Monday, July 30, 2018

Photo Diary : Siam Thai Cuisine With Good Friends

Good day my beautiful friends. Sawasdee! I'm back to showcase another food diary. This time we were joined by my lovely Korean friends who recently visited Cebu. I've known him for quite a long time already and it's his first time bring his small family. Well, without a doubt, I choose Siam Thai Cuisine in Ayala mall because everybody loves Thai foods in my opinion. Also, it's the most convenient place for everybody to hangout especially after eating lunch.

My Random Snippets 
Welcome back to Cebu! :) The food lovers seated in one table.

Food spread
Everybody's favorite : The sumptuous Tom Yum Goong in the center

Truly a feast for the eyes and tummy

Where is it located?
It's located in the first level, Ayala terraces, Cebu City.

My Final Thoughts
Overall, this restaurant always always does the job as expected. The foods are beyond incomparable. The ingredients are fresh and each dish always is a sure winner. If you love eating and Thai foods, then definitely check this place out and you will surely go out with happy smiles all over your face. I kid you not. Also, I've blogged this place before and you find the links HERE HERE HERE

Till next my lovely friends. Thanks for visiting my blog. See you in my next food adventure. Always stay hungry for new ideas.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Going Home From A Beach VLOG + Things I've Learned

Hello guys. As you can tell, I've been to the beach recently. My skin's a bit dark but heck I'm not complaining at all. The beach and the sea in general always have this special place in my heart. It will always be my comfort zone and my go-to-place to escape when life gets a bit tougher than expected. I've come to realize that spending your time at the beach has some good benefits both mentally and physically. I'll count the ways here.

Things I've Learned From My Beach Trip
1. The Sand
Walking barefoot on the sand is always a good activity. It has this therapeutic benefit because you are on with the earth. One good thing also is it naturally exfoliates the dead skin cells of your feet literally. Another one is it's a good form of exercise. 

2. The horizon
You have the sight in front of you where the sky meets the sea. This picturesque view always gives someone an inspiration. It makes someone stop and stare at sight. I believe something pleasing to they eyes like that will always give good effects to mind.

3. Beach waves and sound of nature
This combination is a perfect lullaby. Why? It has this calming effect that easily makes someone fall asleep and take a nap at the beach. If you have the chance, sit on a hammock and just fall asleep. You'll be rejuvenated in no time. Trust me. :) 

4. The warm sunshine
Nothing gets better than this. With the warm sunshine  hitting your skin, it just feels so relaxing and comforting. Of course, don't forget to wear your sunscreen, some cover up and your hat for that added protection. Plus, getting some Vitamin D from the warm sun is always a good idea.

5. The beach itself
The beach itself is the perfect playground to hang out and be yourself. Nothing gets more natural than that. Maximizing the resources you have around, I'm pretty sure there's no dull moment when you're at the beach. 

My Travel Vlog 

That's a wrap for me. Absolutely, the beach is just the perfect place to relax and push the reset button. Truly, you'll go home feeling much better and more inspired.
--- John and Belle

Monday, July 16, 2018

REVIEW : The Saem's Saemmul Real Tint 01

Welcome back to my blog. Finally I've joined the bandwagon and decided a good lip tint. It's better late than never guys. Once again, I'm guilty. The mere reason why I bought this one few months ago was it was on sale and literally 50% off. You know your girl love me some sale and saving at the same time. Well, let's continue this review before it gets somewhere.

What's it about?
The Saem's Saemmul Real Tint is infused with marine collagen and white birch extract to keep our lips hydrated. This pigmented lip stain glides on easily and makes application a breeze. Whether you're making a full lip effect or a gradient lip look, then this product helps you achieve that with style and comfort.

I have here 01 which is the red tint.

I put some running water on the swatches of my hand

Then you have this faded color left on my arm.
This is how the lip tint looks on me.

PACKAGING: It's a plastic designed tub with a cap. It also has a doe-foot applicator . Overall, it's pretty simple I guess. 

PRICE: It originally costs P190 on Althea website. Check it HERE

COLOR: Mine is the 01 which comes out like a dark cherry color. The color pay off is pretty good I must say.

TEXTURE: The tint isn't too runny. It's just the right amount of consistency. It actually feels nothing on the lips.

My Overall Thoughts
Well, even if bought this on impulse because it was on sale, I'm pretty proud that it did give me good results. First, I have to mention it is quite long lasting. I like that the color fades to this hint of red which makes the lips pretty if that makes sense. Second, it's not very drying on the lips as long as you put on a good lip balm, Lastly, it's cheap and very handy especially if you're on the beach. My only complain about this is its taste. It has this bitter taste and it also easily smudge on the teeth which is pretty ugly. 

TRICKS I've learned from YOUTUBE  about Lip Tints
**How to avoid the lip tint from scattering all over?
 After I put this on the lips, I get a facial tissue and blot the extra tint so no lip tint goes inside my mouth and teeth. It actually works better that way.  

**How to make the lip tint as a natural blush?
Naturally, I use this as a lip tint and  it can also double as a blush. I mix my fave foundation with a single drop or two of the  tint and make it as my blush for that natural flush on the cheeks.

Well, that's wrap for me. Hope you find this helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog. See you next time. Always be curious and be inspired. 
--- Belle 

Monday, July 9, 2018

VLOGGING : Lambug Beach in Badian Cebu

Welcome back to my blog everyone. I'm greeting this new month of July with a random vlog about our beach trip. It was in Lambug Beach which is in Badian located in the southern part of Cebu. The main purpose of that trip was like a company outing and I just accompanied him by the way. How lucky.

Actually, it was my first time there and I didn't have any expectations whatsover because I was running short of sleep and your girl right here was like grouchy and not in the mood. But wait, lo and behold, when I took a walk down to the beach, I was greeted with a long stretch of fine white sand. Also, it was the right time to witness the romantic sunset. How nice it was. Looking at it was like a breath of fresh air. Overall, that weekend getaway was truly what I needed. Something new, relaxing and filled with new memories and new found friends. 

Here's my VLOG about our experience there

Here are the top 5 activities to do there
1. Play games to strengthen your bond as a team
2. Walk barefoot on the sand
3. Swim like nobody's watching
4. Watch the picturesque sunset and cloud formations
5. Slow down and just take it all in

Random snapshots

That's it for us. Thanks for reading this blog entry. As always, stay hungry. See you in my next adventure.
--- John and Belle