Tuesday, July 30, 2019

REVIEW: Tea Tree Fresh Calming Toner by Secret Key

Hello guys! It's already the last week of July. Can't believe it's August soon. So fast! Well, I am back with another review. This time it's a toner from Secret Key. Let's keep this going then.

What does it claim to do? 
This product is suitable for soothing and calming oily, combination and acne-prone skin types. It's a lightweight watery substance that's infused with green tea, tea tree and aloe extracts to provide a refreshing moisture and hydration to the skin while calming existing blemishes.

Key Ingredients  
* Floral Extracts - to ensure additional moisture and makes the skin ready to take on the next skincare step
* Lemon and alcohol combination - act like an astringent to cleanse and purify the pores to prevent future breakouts

SIZE: It's 248 ml
PRICE: It costs around P 250 online.
SCENT: It literally smells like tea tree which I don't mind at all.
TEXTURE: Has this runny and watery texture.
FEEL ON THE SKIN: It feels very lightweight and because of that it's easily absorbed by the skin.

My Personal Photos     

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My Overall Thoughts / Experiences   

  • Mainly, it's my hubby's toner. As for me, he likes it a lot especially when he's breaking out. He added this toner calms down his skin and makes the troubled part less swollen and less red.
  • Since I have combination skin type, I mainly use this on my T-zone. It works better that way.
  • Since this toner contains alcohol in it, I suggest to use this for only 2-3 times a week or only focusing on the troubled skin parts to be safe since alcohol tends to be drying on the skin when used regularly.
  • As for my hubby's observations, this toner makes his skin less oily. He also likes how refreshing this feels on the skin too.
  • This toner stays true to what it claims to do. Good thing we're both quite tolerant to having alcohol in our skincare products. We didn't experience any bad reactions / effects from using it.
  • Overall, it's  pretty decent toner to use to begin with. For its price point and size, it's still worth the try but with caution still because of the alcohol ingredient in it.
  • One note though. I feel like people with dry skin might dislike this.
  • Will I repurchase this? Not anytime soon I guess since I still have other toners to use and empty. 

That's it for me today. Thanks for dropping by blog. Hope you all have a good day. Take care and continue to dream big. Le'ts go.
--- Belle

Monday, July 15, 2019

REVIEW : Dove's Original Nourished and Smooth Anti-Perspirant Roll On

Hello everyone! I got lucky to be chosen as one of the reviewers of this famous and essential skincare products for our underarm skin. Let's keep it short and go straight to the product review.

What is it about?
It gives your 48H  protection and contains a unique 1 1/4 moisturizing cream  for a nourished, moisturized and dry underarms.

Main Functions
  • Sweat and Odor Protection
  • Improvement of Underarm Skin Condition
  • Efficacy on Reducing Underarm Skin Irritations

My Personal Photos  

My Overall Thoughts / Experiences
  • To be honest, I wasn't very certain how this review will flow. I'll just focus on what it claims to do, its effects and basically that's it.
  • SCENT - It has this mild powdery smell. Not overpowering at all in my opinion.
  • PACKAGING - Very straightforward. Also, I like that it's travel-friendly. The round shape of its cover is good enough for that easy grip.
  • EFFECTS - I've used this for a good amount of 2 weeks. I've noticed my underarm skin condition has gotten smoother. It also looks better overall.
  • THE BEST THING of this is that it helps me feeling fresh all day. Something very reliable to use for my everyday needs.
  • ? JUST be careful though since it's on the liquid form. It somehow takes a few minutes to make it fully dry on the skin.
  • Overall, this is a very decent product for my underarms. It does what it is supposed to do. I'll prolly repurchase this once it goes on sale perhaps.

Thanks for sending this @tryandreview . This is definitely a good essential I'll use as I go on with my daily tasks and errands. That's it for me today. Thanks for taking your time to read this blog entry. Take care guys! Have a good week ahead.
--- Belle

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

REVIEW : Green Tangerine Vitamin C Tone Up Cream by Goodal Official

Hello summer! I have a good summer essential that you'll surely love and enjoy. This is basically an accidental discovery while browsing Style Korean website. The name of the product is Green Tangerine Vitamin C Tone Up Cream. It sounds totally new and interesting at the same, right? Let's keep it going then.

What does it claim to do?  
It's a tone up cream that promotes the treatment of blemishes on the skin. It also contains SPF 50+ PA ++++ to block UV rays from darkening the skin. It's designed mainly to work as a good makeup base while treating and healing dark spots.

Key Ingredient  
Green tangerine extracts

My Personal Photos

My Quick Impressions / Experiences / Thoughts  
  • This has a lighter consistency compared to the 1st tone up cream I've used. I'll put the link HERE. The name is whitening milky soft cream by Onsaemeein.
  • At first, it has this sticky paste texture but once blended into the skin, it feels very light and non sticky anymore.
  • I like that it's a multi-purpose product. It can be a sunscreen + tone up cream + instant skin brightener + treats blemishes too
  • It also layers well under makeup. I feel like it helps my makeup to sit and stay in place too.
  • I also tried putting a little of this over my makeup and it didn't disturb it all. I especially put this under my eyes because panda eyes.
  • Overall, this product sounds like a winner for me already. 
*** You can check out STYLE KOREAN WEBSITE HERE . For every review with a photo you do on the site, you'll receive $1 back that you can use in your future purchase. That means this product will only cost you $0.99. That's a good steal already, right? What do you think? Anyhow, thanks for reading this post. Happy shopping! Spend your money wisely. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Review: Recellme Global Nature A-Free Mask

Hola friends! I am back with another  sheet mask review. This is gifted from the brand so this post is dedicated to them as a sign of my appreciation for the brand. Let's keep it short and simple then.

What does it claim to do?       
It's an affordable luxury that our skin deserves. We'll experience a whole level of softness and moisture that will leave our skin bright and radiant. It's also designed to address 2 main benefits namely soothing and moisturizing.

Key Ingredients
*Tea tree extracts
*Aloe leaf juice
*Sodium hyaluronate

My Personal Photos

My Overall Thoughts / Experiences

  • EFFECTS - Instantly, skin looks and feels refreshed, revitalized and glowing. 
  • SCENT - You can definitely smell hints of tea tree from the essence / mask.
  • FIT - It's pretty decent but not the best in my opinion.
  • TEXTURE - It has this tacky feel to it but I don't mind it at all since most masks are like that anyway.
  • About the brightening effect, I feel like it isn't very noticeable somehow.
  • Overall, this mask gives me this pleasant experience. It somehow delivers what it is supposed to do. I feel like this mask is good to use at night since it gives you this relaxing sensation as you prepare to sleep. Also, for its price point which is P50.00, I am quite satisfied with what it gives to my skin. That added boost of hydration is always an added bonus.
FYI : I've read the instructions at the back of this mask that you can use this warmly. Something new to try soon. We'll see.

Thanks Recell Me Global for sending these masks. Always a good time to try and use some new masks anytime anywhere. Thank you.

 Always take care guys. Be healthy and stay happy.