Sunday, April 29, 2018

REVIEW : Onsaemeein Magic Solution Skin Powder

Hello guys! I have here a good recommendation if you frequently experience pimples, acne and and skin breakouts. This product is part of a gift set that I got recently from Onsaemeein from Althea Korea. I'll put the link HERE if you fancy that. Anyhow going back to this product, I kid you not that it really works. Let's get to know more about this product then.

What's it about?
Onsaemeein Magic Solution Skin Powder is formulated for blemish care and a product that is soothing enough for troubled skin. It contains 3 major ingredients that help the skin. First, SALICYLIC ACID helps and gently removes dead skin cells. It also dissolves sebum in the pores and prevents further skin irritations. Second, DRYOPTERIS CRASSIRHIZOMA controls to help with skin vitality and clears our skin tone as well. Third, WITCH HAZEL EXTRACT helps with skin protection and for soothing care. It also claims that with one drop of this product before sleeping,  it will give a clear and clean skin after.

The ingredients

Scent : It has this slight hint of alcohol but it disappears once applied on the skin.

Packaging: It comes in this small glass bottle inside its own box. Nothing fancy and just pretty straightforward. I just hope it has a lid or cover to avoid spillage in case of emergency.

How to Apply?
Warning! Don't shake this product. Use a cotton bud  and put it in the Magic Solution Skin Powder when the liquid and pink powder are not mixed together. Then put it on the troubled skin area. Once applied, don't touch it and just let it dry.

*** You can buy this product HERE on Althea website.

My Overall Thoughts
I've used this twice and it works well.  I also did recommend this to my hubby and sister who frequently experience breakouts lately and it did work effectively for them too. In my observation, small pimples sometimes heal for 1 -2 days but for bigger ones, it  takes time to heal like about 3 to 5 days. The swollen part of the acne / pimple gets smaller and dries up overnight. If you ask me if it does help with whitening, that I don't see very clearly yet. Overall, I am still pretty satisfied with this product and I will definitely recommend it. For its price point, it's pretty good already and does the job beyond my expectations.

Have you tried this product here? Did you like it? Let's exchange ideas and be productive online. Till next time and let's always take care of our skin.
--- Belle

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Married Life Decoded + A Random Video

Greetings of warm sunshine from this side of the earth. Now, I am back with a little different content. I realized that this year is already my fifth year of being married and it has been getting better as each time passes by. Let's cite the ways how to make marriage long lasting and fun at the same time.

A. My Random Video with Hubby + Family Lunch

B.Ways How to Make Marriage Long Lasting ( at least in my experience)
1. Learn To Appreciate.
This is always a game changer. There are tons of ways to show your appreciation to one another. You may hug, kiss, tap his back for a good job done, write short notes and call and text him if you can. It's the THOUGHT that counts that is always valued. Appreciating one another means it's that great reminder and a good motivation to be better.

2. Say Thank You.
Another sweet gesture like saying thank you means a lot already. It shows a good affirmation of one's effort and in effect makes your partner feels good about himself. A good feeling always attracts good things that you, his partner will also benefit from it. :)

3. Take Care of Yourself.
Sounds weird but it does help. It's not really more on the physical appearance alone. Taking care of one's self means you are aware of maintaining your cleanliness, hygiene, grooming and the list goes on. Remember, it always feels good if you hear praises from your partner that you look good or even better. Taking care of each is very helpful that you both continue to nurture and help each each step of the way.

4. Have Relationships Outside of Marriage
Yes to this. It's always important to maintain these kind of relationships to keep your individuality. You may constantly meet your BFF, club members perhaps and even your close co-workers. Doing this way, when you go back home and sit down together, you'll have many topics to share and eventually it makes your own relationship more interesting and not dull or boring.

5. Be Honest.
Honesty is always the best policy. We all know this proverb since birth, right? Also, it applies to any kind of relationships too. If honesty is being practiced, the relationship gets real and secured. Plus, you have this assurance that the relationship is intact, and transparent.

6. Watch Your Words.
Words may sound simple but they're more painful in the long run especially if the meaning  is quite bad and offensive. It's always better to filter what you want to say, think of the intentions before spilling the beans and just practice the virtue of being tactful. 

7. Try Something New Together
Amen to this. Doing something new together always feels exciting and novel. It pushes the couple to be daring, adventurous and even creative. You may try new sports and hobbies perhaps and also travel to new destinations if you can. 

8. Be Kind.
It may sound simple but kindness these days is somehow forgotten and overlooked even. Kindness teaches anyone to do good and see the goodness in the people without hidden intentions whatsoever. Being kind in the relationship teaches you to think of your partner's benefit first before yourself. It also means being kind with your words, affection, time and effort towards your partner.

9. Have Realistic Expectations.
Yes to this. Realistic expectations always look better and achievable especially if you make and plan these together. Instead of having your own expectations, why not tell them to your partner and talk about them directly. Brainstorm if you must and compromise. It's always better when there are two heads in a situation actually. That way life gets better.

10. Constant Communication
Communication is one big factor to make any kind of relationship work and prosper. It always bridges the gap, makes the relationship fun and authentic and in return you spend quality time together as an effect. If possible, try to sit down together and just talk. You'll be surprised there are hundreds of topics / ideas  that you need to discover and learn about each other when you keep this constant communication.

That concludes it. How about you? Know that these ways may work for me but not for others. Just in case you're wondering, I've been married for 5 years but still have no kids so we may be a special case I believe. Anyhow, thanks for visiting my blog. Have a good day ahead guys. Take care and choose to love with all of your heart.

--- Belle

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Unboxing of Skincare Products and Clothing Items + Video Included

Hello new month. How's your month of April guys? What are your summer plans? Anyhow, I have here my recent unboxing of my favorite skin care products and also I did include some random clothing pieces that would fit any summer outing I believe. Let's go down to business and start this haul.

My Unboxing Video : Haul + Random Impressions

PART ONE : Skin Care Products from Althea

Gift Set Name : Onsaemeein Skin Wonderland Set
Gift Set's Price is only P 1,120.

1. Milky Whitening Soft Cream

Individual Price : P 390
Original Price : P1120
Function : It's a good base makeup that makes your skin soft, moisturized and brighter instantly.

2. Galactomyces 100%  Natural Face Serum
Individual Price :  P 420
Original Price : P 730
Function :  It's a good base toner that improves your skin's texture and elasticity. This is a good serum to restore your skin's overall appearance inside out.

3. Perfect Moisture Cream

Individual Price : P 340
Original Price : P 730
Function : This is a good light cream that also acts as a primer. It has whitening and  moisturizing effects and at the same time it improves your skin's elasticity.
My Review about this product HERE

4. Magic Solution Skin Powder

Individual Price : P 420
Original Price : P 1600
Function : This is good for treating troubled skin like acne and pimples. It soothes and protects the skin. At the same time, it removes dead skin cells, dissolves the sebum in the pores and prevents further skin irritation.

5. Yogurt Peeling Gel

Individual Price : P 370
Original Price : P 890
Function : This softly and gently removes dead skin cells to improve your overall skin tone and texture immediately.
My Review about this peeling gel can be seen HERE

FREEBIE : Althea Petal Velvet Powder in Translucent

Price : P 210
Function : It's a translucent powder that sets our makeup and gives a silky finish. It controls the shine on the face giving us a fresh look throughout the day.

PART TWO : Clothing Haul from Sam's Station 
1. Classic Pocket Cullotes 
Price: P 240

2. Summer Dress with Cherry Print
Price : P 290

3. Gladys Dress 
Price: P 190

4. Loose Black Top with Floral Print
Price : P 150 ( sale price )

Sam's Station's Facebook page HERE
Althea Korea's link HERE

That concludes everything guys. Thanks for reaching this point. Have you ever known some of the products I've mentioned? Let me know and exchange ideas then. Till next time. Take care and always choose happiness.
--- Belle

Monday, April 2, 2018

REVIEW : Real Skin Healthy Vinegar Skin Toner Makgeoli

Hello lovely friends. I am back with another new product. This time it's a toner which is one important step in the world of skin care. Let's talk about its importance first. A good toner is used to balance our skin's PH levels after we cleanse and wash our face. Why? It's because when we wash our face, the cleanser strips our skin of its natural oils so putting on a good toner make the PH level balanced and at the same time prepping it to accept and absorb serum, essences and creams more effectively. Anyhow, let's go back to the product for now.

What's it about?
This is a healthy vinegar skin toner that has makgeoli as its main ingredient. Makgeoli is a made of fermented rice and contains kojic acid. This toner mainly helps with brightening, nourishing and clarifying the skin complexion.

The toner comes with a lid (stopper) together with the cap to avoid spillage.

The texture of the toner on my skin

Viola. This is how my skin looks after the toner is fully absorbed.

Size: This bottle contains 300ml.
Scent: Even though the name itself has vinegar in it, it doesn't have that smell at all. It has this mild floral scent I believe.
Packaging: It looks pretty straightforward I guess. The bottle is made of plastic. Nothing fancy at all. 
Consistency: It appears like a dark white liquid on the bottle but once you apply it on the skin, it applies and feels like water. 

My Overall Thoughts 
Overall, I like this healthy skin vinegar toner. I'll enumerate the reasons one by one. First, my skin always feels refreshed and hydrated every time I put this on. Second, there is no stickiness since this has a very lightweight consistency and also it absorbs quickly on the skin. ( It feels like skin is drinking water literally. ) Third, I have no bad experience about it having any kind of breakout and other skin irritations whatsoever.

On the other hand, using this product really needs some time and patience combined. This doesn't give you instant results and no dramatic results either. Well for a good amount of time that I have used this product, I have noticed that my skin's elasticity got better and  surface of my skin looks brighter somehow. Will I recommend it? Yes, this works well with younger skin especially those ladies in their 20's and 30's generation.  

TIP: This is a good toner to do the 7-skin step in which you layer this product on for about 7 times continuously to boost its benefits it can give to our skin.

That wraps the show for now. It's always a joy trying out new products and writing about my review as well. Hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you have used this toner right here. Let's compare ideas and share good pieces of information. Till next time.
--- Belle