Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Welcome back to my blog. Here, I bring back my product empties series. Can you believe it?  I am already on my 9th installment. It just means time passes by more quickly than the usual. Let's continue then and start counting from 1 to 7. Friends, I now present my My Lucky Seven Product Empties.

PRODUCT EMPTIES # 9 - My Lucky Seven Products
1. Celeteque Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo is intended to be used once a week. It helps remove residue build up from shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products which makes hair look unhealthy, dull and difficult to manage or style. After using this, then you go back to your favorite shampoo and conditioner routine and you will see it will work even better for you.

VERDICT: Absolutely, I love how my hair feels after using this. The hair looks healthier, cleaner and fresher. Totally a good product to use . Highly recommend this.

2. Heal Hand Cream

This is a hand cream that you can buy from any Watson's store. It's basically meant to heal your dry hands and it contains jojoba oil making our skin soft, moisturized and gentle.
I did review this before. You can check out the link for a detailed description about this hand cream.

VERDICT: A good steal for me. Totally exceeded my expectations. A must try for everyone.

3. Tony Moly Sunblock

It's a sunblock that has SPF 50+ PA +++  and 40% moisture base with strong protection. It also contains aloe vera and water lily extract that soothes and cools down irritated skin. A good thing about this is it has a built-in puff for easy application.
More information about this product here. I reviewed this before.

VERDICT: Another winner for me. If you happen to see this, then please try. It's really an effective sunblock. I also use this as a tinted moisturizer like a very light foundation. You're guaranteed that you are already putting a sunscreen and light foundation all in one product.

4. The Faceshop Soothing Aloe Gel 
It is basically one of my holy grail products. It is formulated with 99% aloe leaf extracts from Jeju island. You can use this as a moisturizer, facial pack,  hand cream and the list goes on. 
Check this link for further details about this aloe gel.

VERDICT: At first I liked it but now I prefer the Nature Republic's version for this. That one was thicker and has a better consistency.

5. Nivea Anti-Perspirant Extra Whitening

It's a really good deodorant. It is meant to tighten pores and smoothen skin. The product comes with skin nutrients and vitamins. 

VERDICT: I truly like this. It just never fails.

6. Tony Moly Circle Lenses Mascara in Delight

It's one of the circle lenses series from Tony Moly. It is meant to put volume to your lashes and make them appear thicker and with body. Plus, it's waterproof so it doesn't smudge. It's also pretty long-lasting.

VERDICT: A good find and a reliable product as well. I wore this when I was on a trip. It didn't fail me at all. The only downside to this is when you take it off. It really needs patience and a good eye makeup remover. 

7. Human Nature Aloe Conditioner

It's their natural hair conditioner with soothing aloe ingredients. I intend to use this for my brittle hair due to the constant hair coloring. It's time we take care of our crowning glory, right?

VERDICT: A good product that is locally made. I love how nourishing it is. Even my husband loves this too. 

Wow, that's basically it. My 9th installment for my product empties is now completed. How about you guys? Do you also keep track of your empties every month? Let's share ideas online.

Always be happy and put your best foot forward. 

--- Belle

Monday, November 28, 2016

My Lazada Experience + Haul

Raise your hands if you also love sales, discounts and promos? Yes, yes and more yes! Recently, Lazada PH launched their nationwide sale online and I was pretty surprised how cheap and varied the products they carry. Just amazing. Of course, after I finished classes, then I proceeded to check some items that somehow had some good deals and were pretty reasonable and just like that. Boom, I already clicked the check out button and did some shopping online. Fast and easy.  ^ ^ 

Anyhow, I'll enumerate first the 5 reasons why I enjoyed my Lazada experience and then after I will then share my haul. Keep reading.

5 Reasons Why I enjoyed my Lazada Experience
1. Convenience of Shopping at Home
There's nothing more satisfying than doing things right in front of your fingertips and that also includes shopping.  You just click on the items  you like, read some reviews about them and you can make a choice if you put them on your cart or wishlist. 

2. Sales, Perks and Discounts
Frequently Lazada also offers  good bargain deals. If you can get something with discount, then why not grab it while it lasts. There's always joy and happiness when you buy something that you really like and steal it with a much cheaper price. 

3. COD payment method
This is always the best advantage  in my opinion. It always gives me this sense of security that I only pay what is delivered to me. No hassle and no pressure at all. Checking the product first before handing in my payment is always a good combination. 

4. Cheap and competitive prices
Buying something online is much cheaper compared to buying them in shopping malls. Just in my opinion. So join the hype. Let's shop online and enjoy good deals.

( TIP: First, I check the items in my local shopping malls then after I compare the prices online. That's to guarantee if the product is good enough and to make sure if I clearly like it or not. )

5. They carry a wide variety of products.
Big thumbs up to this. Hard to find products always are made easy and fast when you shop online. You can easily find what you like in just a one second only by pressing the enter button. How cool! In addition, the site offers almost everything from kids to adults, from girls to boy and a lot more. 

My Lazada HAUL
1. Maybelline New York Face Studio V-Face Contouring Stick in Dark

It's a stick that has 2 end points. On one end, it has the contouring stick and the highlighter one on the other. Basically, it's easy to apply and glides smoothly on the face. It promises 10% slimmer v-face. It's also suitable for all face types.

2. Pond's Gold Radiance Youthful Glow Day Cream 

It recaptures the radiance of your youth with this luxurious day cream, infused with real gold micro particles. It's clinically proven to improve skin's dullness and reveal our skin's youthful radiance. It provides SPF 15 PA++ to protect our skin against harmful UV rays. The skin feels revitalized and glowing with regular use.

3. Gap Established 1969 Inspire Eau de Toilette For Men 100ml

Personal description: It has a refreshing scent that lingers. It smells like you just come out from the shower and a slight hint of cool scent to it also. It's perfect for everyday use.

4. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue

Personal description:  It has strong floral and sweet scent. It is ideal to use in the evening. But, you can use it for everyday use also if you want that extra kick of mood lifter in your day.  This scent describes a strong and empowered woman. 

5. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Nectarine Blossom Eau de Toilette 

Personal description: This one has this tropical and summer vibes to it. The scent is a combination of sweet, fruit-y and fresh at that same time. It's perfect for everyday use and the scent lingers for 6 hours and more.

That's about it for me now. I clearly enjoyed my online shopping on Lazada PH. I'm one happy shopper here. How about you? Have you bought anything from them last Nov 11th sale? Let's share ideas then.
Take care guys and always stay happy. Keep moving forward.


Friday, November 25, 2016

Seoul, South Korea in 24 HOURS

Annyeong haseyo beautiful people! Greetings from the land of Korean dramas and popular cosmetics and skincare, Seoul, South Korea.  I've been asked this question recently. What to do on a free day in Seoul, South Korea? I've asked my best buds and here I've compiled their answers and suggestions. If you have an extra time to spare in South Korea, might as well try and explore this beautiful city. Let's do everything in  just one day. ^ ^

A SIMPLE GUIDE : Korea in 24 Hours

1.) Go to Insadong
 Insadong is a good place for history and fashion. It's a good place to buy for cheap souvenirs and you also enjoy and feast your eyes on a good retail therapy. 


  • Eat street foods
  • Visit the Shin Old Tea House
  • Visit Ssamzie-gil Market
  • Try going to Alive Trick Eye Museum

2. Explore Chakdeokgung Palace
It's absolutely a wide place where you can see history at its finest.It has a large park and is built by the Kings in the Joseon dynasty and is considered as one of the FIVE GRAND PALACES. Don't have to worry about it. It's located in the heart of the city itself.

3. Enjoy a festive meal at Tosokchon. 
This is a good place to go after doing sightseeing for the whole morning. Our bodies get tired and so as our precious feet. What a good way to relax in the restaurant as we eat their famous samgyetang ( chicken ginseng soup) which is known as a super food that will replenish the lost energy.  Sounds like a winner already, right?

4. Go to Gwangjang market 
It's the best place to go where local Koreans dine and go. It's the oldest traditional market with over 100 years of history. 


  • You can try and eat exotic foods like the raw beef and young and raw live octopus. It will be an experience. ^ ^
  • This food place has hundreds of food stalls located everywhere. 
  • If you like to, you can cross the street and see the famous Cheonggyecheon Stream. It's an man-made stream right in the middle of the city.

5. Go to Han river and catch the sunset
I'm pretty sure you all know Han River already. It has been featured in many Korean dramas already. Actually there are so many good activities to do there like biking, camping, skateboarding and the list goes on and on. It's just a perfect spot to relax and rest like a local.

7. Take the cruise around Han River

Since you're in the vicinity, why not take a river cruise. That will be a perfect way to summarize everything. It's a good activity to enjoy Seoul at night as you look around the different colors of the bridges. Absolutely, a must try if you come to Seoul.

8.Go to Myeondgong for shopping, eating and sightseeing
For some late shopping, then Myeongdong is the place to be. This place is good for some shopping for souvenirs and cosmetics as well. No need to worry if you get hungry because there are also many street foods available in the area. In that case, your shopping need is satisfied so is your hungry belly. A win-win solution I must say.

Just in case you're interested, I've compiled here my links about the suggested places I mentioned above. These links contain my precious memories and experiences there as well. Enjoy. Hope you find them helpful.
*Let's stay hungry for more travel adventures.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

LOVE LESSONS from the Korean Drama : On the Way to the Airport

Hello guys! Are you also a fan of Korean dramas just like me? Have you heard of this one, On the way to the Airport? It just finished recently and oh boy, that story was really heartfelt. It's just pretty straight-forward and handles the story of marriage and divorce very carefully. I like how their love story unfolds from their existing relationships to the new kind of love they feel for each other. It's just done in a respectful way without being irresponsible and letting time do its thing.  

**I've researched online about the plot. Here it goes. 
Choi Soo A ( Kim Ha-Neul) works as a flight attendant in an airline company. She's been working there for 12 years already. At the same time, she's also married to pilot and they both have a 12-year-old daughter.  All these years, Soo A thinks she's very satisfied and happy with her life and family. Then she meets Seo Doo Woo ( Lee Sang Yoon). From then on, her life completely changed.  Anyhow, Seo Doo Woo works as a part-time instructor teaching Architecture. He is also married  and has a daughter. But a shocking revelation happened  later in the story and he became confused and Choi Soo A perfectly comes in his life. 

My Love Lessons 
1. Marriage is a life-long commitment.
Yes, it may sound like a cliche but so damn true. It's always that everyday choice to stay loyal and honest to you partner forever. 

2. Falling in love is easy but staying in love should be an everyday effort.
Oh, it's so easy to say but really hard to do. Once again, consistency is the key here. It doesn't need to require money or an extra mile just to do it. For example, writing down love notes and sweet messages, doing something for your partner, dating each other once in a while. I'm pretty sure you all have other ideas much better than the ones mentioned here. The key is just regular effort and that choice to keep the love burning every single day. :)

3. Trust and constant communication are essential major factors to make the relationship work.
These 2 combination truly make the relationship easy and light to manage. As long as you both maintain that mutual trust and  have means to communicate with each other regularly, then you're good to go and do your individual tasks separately, go out with friends occasionally but still have that relationship between you and your partner.

4. The right timing to be in a relationship can happen anytime.

Wow, this may sound strange for some this kind of feeling is absolutely fantastic. Letting nature and timing do its magic for 2 people who are destined to be together. At least, there is no pressure whatsoever. If the relationship works out, then it's good but if it doesn't, then maybe it's not bound to happen. Sometimes going against the tide is hard and challenging. Que sera sera.

5. To be in love is a good feeling but to have both  feelings  ( to love and be loved)  is even better.
As they say, love is always like dancing  tango. It always needs 2 people who are willing to listen to the music, try to sense that balance and rhythm as they dance together.  That way is a good method to make the relationship last longer.

For all the ladies and gents out there who are in a relationship and are in love at the same time, be grateful and make it work. Why? Not everyone in this world can experience that state of happiness and satisfaction that you're experiencing now. Let's all stay in love and at the same time love life as well. 

Take care guys and spread the word of love to people.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lip Care: Show some TLC to your Lips

We always take care of our skin and body as a whole. Sometimes we tend to forget trivial things like this body part, our lips. Oftentimes, there are tons of skincare products that we are so excited to try and test but not so many people choose something for the lips. Why? I have no idea but one thing's for sure. It's high time we show some tender loving care to our lips.  Let me count the ways.

A good lip balm with a bit or reddish tint and has a glossy finish

This rich lip balm leaves our lips smooth and moisturized 

This lip balm that has an added SPF 15 for that extra protection


# 1 Drink as much water as possible.
 You can also bring a water bottle with you anywhere you go. This is to hydrate your skin and lips as well. Hydration is the key my friends.

# 2 Apply lip balm everyday  especially when you feel like it is needed. 
It avoids the appearance of chapped / cracked lips but also it provides an added protective layer on the surface of your lips to maintain a certain kind of dampness.

# 3 Exfoliate if necessary.
This is really important. Not only exfoliation will get rid of the old skin cells on the lips but also it will make our lips softer and smoother.

# 4 Avoid biting or licking.
These 2 actions are absolutely bad habits. Biting our lips cause the lips to appear darker over time. Also, licking the lips with saliva many times will make them drier instead.

# 5 Don't use cheap and fake cosmetics.
Cheap lipsticks will make your lips look dull and darker gradually. Plus, the harmful ingredients in that lip product also endanger your health as well. 

# 6 Make it a point to apply lip balm first before putting on a lipstick.
This makes sure that our lips are fully prepared and moisturized before applying the actual lipstick. Plus, having a lip balm first makes any matte lipstick looking smooth and pretty.

#7 Check your SPF
Our lips also get burned and get sensitive at times. Having a lip balm with a good SPF is the key. That's what you call double protection all in one product.

#8 Don't wear matte lipstick everyday.
Yes, you can always alternate your matte lipstick and moisturizing /glossy finish every other day. Matte lipstick truly makes our lips drier even more especially if you're inside a workplace that is air-conditioned. 

I guess that's it for now. Hope you learn something from this. Don't forget to show some special attention to your lips and take care of them as well.
Take care my friends and always be happy.