Thursday, November 10, 2011

Costa De Letecia

Costa de Leticia Resort and Spa is located on the Southern part of Cebu, it is roughly a two and a half hour drive along the seaside from Mactan Airport Costa de Leticia provides a scenic view of the beach while you relax in a 10 x 20m infinity pool. The resort offers satisfaction, and relaxation for tourists, honeymooners and vacationers.

Among the activities available at Costa de Leticia Resort and Spa are swimming, hiking, snorkeling, diving, dolphin watching, boating and waterfall touring.


 Room type
 No. of Rooms
Additional P600 in excess of maximum allowed person/room

It was a well-thought trip for our gang. We agreed to meet at 5:00 in the morning @ South Bus Terminal. Luckily, we had the first trip @ 6AM instead of of its original sched at 7AM... THAT'S A TIP!! BE EARLIER THAN EVERYBODY. AS THEY SAY THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE EARLY WORM. hahaha.

Anyhow, we rode the CERES bus going to Bato via Barili. The whole ride was about 3 hours shorter than expected. When we arrived there, I was awed by how wonderful the place was. Everything seemed to be perfect-- the reception area, infinity pool, the sea of course, and everything in between. That place was perfect escape from my busy schedule as a teacher.. Darn.

Added bonus was there were only few guests of the place because of its distance. ahaha. Glad to feel like a resort owner for a short time.. ^ ___ ^ Anyway, we stayed in a family room because were 6 people all in all. The room was spacious enough for us. I was totally satisfied with the place especially with the warm welcome shown by the staff there. I'd surely be back there some time in the future.

Here are the positive comments I have about the resort.
* The resort is neat, organized, sosyal ( for the elite ^ __ ^) and the landscape was creatively designed.
* The staff and all the people there are kind and approachable. 
* The place has WIFI connections, infinity pool, jacuzzi, restaurant and etc.
* Service done was quite good and the money you pay is truly worth it. :)

BUT----> here are some things you also need to know about them
* The foods in their resto is quite pricy.
* The WIFI connections didn't reach our room so you had to stay at the lobby to have FB, Twitter, and skype...

TIPS-- You can try walking towards Alegria's town market and you can pass by some resto to dine there. It only takes 5-10 minutes on foot.
More information about the place--->

Next time you head SOUTH, visit Costa de Letecia. You won't miss it because it just along the main road. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mandarin Tea Garden - SM Cebu

I first heard this resto from beau knowing that this is quite famous in Mindanao and the price also is very competitive. So when I tried dining there for the first time, he was right. (MONEY matters) 

My VIEWS about this PLACE
Good comments
1. The place is quite spacious unlike other restaurants in which you have to queue first before eating. :)
2. The waiter and staff are somewhat warm and quick in spotting people ( hungry ones to be exact ) who just entered the place.
3. The smell of the food also reminds me of authentic Dimsum. No joke that is.
4. Most importantly, the prices are really reasonable.  For example, you only have to  pay P250-350 that is already good for too. Plus, you'd leave the place bloated already. ahahahaha

Bad comment :(
1. Foods tasted greasy which is actually a trademark of Dimsum cuisine.

Here are the pics of some foods I've captured whenever I visit there. ENJOY!! 
 A mix of chicken soup, hakao, Chinese tea in white pot :) ,  fried rice,  sweet n sour fish,  century egg the one in black, and my fave boiled scallops and Sago.:) Happy tummy indeed!

JOED's Lutong hapon

One of  my hobbies is to browse blogs and choose nice and good foods that are not found in malls. ^ __ ^
Then commonly, many of them always mention about JOED's Lutong Hapon. Of course, off I went to this place with the help of their facebook page.
  location. -->

G/F Enmore Residence Hall
257-A Don Jose Avila St.,Capitol Site, Cebu City, ( beside MAIN ENTRANCE OF SACRED HEART GIIRLS HIGHl-SCHOOL Hijas de Jesus....)

MY BEST DESCRIPTION OF THIS PLACE-- Authentic Japanese foods served the Filipino way that's also suited to the  Filipino's wallet size.  ^ __ ^ hahahaha

More information about the place


*** You can also visit their website    to broswe their menu and take a look at the photos of the sumptuous foods. :)  

Monday, November 7, 2011

The INFAMOUS Warm Brownie Cup @ La Merea

Warm Brownie Cup with Vanilla Ice Cream is one of comfort foods ever created by mankind. Sorry for that exaggeration..   I am pretty sure that I'm not alone in this kind of sentiment, right? ^ ___ ^
 When I think of I.T. Park and Paseo Banawa, one food always pop in mah mind.... WARM BROWNIE CUP!!

REASONS to EAT this:
1.) It will automatically lighten your mood. ^ ___ ^
2.) If you're feeling sad, then this food is the cure for that. ^ ___ ^
3. This food will give you happiness and peace of mind. ^ ____ ^

Trust me. If it worked well for me then it would have the same effect on you as well. Grab your own warm brownie cup and experience BLISS!

JUST INN - Dalaguete, Cebu

It was a loooong weekend at that time because of the holidays on MONDAY and TUESDAY. As expected, all resorts were somewhat full and occupied. While browsing on the net, I came across a reasonable place to stay, JUST INN. To my surprise, it was cheaper than I expected that is P600/ night with airconditioned room already. How cool is that!!
Just Inn is a small, private cottage style resort located in the lovely town of Dalaguete, Cebu in the Philippines. If you are seeking a unique, authentic experience, you should consider visiting us and staying in one of our cottages. We have six of them within a gated community. Our resort also includes a well-maintained poll and a restaurant that serves the best in local cuisine.

** How to get there from the city
---> Ride a bus to Dalaguete and get off to their Poblacion specifically their Cemetery and you can ride some PEDICAB going to the place,Just Inn.

GOOD THINGS about the place
1. As I already mentioned, the rates of this place is way so cheap.
2. The place gave a Filipino ambiance that is the traditional scene like living in a BAHAY KUBO.
3. The menu and their price was also reasonable and foods were delectably good. YUMMY

BAD THINGS about the place
1. The room seemed to have insects and mosquitoes inside the room.
2. The floor also was kind of old so it gave me a creepy feeling to imagine some ghost could peep there.. HAHA

*** For more information, feel free to check this site.--->
or you can keep in touch with them thru their number.--> Phone 63-032-484-5648

You  can stay in this place while you visit other resorts  like Dakong Bato and other historical places in Dalaguete, Cebu.

dPond- A place for fishing and PEACE of mind

It was an ordinary Saturday for me so I wanted to something new and fun...So ---- FISHING suddenly popped in mah mind. I said to beau, let's go FISHING in Liloan!!!  We headed to the place by commuting. It was fun because it was our first time and we just looked very carefully for the signage that says "dPOND". Truly, it was very significant to guide our way going to the place. The exact location of the place is Kawayan, Yati, Liloan.
** Here are the few good points of the place.
1.) No entrance fee needed. YAY  ;)
2). WIFI access and it was really that stable and strong.  
3.) The place was not crowded, perfect for  bonding and having some place to talk.
4.) The rent of the fishing rod was cheap (P20.) the whole day and the fish bait was for free.
5.) The rent of the cottage is charged the whole day and not per hour.
6.) The price of the foods was relatively cheaper than the others.
7.) The people in charge were so accommodating and kind to help anytime.
8.) Plus, there is no corkage fee so you can bring any food and beverage that you like.. YAY...
** I highly recommend this place for family and outing with friends if you want some new place to chill and unwine.

 MORE information about the place.
Directions to dPond: From Cebu City.. Going north.. when you reach Lilo-an.. You’ll see San Roque Development School along the highway (on the right). The corner after that school make a right (KM marker 16) a.k.a. Eskina Yati (there is a green sign on the post saying “Family Fun Fishing”. Just keep going down that road (less than a kilometer) until you see Vista la Playa subdivision on the left. Next to the Vista La Playa Subdivision is dPond. There’s a big sign saying “Welcome to dPond”. Come enjoy family fun fishing in Cebu.
Or:   From the Cansaga Bridge.. About 4km from the bridge, there is a green fish sign saying dPond “Family Fun Fishing”.. at Eskina Tayud, Liloan.. make a left at the sign. 1km on the right, you will see dPond Family Fishing Village.

Here are some pics of the place.. ENJOY!!