Monday, January 31, 2011

Google dethrones Nokia with Android smartphone: study AFP

A model displays a Sharp smartphone based on Google's Android operating system. Google's smartphone operating system Android has passed Nokia's Symbian and become the global smartphone market leader, market research company Canalys says.
HELSINKI (AFP) - – Google's smartphone operating system Android has passed Nokia's Symbian and become the global smartphone market leader, market research company Canalys said Monday.

In the fourth quarter of 2010, 32.9 million phones running Android were shipped compared to 31 million handsets running Symbian, according to Canalys.

Based on shipment figures, Google's percentage of the smartphone market share leapt from 8.7 percent in 2009 to 32.5 percent, while Nokia's shrank from 44 percent to 30.6 percent.

"But Nokia did retain its position as the leading global smartphone vendor, with a share of 28 percent," the Canalys report added.

Nokia's smartphone market share has been undermined over the past two years by the stellar rise of Apple's iPhone, RIM's Blackberry and phones running Android such as those produced by Samsung and HTC.

According to Canalys, Apple's market share remained around the same, at 16 percent at the end of 2010, while RIM came in fourth place with 14.4 percent and Microsoft brought up the rear with 3.1 percent.

The smartphone market itself grew by nearly 89 percent in 2010, with 101.2 million handsets sold, said Canalys.

"2010 has been a fantastic year for the smart phone market... but vendors cannot afford to be complacent," said Canalys vice president and principal analyst Chris Jones.

"2011 is set to be a highly competitive year with vendors looking to use new technology, such as dual-core processors, NFC and 3D displays, to differentiate their products and maintain value," he added, referring to near field communication payment systems.

RED BOWL EXPRESS! and McDo for desserts

It was a laid-back Sunday yesterday. After hearing mass with beau, we thought of having lunch together. Since I didn't have the luxury of time so we just decided to  eat at  Red Bowl Express which is just across from McDonald's Rubber Basak Pardo. If my memory serves me right , I've eaten there quite several times already.  At that time, I was thinking of ordering something new to somewhat excite my taste buds. :D As a result, we ordered, sizzling sisig,  adobong kangkong and rice of course ( staple food). The foods were not that bad and I didn't really have an awesome dining experience. :D

Meanwhile, we decided to go Mcdo for our desserts. I had Oreo Hot Fudge and Strawberry McFlurry! Sweet and Satisfying, indeed! ;)

Sunday, January 30, 2011


The first time I laid eyes on this store in SM already made me fascinated to death. I mean it is so amazing with all the mixed of flavors, colors and everything in between. I guess that was like 2 weeks ago, when I had the chance to finally taste and witness how it was made. It was like magic. The moment the ice crystals were shaped into a  ball, then it became so pretty with its white hue. ~ Just fantastic~! I chose 3 flavors for the ice-- blueberry, bubble gum and strawberry, their best seller! With its price, I must say it is worth it and a must try!



For the past 2 days, I've been working for 8 hours.. huhuhu.. Have to be ready for drought and famine that will soon happen as the days go by.. hihihi ..KKKK
On the serious note, I thought being busy on the weekend is one way to be productive! I felt time wasted is money wasted.. That's the reason why.. Well, being productive is not that bad after all.:)
This is one side of me.. that is being a busy bee..:D

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cats and Dogs!!!!!!!!!!!

My day started with wet clothes and shoes!! Eeeeww! Darn!!  s-i-g-h-!
I guess my choice of clothes and accessories didn't help me to cheer up just even a bit.. :(
The rain kept pouring the whole morning! Oh, Mr. Sun, please let me see your brightness to brighten my day!
Well, another example of wishful thinking! 
Anyhow, tomorrow is Friday and that means it'll be my Flyday hopefully! Fingers crossed!

hope you have a good night then! x-o-x-o~ !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Finally our accommodation is booked for us.. Yepey! That only means one thing---> THIS IS IT!! I have mixed emotions just imagining about that because it is my first trip abroad. What will happen? How does it feel to be a foreigner?  How much money will I have to spend? Will I be broke? What's it like to have a foreign currency? etc...

Well, there will always be a first time for me and to my companions. :) :) :)
Anyhow, it is Wednesday today! As always, the weather is so unpredictable.. Darn.. Grrr grrr..

Still looking forward to weekend.. A bright weekend hopefully.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Firstly, I wasn't late for class this morning! Yay!! Felt lazy for the whole day though! Maybe because it was the first day of the week. But as they say MIND OVER MATTER.. Well, I guess it worked after taking a nap for 2 hours in the afternoon.. w-0-w-w-w-w!

(Still dreaming of the weekend festivity...s-i-g-h!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


After searching the streets of Colon to find good stuffs, we ended up eating at Orange Brutus to satisfy our tired souls. In fact, the ube shake just made my day complete. It's the best ever! Plus, it was paired with their cheezy burger. After, burp, burp, burp! Ooppss. Sorry guys! :)

Last puff, their chocolate monster cake was fantastic! You should try it for yourself. Two thumbs up!


Actually, this is my first attempt to start my own blog and truly express what I feel as a person..
So, for today, I spent my day with my jagiya.We spent the day hearing mass together, eating out at Cafe Ellisa and doing retail therapy.I must say it was a blast, indeed!

FOR the FIRST time-- I ate at Cafe Ellisa which served Italian type of dishes in reasonable prices. Next, we went to Colon street to search for Trench coat for our upcoming trip in HK.( Fingers crossed about that!) Lastly, I was able to buy a dress which he actually chose. WINK!