Wednesday, June 27, 2018

REVIEW : Whitening Milky Soft Cream by Onsaemeein

Hello guys. I'm back to do another quick review about a product I've been loving the past few days. Actually, this soft cream is part of the skin care gift set that I purchased months ago because it's pretty much discounted. Raise your hands if you do the same thing too. Yes?  Well, let's continue this review right here.

What's it about?
This is basically a soft cream with milk-like consistency. According to Althea Korea's website, it is meant for people who want an instant whitening effect, an elegant base make up and those who want to make their skin tone naturally lighter and smoother.

How to Use this?
As part of your make up, use this in between your skin care routine and your foundation. It serves like a primer that tones the skin prepping it for the makeup process.
As part of your skin care routine, I suggest putting this after your moisturizer to create an  instant whitening effect and at the same time cares for the inner skin blemishes likes scars and other skin pigmentation.

SIZE : The white tub contains 50 ml.

Just drawing a line here. No product applied yet.

On the right side, this is how the product looks on my hand.

The product needs time to apply to be fully absorbed in the skin.

Viola. Notice the right side of my hand. Lines and skin texture looks better and brightened.

PACKAGING: The product comes in white plastic tub that also has a white lid cover. Very straightforward and nothing fancy.

TEXTURE : From the name itself, it has this milk-like consistency that is also very similar to a cream used for baking. Since this is on the heavy side, I suggest to apply this gradually.

PRICE: This costs P390 on Althea's website.

My Final Thoughts
I have to be honest that I really didn't like this soft cream at first. I was somehow confused if it's meant as a whitening cream or a moisturizer. Besides, I had some difficulty because the consistency was on the heavy side so it really felt uncomfortable on the skin literally. I needed some minutes to evenly apply this on the skin and waited again for the cream to be fully absorbed. How stressful. (True story)

After months of trying this again, I discovered good ways how to make it work. First, I use this like a primer combined with my moisturizer. This soft cream just gives an even base before putting on makeup. Second, I use this as my night cream to boost hydration and brightening especially if I have some events to attend to soon. It does help with brightening the skin instantly. Third, I use this as a whitening cream from my elbows and knees and other parts of the skin that need whitening somehow.

Overall, I'm happy and satisfied with this product. Good thing I gave it a go again. I'm amazed how it delivers and how it makes my skin glowing, radiant and smooth. Anyhow hope you find this helpful guys. That's it for me. As I always say, choose to be happy. Till next time. See you in my next review entry again.
--- Belle

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