Friday, May 31, 2019

REVIEW : Sebum Out Oil Control Mist

Hello everyone! As you already know, I live in this tropical country that is always hot and humid all year round. Today, I have here a good product that you're surely love and enjoy using to make our skin shine free. I am talking about The Sebum Out Oil Control Mist by W. Lab Global. Let's continue then.

What is it about?
This is a sebum controlling mist that contains solid particles that absorb excess oil and sebum on the skin. It also contains tea tree water that fights against pimples.

Scent : Smells like wet grasses in my opinion. Literally the tea tree smell is out there.

Size : It has 50 ml.

Packaging : It comes in this usual spray bottle type.

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How do I use it?
  • First, I use it as a regular mist, probably 1-2 pumps is enough per use.
  • Second,  I mix this with my toner to double the effect of hydration.
  • Third, I use this to wet my sponge for my makeup application.

My Final Verdict
Basically, it's a pretty decent product. It does the job as expected. It also helps me feel refreshed and cool down especially on a hot day. Next, it keeps oil at bay for about 4-5 hours. Most importantly, it doesn't disturb my makeup. Overall, since I've misting these days then this is definitely a keeper. I can easily use this anytime anywhere to hydrate myself and make myself shine and oil free at the same time too. A good combination for the win.

That's it for me. As always, take care and always stay inspired in everything that you do.
--- Belle

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

REVIEW : Benton Cosmetics Aloe Hyaluron Cream

Your girl always welcome the idea of having a new cream. Why? It's because it's that one product that I use twice a day religiously in my skincare routine. Having this new cream is definitely a welcome addition in my collection. Anyhow, let's get to know this new product then.

What is it about?
It contains 40% of aloe vera leaf  which is rich in polysaccharides and 7-Hyaluronic acid which hydrates and nourishes your tired skin step by step. It is also a white cream with a light moist texture which can be used AT THE LAST STEP of your skin care routine. This cream smoothly forms a moisture barrier which allows a smooth finish leaving your skin very soft and supple to touch. In addition, it's free of artificial fragrance, coloring, volatile alcohol, PEGS and other bad ingredients to the skin.

Key Ingredients
*** Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder + 40% of Aloe Vera Leaf Juice = allow an extra hydration sensation to help soothe and protect the skin
*** 7-Hyaluronic acid revitalizes all skin types

Size: It has 50g. Very travel-friendly indeed

Packaging: It has this minimalist packaging. Nothing fancy and very straightforward.

Scent: It has this silicone / plastic smell which I really dislike. Good thing it fades away after a few seconds.

Texture and Consistency: It appears like a white cream at first and transforms into this white cloud and gives this thin white cast. It literally takes time and patience  before it'll be fully absorbed into the skin.

Effects: It makes the skin soft, supple and nourished.

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  • It may be thick at first but once its absorbed, it doesn't feel sticky anymore.
  • The appearance and texture of the skin looks better and healthier. Like sleeping for a good amount of 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • This is a perfect product if you want a minimized skincare routine.
  • Saves some bucks since it functions like a cream and a serum in just one product.
  • Definitely does what it claims to do. It's very moisturizing.
  • Has this good and natural ingredients. Only the good stuffs for the skin.
  • Makes the pores less visible and has this slightly brightening effect.

  • For people living in the tropical climate, this is very tricky to use. A tiny amount is needed to cover the whole face  or else it will take forever to blend and make it work.
  • Don't use this if you're sweating because it has a tendency to be messy and get heavier in consistency.
  • I was literally bathed in sweat when I used in normal room temperature. I had to run inside my bedroom, turned on the AC just to make myself comfortable.

My Final Verdict
Personally my hands and emotions tell me this product isn't the one for me but my skin actually needs it. I don't see myself using this everyday and only when my skin feels dry and very dehydrated. Actually it's a good product for evening skincare routine and that works perfectly in my opinion. One more, I feel like this cream will work better when the weather gets a lil cooler and less humid. Ok, I'll just put it this way. I need it but I don't really love it. 

TIPS: This works better like an after sun cream since it provides moisture and cools down the skin. Also, it works best on the dehydrated parts of my skin like my feet, elbows and knees.

*** Benton has provided this product for review purposes. You can check out this product HERE. Once again, I'm extremely happy to be chosen as one of the reviewers. Also, thanks for taking your time to read this blog entry. Have a good day.