Saturday, May 27, 2017

REVIEW: Dr. Color Effect Red Cream by Skin & Lab

Hello guys. I have another good skincare product that will truly blow your mind away. I kid you not. This is the Dr. Color Effect Red Cream by Skin & Lab.

What's it about?
Red Cream contains precious oil extracted from one millions Damascan roses. It provides brightness and elasticity to dull skin so that your skin looks much younger. Also, phyto-red complex promotes healthier skin turn-over cycle to fight against free radicals, dehydration and visible signs of aging. Gooey textured cream melts immediately on your skin and delivers wonderful effect of roses in the best way.



PACKAGING: It comes in red tub with a spatula inside. Nothing fancy really. It also comes with a spatula. Yay.
SCENT: It's a slight hint of floral/ fruit-y smell combined together. Something sweet but not overpowering.
PRICE: It's P900+. :( 
TEXTURE: It's very lightweight and not sticky at all. It is easily absorbed by the skin once applied. 
TIP: Make sure to use a tiny amount so you can easily manage it in spreading on the skin.


Bare skin

Left- bare skin / Right- how the product looks on my skin :)

I guess I put on a little too much on the right side.

Left- bare skin / Right- the product has been absorbed by my skin. :) You can notice a brightening effect instantly. Plus, the skin feels very smooth and soft.

A close up look of my skin.
TMI: I asked my husband about my little experiment. Surprisingly, he clearly noticed the right side looks better and brighter. Then when he touched it, he felt the right side is much softer and healthier. Instantly, guys can tell the big difference as well. :)
( He didn't have any idea which side I put on the product)

  • It's easy to use and very lightweight on the skin
  • It is responsible for promoting skin elasticity which is A+ for me.
  • It somehow makes moisturized.
  • It contains good ingredients that fight aging and dull skin.
  • The skin feels soft, plump and healthy.
  • It doesn't make my face oily and no breakouts whatsoever.

  • One thing is really the price. It's not that cheap though.

My Overall Thoughts
Once again, I'm pretty satisfied with this red cream right here. I does the job as expected. Two thumbs up!! I must say it works much much better when I paired it with the red serum. I'm loving how skin feels and looks these days because of this powerful duo. 

I highly recommend these two products because they truly work well for me. This moment that I'm writing this blog entry makes me realize to save up and repurchase them if I run out of them already.

There you have it. If you're interested about my thoughts about the red serum, click this link. I reviewed this recently. 

Also, if you want to check the gift set where I got this from, click on the link and I've introduced this one before.

Take care guys and always spread kindness and love.

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