Friday, March 31, 2017

Beauty And The Beast And So Much More

Oh my! I couldn't recall anymore the last time I watched a good movie in the cinema. I don't know why but I just lost interest in doing so. Until this epic film came. Good thing honey invited me and the rest was history. Weekend felt more interesting and our couple time was truly a blast. Anyhow, I'll share my thoughts and my life lessons as well. Keep on reading.

My Thoughts about the film, Beauty and The Beast

  • It was a breath of fresh air. It feels so surreal  from the cartoon version and now using real people to portray the roles. 
  • The role of Belle was pretty good enough. Not the traditional Disney princess in my opinion. She clearly depicts an epitome of an empowered woman. A woman of substance who loves to read, speaks her mind and acts tactfully.
  • The bad thing I guess is about the role of the beast. He wasn't given much highlight just like Belle. In addition, his character  as beast wasn't scary enough just like the old film.

Life Lessons from the Movie
1. Life is what you make it.
Even if the society dictates it like this but if it's not what you want then beat the odds. There's no room for gender discrimination anymore. If you believe you can do it, then do it. Don't let anyone dictate you or something because we are born with free will.

2.  A good solid foundation of friendship makes the relationship better.
True. It's much better to be friends at first and then get to know more each other before jumping to the next level. That way, life gets sweeter and you have many activities you share together already.

3. Beauty is always skin deep.
It's who we are as a person that make us beautiful. Being wiser and stronger also help in making a lady more attractive these days. Plus, it's always better to invest in our intellect and experience and that makes even more appealing in that sense.

4.The Gaston in the story is so common everywhere. 
Be cautious and keep your eyes open. Of course, you can always give people the benefit of the doubt. Then again, if it doesn't feel right, it's better to keep our distance away from them and just surround ourselves with real and genuine ones. Life is better that way I believe.

5. Wait and be patient with love.
It doesn't mean he's always there then he's meant for you already. Sometimes our heart and mind think otherwise. Waiting for that special love always feels very rewarding. Know what you want and pray for that person to come. If you've found it, be grateful but if you haven't, be hopeful. 

That's basically it. Have you also watched the movie? What do you think of it? Let's share opinions then. Take care guys and have a good month ahead. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Travel Vlog: Gundam Front Tokyo, March 2016

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. This time, I will present our experiences here to see the famous Gundam Statue 1 RX- 78-2. It's located at the main entrance of this mall, Diver City, Tokyo. 

I'm pretty sure it's a dream come true for my honey but little did I know that I myself became a fan instantly. It just looks so majestic and powerful. It lits up every single day from 5 PM to 11 PM. Gundam fans all over the world flock to this place to take pictures and watch the show itself too.  Thank you Gundam and see you soon. Yehaa :) 

Guys, I'll insert here our video and enjoy watching.
John and Belle.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Winage Real Moisture Cream Caviar and Truffle by Coreana

Hey friends! I have here a good and light cream that is really effective and also has good skin benefits as well. I am talking about the Winage Moisture Cream Caviar and Truffle by Coreana.

What's it about?
Unfortunately when I searched the internet about an in-depth description about this in English, everything was written in Korean. Well, I'll just make use of these 2 main ingredients here that are caviar and truffle.


Benefits of Caviar to our Skin
Caviar has Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These 2 nutrients promote luminous and healthy skin. In addition, it is proven to heal and prevent cellular inflammation and work alongside with our skin's natural processes, stimulate collagen production and minimize the the appearance of wrinkles.

Benefits of Truffle to our Skin
Truffles are known for their musky and sensuous scent and are considered rare and luxurious ingredients. They are also great for our skin too. It's because they contain fatty acids and when they're incorporated in beauty products, they help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, they provide a rich hydration to the skin and hair as well.
SIZE: 50 ml
TEXTURE: It comes in a thick cream. Upon application, it turns into this light consistency that is so easy to use. Plus, it just sits lightly on the skin as well.
SCENT: It has a very mild floral scent that is appealing.
FORMULA: This is just great. 

My Final Thoughts
Guys, you definitely have to try this out as soon as possible. At first, I just didn't use it because I've had quite a few tubs of cream that I needed to consume all. Then I brought this with me during my recent trip and since then, it hasn't left my bag anymore.

I'll count the ways why I super like this cream.

  • It's very lightweight.
  • It does the job effectively even in winter season. Also, it works well with the tropical climate here in the Philippines too.
  • It has anti-aging benefits.  Just the combination of caviar and truffle already is a big winner for me.
  • It's perfect to layer under our makeup / foundation. It doesn't look heavy or something.
I repeat guys. Please try this cream. :) Shoutout to my Korean friend for gifting this. Thank you so much. 
Anyhow, hope you find this helpful. Let's continue to search the beauty of skincare together and be the best that we can be.
--- Belle

Monday, March 27, 2017

100 Yen Shop In Japan

100 Yen Shop in Japan is the best place to go if you're a bargain hunter. The products there are truly discounted and very cheap. In addition, you can basically find many things like home goods, cosmetics, school supplies, and the list goes on. Here, I have a list of my top 10 items that I recommend to maximize your purchasing power. 

Top 10 things to buy in a 100 Yen Shops
1. Cosmetics
I like the blushes and false eyelashes to name a few. Still I recommend researching first before buying something.

2. Character Goods
Of course, you'll go crazy with all sorts of character-theme goodies in the shop. Plus, it can also serve as  good souvenirs for your friends. Hello Kitty stuffs and Doreamon stuffs are quite famous so you can check them out.

3.Seasonings and spices
Japanese seasonings are really to die. You can check out furikake, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, dried seaweeds and more. 

4. Japanese treats and snacks
No one can really resists trying new treats especially Japanese goodies. You can search for some good chocolate treats and try the famous Kitkat goodies.

5. the DIY station
I'm pretty sure you can find something interesting there. You can use the stuffs you buy and beautify your room and make it even more personalized.

6. Kitchen utensils
Buying some cute kitchen stuffs is always a winner. You can search for a pink vegetable peeler, chopsticks and the like.

7.USB cables, memory card readers etc
You can never go wrong with these type of goodies. Plus, these shops add a good twist of colors and designs making them look more attractive.

8. Cute stationary goodies
You can find some cute memo pads, cards, themed gift tags to name a few. 

9. Clothing staples
You can give a good pair of gloves, scarf and even disposable undies. Just take a look and you might find something essential in that area.

10. Gardening tools
Something that is gardening related is always fun and interesting. You might find something there that will provoke the inner green thumb in you.

How about you guys? I'm pretty certain that you can find some nice cute and even convenient items you can use in your daily life. If you happen to pass by any 100 Yen shop, do visit and enjoy the place. Do include this in your travel itinerary if you wish to visit Japan.

That's it for me. Also, I included a short clip about my experience inside a 100 Yen Shop. Enjoy watching. 


Sunday, March 26, 2017


Hi everyone! I have here another food place that I highly recommend when you're in Japan. Why? Japan is the place where this Yoshinoya craze all started. In addition, it always provides comfort foods and gives us this atmosphere to be dining with the locals. Plus, if you have some yen left, this is the place to go. You can never go wrong if you dine here. I now present my 5 reasons to eat there.

5 Reasons to Eat in Yoshinoya, Japan
  • They have an English menu for foreigners so it makes the ordering less confusing and scary.
  • The prices are relatively affordable.
  • They have set meals already that include rice, meat of choice, miso soup and the like. They also have rice bowls that have meat toppings if you prefer those. 
  • They serve the food pretty quickly.
  • The quality of the foods is truly good compared to the price you paid for.
It's a wrap. Have you ever eaten in one of the Yoshinoya shops? Let's share stories then and be friends. Thanks for reading this entry. Till my next food adventure.

Eating Nabe with our Homestay family in Japan

Hello friends. Let me introduce an interesting video of how to eat nabe. Nabe or as people call it as nabemono is a stew and soup dish being served in cold winter months. There is no limit as to what ingredients you want to include. That means diners can just pick the cooked ingredients from the pot. Technically, it is eaten with a some soy sauce, salt and pepper, some sweet vinegar. It all depends on your taste and preference.

I'll list here some of the ingredients for your reference.

  • pork cultets like bacon slices
  • dried seaweed for the soup stock flavor
  • cabbage
  • mushroom 
  • some spices 

*I now present a short clip from our nabe experience. Enjoy watching.

That's it for now. Hope you have a good day. Take care.

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

Hey friends! Let's take a short break from my travel entries and get back to skincare this time. I have here a good and light cream that I will introduce. From the reviews and research I did previously, it looked very promising so I decided to purchase it and test it out myself. Friends, I have here the Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream by Nature Republic.

What's it about?  
  • The Aqua Sherbet Network System of this product protects skin from external factors by forming a moisture film over the skin. 
  • The Hyaluronic acid, a plant-derived moisture factor, keeps skin moisturized by continuously maintaining moisture in combination for longer hours.
  • This cream is made of sea water and lots of marine extracts that gives ultimate hydration and protects our skin from harmful pollutants.

SIZE: It has 80 ml.
TYPE: This is a cream good for combination skin type.
TEXTURE: It's lightweight and easy to use. Plus, it doesn't give this heavy nor sticky feeling at all.
SMELL: It has a slight scent of freshness that is very refreshing and cooling.

If you want to buy this cream, I got it from Althea Korea website. You can click this link here.

My Overall Thoughts
Overall, I like this product. Well, I'll just summarize it and be very direct to the point.
  • It truly moisturizes the face  but doesn't have any astonishing effect whatsoever. Pretty straightforward.
  • It keeps my face hydrated for the day.
  • With the good ingredients that come with it, it doesn't feel like that. Just  a regular moisturizer in my opinion.
  • I like the fact that it is easy to use and makes my skin smooth afterwards. Plus, it somehow makes my face less oily in a way.
  • The scent really makes any tired person feel refreshed because of the cooling and soothing effect it has.

  • If you are looking for a good moisturizer with good skincare benefits, then this isn't the one for you.
  • If you are only after the moisturizing and hydration, then this is perfect for combination skin type.
  • For combination skin type, this is a good day moisturizer to use every single day.
That's a wrap guys. Thank you for reading this entry and for reaching this point there. I do appreciate it.
Do take care and let's continue to be productive and happy at the same time. Lotsa love.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Go! Go! Curry!

How are you doing guys? I am back here to introduce a good food place in Japan. They are all over the city and I'm pretty sure you can really find one food chain nearest you. What I'm talking about is the famous Go! Go! Curry! Let's all continue this food journey.

What's it about?

Curry Rice is also as famous as eating sushi and ramen. Japanese people have a different version of this. In Go! Go! Curry! , they utilize pork cutlets that are cooked like a tonkatsu, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Plus, they have this sweet Okonimayaki sauce that is appealing. They also include fresh shredded cabbage to balance the meal. By the way, this is the most famous food people order in their restaurant.

7 Reasons To Eat There
  • The amount of the servings is relatively large and filling enough.
  • The taste of the curry sauce is really tasty and addicting at the same time.
  • With the price point, you are already getting a combination of rice, choice of meat ( pork, chicken and etc) , the sauce of course and the shredded cabbage all in one plate. 
  • The foods are reasonably priced compared to the others.
  • The menu is friendly and easy to any person who doesn't prefer ramen or any sushi dish.
  • They serve the foods pretty quickly like 5 minutes. Amazing.
  • They are located conveniently and you can surely find them easily  if you're in Tokyo.
That's pretty much it. Next time you happen to be in Tokyo, try this and you will go loco over Go! Go! Curry and satisfy your cravings of curry rice.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

5 Reasons to Visit Narita-san Temple

Hi beautiful people! Today, I'm going to introduce a majestic temple that I recently visited in Japan. Let me bring you there too but this time from my own perspective. Enjoy and keep on reading.

What's it about?
Narita-san Temple is large and widely popular Buddhist temple located in Narita city which is not that from Narita airport. It is the best place to visit to catch a glimpse of historic Japan.

How to go there?
It is a 15-20 minute walk from JR Narita or Kensei Narita station. Just follow the colorful shops and you'll find your way up to the temple itself.

Top Five Reasons To Visit
  • It's a perfect side trip choice if you have a few hours to spare in Narita. 
  • It has a good and peaceful garden that you can wander and at the same time look around. I'm sure the experience is truly worthwhile. Don't forget to see the waterfalls.
  • The way to Narita-san temple is such pure joy. Why? You'll be greeted with so many good things like the Omotesando which is a long stretch of stalls found in the street. You can see anything like souvenir related stuffs. Don't miss and try their famous delicacy, their grilled eel. It's very popular actually.
  • This place is rich in history and culture. 
  • Most importantly, there is no entrance fee. Yey. 

My Photo Diary

That's it for now. Truly, that experience is very enriching. See you in my next travel series about Japan. Thank you for reading this entry.