Tae-O (Shin Won Ho). They swindle a wealthy woman and got a big amount of money. Then Joon Jae went on a trip abroad and stayed in a resort located in an ocean side. Meanwhile, the mermaid ( played by Gianna Jung) was swept away by the strong current under the sea due to a typhoon that occured. Coincidentally, she was brought to the resort that Joon Jae was staying and they finally met. :)

TOP 5 REASONS To Love This Korean Drama
1. New Love Team
Once again, the experiment of pairing this gorgeous pair is just superb. Both of them have already been established as good actors and I must say their chemistry is real and natural.

2. A good mermaid story with a Korean twist
If you love fairy tales especially with mermaids in them then you'll love this one even more. That story of forbidden love between a man and a mermaid is just interesting. Plus, incorporating some Korean culture and modern vibes to it make it more appealing.

3. Good choice of cast and characters
The characters really portray their roles very well. I must say, the 2 lead actors are just a perfect fit. 

4. The drama looks fab and stylish.
Since the first part of the story happened in Spain, it's a breath of fresh air to watch and  explore Spain for a bit. Plus, the  fashion of the actors are just on point. Classy. Sleek and definitely very polished.

5. The story is just fun and quirky.
A good innocent mermaid meeting a con artist? How cool is that right? The lead actor and actress basically complement each other. Plus, how their love story developed is also very realistic that is quite similar to the modern world that we have now.

TOP 5 LOVE LESSONS From the Story
1. Even if the mind forgets, the heart always remembers.

2. Destiny will always work if you exert effort to make it happen.

3.Love accidentally happens when you least expect it.

4. A love that blossoms naturally is always long-lasting.

5. Nothing is impossible if you believe.

I can go on and on raving about this drama. However,  I guess I have given enough information already for you try and check this one out. I'm sure you'll love it too.

How about you guys? Have you seen this already?
Take care everybody and let's look forward to new year ahead of us. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

FS Cosmetics Colorific Liptick in the shade Rose Bouquet

Hello beautiful friends. I am here another lipstick recommendation from one of my favorite local brands, FS Cosmetics. It's their Colorific Lipstick. I have here a good shade of pink that is perfect for everyday use. Let's just make it short and continue then.

What's it about?

SHADE: Rose Bouquet, a good shade of pink

PACKAGING: It comes in a sleek chic packaging. Nothing fancy just direct to the point. 

TEXTURE: It actually feels very creamy and smooth. Glides smoothly on the lips. It has a semi-matte finish.

PRICE: Gifted. Kindly check the leading cosmetic counters. They're easily available anyhow. :)

SMELL and TASTE: Pretty neutral.

My Personal Thoughts
Once again, I am impressed with this lipstick just like the other one I have.  Firstly, it really feels and looks expensive. Second, it stays true to color. Third, I look how my lips look after putting it on, still moisturized. Lastly, I love the formulation. I only have good words for this lipstick right here. Can't wait to visit my local make up counters and do swatches soon. I'm pretty sure I'd buy another one in other shades then update you guys. 

How about you friends? Have you tried this one already?
Hope you find this helpful. 
As always take care and enjoy the rest of the week.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Sugbo Mercado: The New Food Haven in Cebu

Hello my beautiful friends. Welcome to another food series. This time I don't only feature one food store but this time it's actually One Big Place that serves food, food and more food choices. I kid you not. If you're from Cebu, then I'm certain you've been to these locations already. Gladly, they have already established good branches that cater more people. Let me introduce you to SUGBO MERCADO.

What's it about?
From the name itself, Sugbo Mercado, it's a Cebuano-Visayan word that means ( Sugbo) CEBU (Mercado) MARKET. It's actually a good place for any start-up business ( especially aspiring food enthusiasts and business-minded people alike ) to take part in their community and sell good stuffs in one are before they actually start their own business in  the local stores and shopping malls. Plus, it's a good venue where people can just relax, eat good foods, establish good connections with friends and just hang out.

Where are they located?
First Location : Garden Bloc, IT Park
Second Location: Jogging Area, Cebu Business Park
Third Location: S R P

TOP 5 REASONS to Try Sugbo Mercado
1. One Stop Shop
It's basically a collection of everything nice, interesting and delicious at the same time. They have everything from appetizers to desserts. 

2. Convenient location

Because of their 3 branches already, you can be guaranteed that there's always one place near you. Just in case you get hungry, then it's easy to  go there in an instant.

3. Interesting food choices
Most foods they offer are somewhat new and fun. Sometimes they can only be found there actually. 

4. Affordable prices
Yes to this. This time, food tripping can  be enjoyed every time without breaking the bank.

5. Perks like live bands and music
You know the drill. Having good background music while eating is always a good idea, right? I mean it's a perfect harmony of relaxing especially after a hard day's work. 

Here are some of the food choices you can try 
Lava cake

left- Liempo Sisig with rice  / right - Nasi Goreng / center - Tropical fruit drinks

Tipsy Pops 

Tropical fruit drinks

Egg cloud




Scallops, Pad Thai and Silvannas

Pork belly

Grilled fish

That's it for now friends. See you again in my next food trip adventure.
Happy Holidays!! 


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Althea Haul (Rebates ) + Shopping Tips

Greetings! Belle here from The Adventures of Luzzie. I know I know. I just did some hauling from Althea.com because they did have some good deals. What I mean is the rebates deal. How does it work? You shop some goodies ( a maximum of 3 items only) from their website and in return, the total amount  you paid will  be given back next time you make your purchase.  The validity of the points is only good for a month. I figured why not try it and so I did. 
Let's continue then.

My Althea Haul ( 3 items to get the rebates )
1. Guerisson 9 Complex Cream

2. Skin Liar Primer

3.The Green Tea Seed Serum by Innisfree

The other regular items I had to order to get the free shipping 
1. The Raspberry Hair Vinegar

2. The Selfie Perfect Eyebrow, Light Brown

3. It's My Bong Tint, Tomorrow Red

4.No Sebum Mineral Powder by Innisfree

TIPS How to Maximize your shopping experiences on Althea Website
1.Wait for their deals and discounts. Normally they have like 10% discount, buy 2 take 1, buy 3 take 1 deals and so on and so forth.

2. Always on the look out for their REBATES deals. It's like the amount you paid will be given back in return like shopping points to use next time you make your purchase.

3. Click this link to avail of the welcome gift ( a discount code ) for new members only. 

4. You can use my discount code also LABELLEDACS to get extra discounts.

5. Lastly, for existing members already, they have a new Althea Korea app on mobile. Download the app and you can use that to purchase some items and get P 300 off the total price for every P1000 worth of purchases.  

That's it for now ladies. Enjoy shopping on Althea.

How about you guys? What have you  purchased  from them recently? Let's share ideas then. Have a Merry Blissful Christmas everyone!! Enjoy the holiday cheer and make it a memorable one.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Top Ten Reasons To Try Viking's Luxury Style Buffet

Hello to my fellow foodies here on the internet. This entry is just my updated experience dining the Viking's way. That literally means eating and drinking like there's no tomorrow. I kid you not. :) Let me count the ways how you can enjoy your dining experience there and eventually making it a memorable one. Let's start then.

TOP TEN REASONS TO Eat Like the Viking's Style
1. Carving Station
I recommend their lamb and beef cuts. The good thing about theirs is they really cook the meat cuts according to your preference whether it's rare, medium rare or well done. That way you're guaranteed that it's fresh and hot. Don't forget to try their special sauces that go with these meat. Just a perfect combo.

2. Filipino Station
Don't forget to try their lechon. That's basically everyone's favorite. Soft in the inside and crispy on the outside. Just amazing.

3. Cold Station
Fresh salad and cheese always go together. You never run out of good ingredients when you are in this station. They always new dressing, fresh ingredients and pretty international as well too.

4. Chinese Station

Their dimsum selections are just the bomb. Their hakaw, siomai, squid siomai and the rest taste very authentic and yum. Not oily at all.

5. Grilling Station
Freshly grilled seafoods always are very appetizing. I'm pretty sure nobody can resist that special aroma of freshly grilled seafoods on the table. Please try their lobster too.

6. Italian Station
Freshly baked pizza with thin crust is another winner. Not overpowering and not salty either. Their pasta dishes also always hit the spot. Comfort foods can be found in this area.

7. Japanese Station
Nobody can resist not having a good piece of sashimi, sushi, tempura, buttered fish, okonomiyaki and miso soup, right? Having these in Japanese restaurants are pretty pricey but here you can get as much as you want. Nothing gets better than that. 

8. Shabu-shabu Station
Yes, the choices are endless here. You can put and combine as many ingredients here and have your own shabu-shabu party in your table. Sipping a good flavorful soup always comforts the soul. It can be healthy too if you add some veggies to balance the meat you've been eating.

9. Unlimited drinks at the Drinks Station
If you can taste them all then why not try it. You can always go fresh by requesting the fresh fruit shake of the day. You can have a different variety by having the famous milk tea then have Milo, tea and coffee later. I have to mention they have beer too and they serve wine this Holiday season.  A sure winner already for me.

10. Desserts and more desserts
The variety once again is very overwhelming. Kids always enjoy dipping their fruits and mallows to the chocolate fountain. Their frozen yogurt, halo-halo and crepes also are a must-try. I have t include those  ( kakanin) if you fancy eating them.

**More detailed information about this place can be found here. I did a separate blog about this before. Feel free to check this link.

Some of my snapshots there. 

My Overall Thoughts
FOODS : I'm always impressed with their food choices and arrangement. They always come up with them every month and that alone is always a good reason to keep coming back. Plus, you are also guaranteed of the freshness of the foods they serve. 

TASTE : This is always consistent. It gets tastier every time I do visit and dine there. I guess it has to do with the assigned chefs in every station. A certain chef only cooks the same kind of foods for the day. Plus, I appreciate that they never sacrifice the taste of every foods even though their food choices are endless and massive.

DECORS AND INTERIORS : This time they have upgraded the game since it's the festive Christmas season. They have added new decorations and the glittery Christmas spirit is everywhere in the place.Plus, they already have a kind of kids' playground in the entrance. That's an added extra service for families and children alike.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : As expected, this is a good winner for them. 

WILL I COME BACK? Yes, if I have the chance and resources. It's always a good feeling to enjoy good quality foods. Always I'm a satisfied and happy customer.
That concludes my experience there. Hope you find this fun and helpful. If you have the chance, feel free to visit the place. You'll be in a food paradise and food comma afterwards. Just kidding.

Take care and let's stay hungry for ideas to share.