Thursday, January 25, 2018

Things I'm Thankful For + My Recent Vlog

Hi lovely friends. This is just a random post about the things I'm greatly thankful for last year. I figured it was truly a good year of travelling to new places, catching up with friends and spending quality time with my significant others. Anyhow, let me enumerate these things.

Things I'm Thankful For
1. The Gift of Family
I'm blessed I'm given a good set of family ( parents, parents-in-law and siblings) . I can proudly say that I have a good support system assisting me achieve my dreams and helping me unconditionally. 

2. Weekend Nights
This I truly treasure. Weekend nights mean it's the time for me to slow down, unwind and basically detach myself from the net and computer ( which always reminds me of work).

3. Coffee + Tea + Milk Tea
Coffee because it fuels me up and gives me energy to start my day and be productive. Tea because it gives me peace of mind and basically calms me after work. Milk Tea because it gives me sweetness and pleasure at the same time. I just have this happy feeling when I drink this ( coffee / tea/ milk tea ) , I sit down and just do nothing even for a short time.

4. Baby Niece
I must admit this baby cutie has really captured my heart and attention. Babies always have this cute charm and adorable personality. FYI: Baby girl, you always brighten up my day for sure.

5. Vacation Time
I am blessed that I get to share my wanderlust soul with my hubby. Vacation time is the best time for us  to explore new places together sharing our passion for adventure and new experiences.

6. Cooking
I may be cooking at home for several years already but still I consider myself a newbie cook. Absolutely. Through the years, I've embraced the love for cooking, preparing nutritious meals and making them look presentable and appetizing in a way. Oh, did I mention, I love love going to grocery stores too. :)

7. Sales + Discounts + Giveaway Prizes
This makes me so happy and excited. I'm pleased to steal good bargains which really helped me save a lot of bucks for sure. Plus, I'm always always blessed to win some giveaway prizes which I get to share with my family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

8. Belly Laugh
This is always something fun and a good stress reliever. Writing this brings back so many memories which really made me burst into much laughter. Just imagine looking at my hubby do some silly dancing moves on the spot and it always hits the right spot to just laugh my heart out. Something random but always so candid. Cuteness overload indeed.

9. Journal and Diary Writing
This really makes me motivated, inspired and happy. It gives me this quiet time to reflect and  be grateful with everything may it be big  or small ones . Everything counts and all details matter definitely.

10. Dining Out
Yes please. Eating out is like a sweet escape of the norms. It gives me new experiences, a different twist of flavors and just pure bliss of eating good foods that comfort my soul.

11. Korean Dramas
Yes yes and more yes! Currently, I am watching The Golden Life, The Black Night and 2 Cops. Watching these dramas give me that kilig factor. Their actions, handsome actors of course ( I have to mention that) and just so entertaining. A good source of entertainment definitely.

12. Thoughtful Students
I've been an online teacher for many years and it's not everyday that I meet these handful students. Especially, last year, I was given a chance to meet some of them. Thank you for the warmth, kindness and thoughtfulness. My job is made easier by your presence.

13. Sweet Nothings
I may not be an affectionate person literally but getting / hearing / receiving these sweet nothings always melt my heart all the time. In this digital world we are in right now, receiving / hearing these things are very golden and should be treasured. 

14. Good Health
This is really my ultimate goal. I believe health is the foundation of every single thing. I'm very much thankful that I and my family are doing well and eating well too. It's a hard lesson to learn but we really should invest in our health and everything else follows smoothly.

15. The Local Market
I've never enjoyed going there not until I got married. Ha ha. Truth be told, I really enjoy going to Carbon ( the local wet market in Cebu) most especially because I love talking to the people there, haggling and basically buying from the farmers themselves. It's just a different feeling and it's also a humbling experience each time.

My Recent Vlog
I got inspired from this Christmas Village of Hope that's why I wrote the things I'm thankful for. Basically that's it for me. Thanks for dropping by. Let's all be grateful and count each day as a blessing. Hugs.
--- Belle

Sunday, January 21, 2018

REVIEW : Everyday Sheet Mask In Lemon-Lime Variant

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I have here a good sheet mask recommendation. I know I know the  past holiday rush was so hectic and stressful especially to our skin because of insufficient sleep, putting on makeup and all that jazz. Well, this is the one that I use. Trust me, it does make a lot of wonders. What I'm talking about is this Everyday Sheet Mask In Lemon-Lime Variant by Boomdeahdah which I found on Althea website. Let's get to know more this then.

What's it about?
It's a brightening mask pack to make our skin moisturized and fair at the same time. Both lemon and lime extracts ( the main ingredients of this) give vitamins and nutrition to our skin to make it  brighter and more revitalized. 

Instructions how to use ( found at the back)

The sheet mask

- It's a moisturizing skin care product.
- It gives a brightening effect instantly.
- It has a natural soothing effect.

My Overall Thoughts 
I am so happy I got this sheet mask. It is cheap but does the job as expected even way better. This definitely makes my tired skin looking fresh and happy after  I have this on. Next, it also brings back the moisture and gives me this healthy glow from within. The best part of this is it contains enough essence inside the pack so I use the remaining one for my neck, arms, elbow and feet as well.

If ever you're checking ALTHEA WEBSITE, I highly recommend this mask. It's so cheap ( I repeat) and it's perfect to use if you have some events and parties to attend to. It won't disappoint.

Have you ever used this sheet mask or any sheet mask from Boomdeahdah? Let's share our ideas and be friends. Till next time my friends. Let's stay beautiful inside and out.

--- Belle

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Random VLOG : Christmas Party 2017

I know I know. From the title itself that it's way beyond its deadline but please understand. It's still January and it's better late than nothing, right? Well, since I'm from the Philippines, we all know that the Christmas season is always a festive and an exciting time.  That also includes joining Christmas parties and stuffs like that.

What's a Christmas party like in the Philippines?
Well, there are many varieties if you ask me. It may be organized in the company/ office, schools, group of friends and even among family members. It may also be a small reunion among elementary and high school friends even. This one I've attended it's a Christmas party for the co-workers for my husband.

Where was the party held?
It was held in the Playlist Family KTV, Meerea High Street, Ouano avenue, Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

How was the party like?
This was like a casual party I believe. It had some videoke sessions, some sort of games and raffle , eating time and definitely the exchanging of gifts to conclude the event.

Here's my vlog of the event. Hope you like it.

Thanks for staying with me  my friends in this journey. It's the new year 2018 already. Come and join me as I continue to search for good places, eat yummy foods and test good make up and skin care items as well.  May this new year be a good chance for all of us to be better, stronger and wiser. Till next time.
--- Belle

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Random Video : Playing with CATS

Good day everyone! How is it going so far? Well, I have here a random video of myself playing with cats. These cats are pets of my sister-in-law. I saw them when I visited their place for a day. Oh boy, I'm surprised how interesting and fun it is to be with them and literally running after them. 

My Random Video

Three Benefits Of Playing With Cats
1. It's a good  alternative way to exercise.
Yes it is. The more you chase after them, the more they run away. It's just  like a domino effect. You don't actually notice it but time flies so quickly and you also move with them. Better  than being a couch potato all day long.

2. It reduces stress.
True. Why? Cats have this cute and sweet aura and by that you just want to hang out with them, feed them, cuddle and play tricks with them. At that time, your focus is just these adorable animals and that is somehow a good escape of not caring whatever is around you.

3. Cats give you that sense of companionship
Given the fact that cats are affectionate and sweet, you surely fall in love with them. Why? The more you hang out with them, the more your feel loved and appreciated. Interestingly, cats give you a positive effect internally. What I mean is if you show kindness and goodness to them, they reciprocate that kind of love and sometimes even greater than that. Now, that is what I call an adorable REWARD.

There you have it. If you have the time and resources, I do suggest of getting a pet cat. There are cute by nature and will give a different kind of happiness that only cats can offer.

How about you guys? Do you also take care of pets? Let me know and share your experiences. Till next time. 
--- Belle

Monday, January 8, 2018

REVIEW : Moisture Skin Cream With Horse Oil by Loshi

Happy New Year guys! Today, I have a review which is all about a good and effective moisture cream which I found in the local Japanese drugstore. Its name name is the Moisture Skin Cream with Horse Oil by Loshi. Let's get to know more about this product then.

What is it about?
This is a moisturizer that contains 100% horse oil that is the secret to a young and beautiful skin. It nourishes the skin from deep within and helps reduce scar marks, fine lines and wrinkles. It's also suitable to use to all skin types.

Please excuse the dry skin on my fingers.

After putting this cream on my skin, notice the lines have become less visible and my skin is a a lot smoother. ^ ^ No filter definitely.

SIZE: It's 7.8 oz ( 220 g)

PACKAGING: It comes in this white tub with a cover. Nothing fancy and just pretty straightforward.

SMELL: It has this weird smell but not overpowering. It gradually fades away after applying. Nothing to worry about.

TEXTURE: It's like this gel type consistency. Very smooth and easy to apply on the skin.

My Overall Thoughts
Well, I'm pretty glad I purchased this one impulsely. ^ ^ It did exceed my expectation. I use this as a face and body moisturizer, hand cream, and on other body parts that need moisture especially on my elbow and heel part. It's really a winner especially it can be used all over the body. A must have for everyone who are looking for that perfect moisturizer and body cream. 

Just a side note though. Since I'm living in a humid and tropical country, I use this lightly because it tends to be heavy / thick if I use much on one go. However, I use this richly at night as a sleeping mask and then again, I wake up having this smooth and supple skin.

That's it for me. Have you ever tried this one already? Let's share information and be friends. See you next time my friends.
--- Belle

Monday, January 1, 2018

TOFICON 2017 + A Short Clip

Hello guys! Happy New Year 2018! How is it going so far? Anyhow, I'd show you a random vlog about my experience to see the TOFICON. It means Toys and Figures Convention. I'll share some bits and bobs and my short clip about the event here.

What's it about?
This is a special event that is held annually if I'm not mistaken. It is merely a gathering of toys and figures enthusiasts where they showcase their beloved collections such as toys, robots and some lego artworks. Some people even show up in their costumes which makes the event more fun and interesting.

When was it?
It was held last December 10th of last year at SM Seaside City Cebu.

My Random Short Clip of the Event

That's it for today. Take care guys. May our New Year be bountiful and successful as well. Let's go and reach our dreams one by one.
--- Belle