Thursday, April 14, 2011

Korean Lunch @ HARUBANG

 Our first destination that time was Miga because of their unlimited Sam Gyeop Sal but unfortunately, they were closed so we just proceeded to Harubang which was just a few blocks away. Anyhow, the place in Harubang was silent  and peaceful because it was lunch time. YAY! Their  Sam Gyeop Sal ( Lettuce Wraps) always comes in 2 orders so we just ordered 2 then with soup and rice. Their foods were healthy and yummy with some side dishes. Overall, it was almost a perfect lunch date already except for their service. I didn't feel that at all. It was like if you need some things from them you must  to go to the counter and request. Quite a hassle. :(

Well, probably, we are not Koreans so they are not that accommodating.. Damn.. :(

Casual Lunch @ Harbour City SM

We were in search of a tasty steamed rice so we headed to Harbour City.
This place is one of the resto that serves comfort foods like their Chinese dishes.
We had Pork Steamed Rice each paired with Mushroom Siomai and Cabbage Roll Siomai. Forgot the exact name of this one.. :) My apologies. Lastly, we had Halo-halo for dessert. The foods were reasonable and they were indeed satisfying. Plus, the ambiance of the place is relaxing which contributed to the make our dining pleasant enough. Truly, I won't get tired to go back there again and savor their Chinese dishes.

I must say, Two Thumbs for you guys.. ~ > ( ^ ^ )

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surprising treats from PIzza HUT!!

It was a Saturday afternoon and it was time to eat some snacks... hmmm hmmm..
Our feet led us to this place, Pizza Hut. Suddenly I remembered something that my sis told me about this "P 99" meal . I asked the waitress about it. To my surprise, it was a   separate menu. The "P99" meal is consist of 3 parts. First is their appetizers which are salad or soup. Second one is their pizza gallore or their pasta gallore or meals with rice. And the last one was their drinks which are iced tea or soda.

Wow, it was so surprising. When our foods arrived one by one, I was amazed how big the servings were and how tasty and creamy their dishes were too. It was heaven. In my case, I had Caesar's salad, Carbonara and Coke while beau had creamy mushroom soup, Hawaiian pizza and iced tea. It was the best snack ever in my life. Plus, we had Choco Lava for our dessert. Sweet! : )  Thanks Pizza Hut for the sumptuous treat..